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The Theurgist Dairies by Autumn Leaf

March 4, 2006
Dear Diary,
Have you ever felt completely and utterly worthless? Like you just seemed to be another number, lost in the large dull mass of people living doing the same mundane thing day after day? As if you had no name and no purpose other than to exist? I feel like that almost every day, I feel like there should be something more to my life, almost like there is something….. Something big missing, something that has been missing since as long as I can remember; but I can’t place my finger on just what that something is. I hope to find out soon,

Hey! I’m autumn and this is my diary, I’ve been writing in this since I was eight. Actually because I kept up with it every day, this little book tells quite a story… my story. Things have happened to me and for me, things you wouldn’t believe. Magical things have happened for me and I decided to share with you the stories that changed my life forever.

March 5, 2006
Dear Diary,
I think I’m going to lock myself in my room and NEVER, EVER, come out EVER again!! I absolutely despise junior high! The very second I walked into the building today I was the school freak. Boys shouted rude comments at me all day, like “little nature witch!” Honestly, Boys can be sooooooooo immature! Although it’s not like the girls were any better. I’d walk down the halls and they would be whispering about me. “She’s so weird” Or “strange”. The thing is I don’t know why this happened, yesterday was fine, and I had a group of friends. Now nobody comes near me!!! Dad said that someone who wanted to cause trouble probably started a rumor about me, and that more interesting things would happen, and the kids would “forget and move on”. I realllly hope he is right, because he also said I can’t stay home from school tomorrow.

March 6, 2006
Dear Diary,
I think I found out why no one will come near me. After another day of the merciless ridicule from the other kids, I was walking home. There is a short cut to my house through the neighborhood park that I usually take. As I was on my way home (through this park) I saw a few kids kicking something, and heard what sounded like the growl and whimper of a dog. If there is anything I hate it is the abuse of an innocent animal. I ran, but by the time I had gotten to the dog the kids were gone, but the dog was lying on the ground whimpering and bleeding. I felt so bad for the poor thing, it made me cry. I took off my fashion jacket and used it to try and stop the bleeding. As I did this, I hummed to it, rubbed the top of its head, and told it everything would be alright. For a moment there was nothing in the world but me, the dog, my humming, and nature. My hands started to tingle a little, then a little more, until a soothing feeling overwhelmed them, and a green glow started to form around my hands and the dog. The glow seemed to be humming the melody I had hummed only moments before. It lasted for about a minute and then died down. When I lifted my hands and jacket, the blood and wounds were gone; the dog licked my face gratefully chased its tail and ran off. I don’t know what happened, but at least now I know I AM a freak. How did I do that!!!!! HELLLLLLLLLLPPPPPP!!!!!!

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