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The Ancient Gods by Daniel

I was in a dark cave, but I felt a peace, like balance, my home school. I followed the cave and I came into a huge chamber. I saw 7 shadowy figures in front of me and I hid. There was an old man guarding another cave entrance it seemed.

“You are of an evil heart, you may not pass,” the old man told them.

“Oh, but we aren’t just normal evil hearts, recognize us old man?” the man that appeared to be their leader threw off his cape, signaling the others to do so. I gave a start of surprise when I saw their leader, I recognized him but I didn’t remember who he was.

“Impossible! This cannot be, the Chosen Ones must be here to combat you!”

“Well, well, well it’s a bit late don’t you think?” he commented. “They don’t know their power yet!”


“Yes… now step aside a let us get to it!”

“Over my dead body!” the old man started to summon Chimera.

“HAHAHAHA! Is that it? I will take care of you myself. There will be no formal dueling circle rules, it will be jousting rules.”

“Very well”

“MUAHAHAHAHAHA! DARK CHIMERA!” the shadowy figure slashed his card in half and it came together again! A dark shadowy creature made of darkness leaped out, a Chimera!

“New Chosen Ones will be named! You will be defeated!” The old man cried just as the Dark Chimera bit off his Chimera’s three heads. The man crumpled to the ground, defeated. The 7 figures put on their capes and continued on to the cave.

The old man looked at me and said, “Save us, for you are the leader of the band that shall come together and defeat this darkness…” Then, the light died from his eyes, he was dead. I started to… I sat straight up in my bed, panting and sweating.

“What the heck was that?” I mumbled. Groggily getting up, I teleported to Michelle Dreamcatcher, Arch Mage Ice and my friend.

“Ah, you’re the first one here I see,” Michelle commented when I popped up in front of her. “Where are the others?” I asked.

“Oh probably sleeping in their beds those old sleepyheads! I know Jason is, he was snoring when I ported to him so I walked out.” We shared a laugh over that.

“Hahahaha, true. It’s just like Jason to sleep in waaaaaaaay late,” I commented. Jason Ghostrider was an Arch Mage fire wizard, and one of my best friends.

“HELP!!” Galen Darkspear, Arch Mage death, called to me in whisper chat.

“OH great! Galen got himself stuck in a pickle!” I chuckled as we ported to him.

“Yo broo…- oh my gods! How the heck did yo- oh holy chimeras and hydras dancing in the showers!” I exclaimed. There were 4 clock-like monsters with 1,000,000 Hp!

“I would think that would be funny if we weren’t stuck in this thing,” commented Erin Storm, Arch Mage storm.

“I would HAVE to agree on that,” agreed Michelle. After a LONG time of dueling, we finally killed 3 and lowered one’s health drastically. I was in the last little circle, now the turn moved on to the clock things. When it was the clock’s turn, the last clock had full power pips and he summoned a- clock. “HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! No big deal, it can’t finish us,” said Galen.

“Eh I for one would not be sure about that,” I gawked.

“What? Just relax, there’s nothing he can pull off that will finish us thanks to our shields and resistance!”

“You are still sure of that, yes?” Erin jumped in, in a mocking manner.

“By Dr. Von I’m su- OH MY GODS!! THAT IS SOOOOO NOT FAIR!” Galen complained. The clock thing was winding back time for his team!!! His teammates were alive again all with full health! We kept battling them and they kept reviving until tempers were beginning to get out of hand.

“Oh boy!” Michelle worried.

“Heh, oh holy Chimera is more like it,” I tried to lighten the mood.

“SHUT UP!” Michelle and Erin harmonized.

“Heh, girls are always like this, eh Galen?”

“Ummm…” he replied as both Erin and Michelle glared at him.

“If you say yes…” Erin Storm said, well storming.

“Oh don’t worry, they can’t do anything about it!” I assured him.

“In that case, yes, I agree, they are always like this,” Galen replied a bit dazed.

“Oh really?” Erin asked and exchanging glances with Michelle, they both reached over to slap Galen on both sides of the face.

“Oh, I didn’t think about that. Sorry, Galen!” I called.

“UGH, in case you guys haven’t noticed we are out of mana!” he reminded us, bugging out.

“Oh, yes, that was why I was talking and talking and talking…” I droned. Galen hit his head with flat of his palm as I continued droning. Erin and Michelle looked dismayed because they couldn’t slap my face; I was leaning away from them. They both looked like they wished they could zap me

“…and talking and talking and talking and talking and talking and talking and talking. Alrighty, let’s get serious. Hmmm, a bunch of monsters at full health and us without mana. What’s more, they have a weird rewinding thing. Let’s see what we can do. I know, let’s flee!” just after I said flee, Galen disappeared in sparks, signaling his flee. I shrugged to the girls and we fled away.

“Now look where we are! In the middle-” Galen started complaining.

I quickly cut him off, “Join the others at the party!” Once again, Galen teleported off as soon as I finished talking. Michelle and Erin burst out laughing as we teleported back. Arriving at Jason Ghostrider’s house, Fire Arch Mage, Jason asked, “Hey bro, why you late? We were just about to do the ribbon cutting for the rug palace!”

“Glad we made it!” I commented. “But unfortunately we were worrying about our lives-” “Stuck in a god-forsaken land full of clock-monsters with 1,000,000 health each, they had a weird rewinding thing, we were out of mana, we fled and ended up in the middle of nowhere, and we finally made it here!” Galen finished exasperated.

“Eh, bro, you sure you weren’t out speaking to the dead again?” Jason queried.

“As much as I wish he is going crazy speaking to the dead, what he said is true,” I confessed. Jason gave a low whistle.

“Exactly!” Galen stated, looking satisfied. Then, he thought for a moment, “Wait a second, were you making fun of me?” I couldn’t resist bursting out with laughter after our close call. After we got calm and refreshed, Rachel Silverblade, Arch Mage Myth ported.

“Hey! Are we late?” Rachel asked as Ashley Lifecatcher, Arch Mage life popped up from within the house.

“Nah! We were just about to cut the ribbon!” assured Jason.

“Um, we?” I asked.

“Yes! The wizards are celebrating our victory over Morganthe!” Jason told us.

“Oh, I thought you were cutting it just for us!” I replied.

“You mean the tour? Oh yes there is a sealed up area just for us!” Jason said, with a glint in his eyes.

“Uh-oh!” I commented noticing the glint.

“HELP! HELP! HELP!” Gamma called flying through the air.

“What is it, Gamma?” I asked.

“It’s Merle, come quick quick quick,” he hooted.

“Um, okay, guys, come on!” I told the others.

“What about the rug palace?” Jason complained.

“Cut it and let’s get the hell to his office!” I raged.

“Okay, bro, chill!” Jason said and using magic, let flames burn the entrance ribbon to bits, the palace was open. The crowd cheered and charged up the royal staircase to the palace.

We ported to Gamma, who was already in his chamber.

“He went in there, down to his study,” Gamma informed us. “I cant get in because well, old age and disability to cast good magic.”

“No problem!” Galen assured him and yanked the door open … well at least he tried. The moment he touched the door an explosion hit him and he was flung back.

“Oops, I forgot to tell you he put enchantments on it!” Gamma hooted, a little too late for Galen, who just stared at Gamma incredulously.

“Hahaha! This is how you open it Galen,” Jason crowed as he threw a fireball at the door and incinerated it. “Yes!” he said triumphantly and … TRIED to march in. The door reformed in front of him and blew him next to Galen.

“AHAHAHAHA!” Galen chuckled as he saw Jason’s spiked hair. The rest of us approached the door more cautiously.

“Um, Gamma? How exactly does he open it?” I queried.

“A specific order of spells I do believe, though I forget what it is. Old age, you know?” Gamma fretted.

“OH FUN!” Erin said. “We get to cast a bunch of spells and get blown to the other side of the chamber like them. With that, she glared at Galen and Jason. The other girls murmured their agreements.

“Wow? Really! We are the ones who got hurt anyways!” Jason exclaimed hotly while Galen, knowing Erin’s temper took the wiser path of staying quiet.

Soon a loud, “Slap!” proved him right.

“Hey! Ow, that hurt, if you weren’t a girl I sweat I would…” Jason complained.

Erin slapped him again. “Are you threatening me?!” Erin raged.

“Um, not really, I mean maybe you were the one making fun of me!” Jason retorted. Erin slapped him again. “Okay that’s it! Efreet!” Jason summoned.

“Fine! Go leviathan!” Erin commanded. They started to attack each other but I cut in.

“WOULD YOU GUYS STOP THIS FOR A MOMENT AND LISTEN TO GAMMA WHO IS TRYING TO TALK?!” I raged, finally losing my temper. I was met with dead silence, Jason’s Efreet and Erin’s Leviathan disappeared in a poof of smoke as they lost concentration and blinked in surprise. My temper seldom flared like that. Controlling my anger I told Gamma, “Don’t mind these Scarab brains. Do tell us what you were trying to say.”

“Merle has a poem in case he forgets,” Gamma hooted.

“Where is it?” I asked.

“In here!” Gamma told me, flying to the wall and using his talons to open a hidden chamber. He handed me a paper that said,

9th of balance’s fair and equal ways
5th of life’s warming rays
3rd of storm’s destructive power
7th of the fiery flower
8th of the chilly icefall
4th of the death’s dark call
1st of the myth’s minion wrath
joins together to form the path
to a place of wonder and greatness

“What could this mean?” I mused. “What do the numbers mean? The second part is clear. The schools, so it has something to do with the schools.” We sat thinking about the poem.

“I got it!” Amber exclaimed. “The second part means the schools right?” she continued her eyes dancing with excitement. “Maybe the numbers mean the number of pips used for each school’s spell!”

“That would work,” Jason said. “Let’s try it!”

“You all know what to summon right? Jason won’t summon a fire elf will he?” I asked, joking.

“No way!” Jason replied. The others murmured in agreement.

“Very well then, I shall go first, since it seems that you must follow the order of the poem,” I put out. The others agreed and soon I found myself summoning a Chimera while the others summoned their respective spells in the poem. With a loud grating sound, the door opened. Ashley grabbed Jason’s hand and dragged him in there. I followed them down to the dark basement cautiously. With a wave of his hand, Jason lit the torches.

“Whoa!” Galen exclaimed. “Sweet!” I took the time to glance and saw books upon books. There were pictures, lots of them of Merle when he was a little wizard, starting Ravenwood. I approached his desk and saw a book lying closed.

“Gamma?” I called uncertainly. “What is this?” I didn’t hear a reply. Looking at the book again, I saw no title. I flipped it open and found pictures of the clock monsters. This told us how to defeat them! Excitedly, I continued flipping through. The others glanced over my shoulder.

“What is that?” asked Rachel.

“I don’t know!” I replied as I looked at the card again. The card had a clock winding backwards and the name was “Time Replay”. With dawning horror I realized what happened. I tried to slam the book shut but it was too late. It was shining like it was about to be activated…

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