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The Legend of Wolf Shadowgem (part 3) by Wolf Shadowgem

Wolf raced from the group of wizards shooting blasts of fire, ice and lightning. Wolf climbed a Drake and got out a staff. He held it up and the Drake rose. The wizard climbed their Dragon mounts and pursued Wolf. Wolf whispered something to the drake and then made a large black ball of shimmering energy. He threw it to the ceiling and the Drake sped off as stalagmites above fell. One was forced to flee as a large rock was about to fall on him. Wolf shot a beam of light at the lava and a large wall of super hot lava rose high. Another wizard fled, which left one. He seemed determined to stay. Wolf jumped off the mount as they approached the Crown of Fire. He safely landed below. The boy dismounted and fell behind him. Wolf ducked as the boy aimed a boy and made a large gust of wind blow the boy back. Wolf turned the pillars nearby and they glowed black as they were ripped off their spots and raised into the sky. Wolf threw them as hard as he could. The boy summoned a giant wind and managed to turn one of the pillars against Wolf. Wolf shot a blast of light and sliced it in half. The boy cast 6 Stormzillas and laughed as the purple dinosaurs attacked. Wolf created a barrier and ran away, both angry and scared. Wolf snapped his fingers and then climbed in the railing. The boy gasped as Wolf spread his hands and then stepped off. Wolf screamed as he fell inside a blue portal, which snapped shut as the boy tried to look.

Wolf dropped from the bleak purple sky of the Spirit World. Wolf opened another portal below and went through it.

Wolf landed in Nidavellir. He skidded across the floor and fell off and landed in the ice below. Wolf stepped back and watched in horror as suddenly the ice glowed. Ice beetles formed and began to shoot blasts of light at Wolf. Wolf stepped back as he was hit by one. His health dropped dangerously low. Wolf turned to run away and yelled. He was hit by one as he smacked against a large glowing blue crystal. But instead of hitting solid, he felt himself enter the crystal. He remembered falling on something solid and then his vision going black.

“Hey do you know where Wolf is? Something is blocking my teleportation from him. A very powerful spell” asked Liz after teleporting to Adam as he worked on his Golem in his dorm room. “I can’t reach-Oh no!” yelled Adam. “What!?” asked Liz. His health is gone! And he isn’t in battle so-“Liz nodded. A wizard defeated while in combat meant he would be transported to the world’s main area. But a wizard with no health and not in combat could mean possible death. “Adam, use your power to track him.” Adam nodded and tried to summon a vision. “The scroll” said Adam. “What’s that got to do with Wolf?” asked Liz. “Everything” said Adam.

In a land of 3, in the place of Death, Death shall see through Ice’s illusion

“Land of 3? That could be Krokotopia!” said Liz. “But what about Grizzelheim? 3 tribes?” pointed out Adam. “But where’s a place of Death?” asked Liz. “Hum, hey, remember that kid we were helping out a few days ago with his spell quest?” “Yeah.” Well after we helped him get the bones for his Skeletal Dragon spell, he said he had to go to Nidavellir. A place of death!” exclaimed Adam. Liz excitedly nodded. “Should we alert the others?” asked Liz. “No, I think this was meant for only Isabella. Call her and tell her to teleport in Grizzelheim.” said Adam. The tow grabbed their wands and raced to the center of Bartleby. They opened the door to Grizzelheim and leapt in.

Wolf woke up. His back, where the ice beetle had hit him, ached slightly. Wolf blinked and then got up. He was inside some sort of place. The floor under him glowed with soft blue light. Around him, mana swirled around like a tube. The walls seemed to be crystal. Wolf walked to the walls and began to tap them. Nothing seemed to happen. Wolf then smacked the wall and a ripple appeared. It was small and vanished. Wolf stepped back and then raced to the wall and jumped. There was a brief sensation of passing through something and he landed in ice. Wolf looked up to see the ice beetles from before were still there. Wolf stepped aside as a blast of blue shot from the jaws of the first beetle. As if in slow motion he saw the blast fly next to him, narrowly missing him by a few mere inches. Wolf summoned an black orb and shot it at the beetle. Wolf ran to the beetles and leapt above them and skidded in the ice, almost skating. He raised his hands and a small dark cloud formed above the beetles. Lightning struck the beetles, surprising them and causing it to fly backwards. Wolf made a whip of dark energy and lassoed the first beetle and smacked him against the other. They broke to pieces, sparks of mana flying off the remains. Wolf grinned but as he turned the heard a rumble. Snow serpents appeared and shone as they opened their jaws to each show 2 pointy fangs. Wolf made a wind throw him the air and summoned his broom mount and sped off, dodging ice attacks from behind the slithering reptiles.

Liz held out her hand and made the water near them harden to ice. In the distance, she could see Wolf racing away. Liz wrapped her hand around Adam as he made a wind gust pick them up and carry him like a leaf to Wolf.

Wolf screamed as a snake shot an ice beam and literally gave him the cold shoulder. He lost balance and fell off his broom, which vanished. There was a flash of red light. Nathan leaped out of nowhere and grabbed Wolf and climbed to a rock. Nathan clenched his fist and the ice cracked as the heat rose. The snow serpents hissed as the ice broke. The water bubbled hotly as Nathan summoned his powers to heat it. Wolf managed to levitate the snakes high and then dump them into the water. They melted instantly. Nathan stopped and the water began to cool down. Nathan and Wolf climbed off the rock as Adam and Liz crashed from the sky. They crashed right through the ice, making all 4 go under water. The cold water filled Wolf’s lungs as he tried to scream. His brain ached and he was about to close his eyes and looked to the light one more time when he was engulfed by hot water. Someone grabbed him around his collar and shoved him to the center. Nathan was raising his hand and heating the water, preventing anyone from getting cold. Nathan grabbed Wolf and Liz and shoved them up. He did the same with Adam and then swam himself. Everyone coughed and spat out water. But just as they celebrated, the water bubbled and a water snake formed. The girl from Celestia grinned as she molded the snake. “This time, I’m not alone!” she yelled. From the shadows, the girl from Grizzelheim held out her hand. The snake glowed with power. In the air, there was a flash of light. Isabella leaped from the air, yelling. She shot a blast of green light from her staff before splashing in the water. The snake sank into the water as Isabella made a wave to carry the wizards to a rock. “We are not going down without a fight!” yelled Adam. The girls emerged from the water and reformed the snake. Isabella held it back with her power but the girls were too powerful. Isabella stepped back. There were 3 more flashes of light as more Thaumaturges appeared to help the two girls. Water rose and made the snake gigantic. “It’s over! We are unbeatable!” yelled the spider girl. Nathan, Adam and Wolf held out their hands and yelled. Lightning and a powerful red laser blast hit the snake, which hissed. Liz and Isabella tried to make the snake go under the water. Adam and Wolf turned to the girls and made a wind gust shove them in the water, which Nathan heated up. The girls screamed and teleported away at once, making a large blue flash.

Isabella held out her hands as if to hug someone and sank into the crystal tower. A few minutes later she came out clutching a scroll with a blue ribbon tying it. “Got it!” she said.

Wolf walked to Grubb’s castle and looked around. There was a flash of light and Death appeared. Wolf grinned. “Hey” “Hello, Wolf. How is your progress?” asked Death. “It’s okay. I was just wondering...” began Wolf. “Yes?” questioned Death. “How can the whole Spiral end by the alignment? I get the force of magic but-““Wolf, Morganthe is a powerful sorceress. Magic is at its peak. And Morganthe’s powers plus the alignment spells disaster. But your powers are also increased.” “And what about the incarnations of Sun, Moon and Star? How are we going to find them? Plus, doesn’t that mean we have to find their relics too?” asked Wolf without taking a breath. “They didn’t make any relics. Their power was too great to contain in anything. If you want to make sure, just try to call any of the 3 wizards. You are a Necromancer.” Death then vanished.

Wolf swam into the Lunarium and summoned a Spirit Portal. Something silvery blue leapt out and landed in a platform behind Wolf. Moon looked at Wolf with silvery eyes. She had a white dress with the light blue moon symbols all over it. Moon also had on two bracelets and a moon crescent crown in her brilliantly white hair. Moon lifted her dress slightly to reveal crystal like shoes. “Hello, Death. You seem different. And why do your eyes look like Storm’s?” asked Moon, confused. “Err, this is not actually Death. I’m Wolf, his incarnation.” said Wolf. “Really? Well, hasn’t time passed by. I must have been in sleep to long. It seemed just like yesterday that I was having a lovely conversation with Life and Ice about our students. That would explain my sudden awakening” “Awakening?” asked Wolf. “Oh yes, during my long slumber, I felt like my dreams were a gateway into some other life. I was like another person. But recently, the dreams have stopped. Now when I go into sleep, its darkness and pain.” “It must be your incarnation. Something has happened to her?” “Well, I only remember that this incarnation was in the Lunarium itself when this strange woman grabbed my incarnation and then cast a spell on it. It was the weirdest spell I ever saw. Of course, my incarnation was hit as soon as she the spell was cast.” “Can you describe her?” “She had some serious spell over her. She was like a solid shadow. Plus I remember very little. Only her blasting my incarnation with a spell as I was inside something and a blinding pain.” “I need to see her. I could figure out where she is.” said Wolf. “Also, you want to know if we Astral wizards made any relics like the 7 incarnations” said Moon. “Well, yes,” said Wolf. “We decided against it because our powers were too great to be contained. Also, we knew about Morganthe and didn’t want her to get such powerful weapons. Now let me show you what happened.” Moon held out her hand and her brilliant silver eyes glowed and a portal formed. Wolf stepped back. “It’s a portal in time.” said Moon. “How are you?” “I’m the moon Wolf. I have some influence over time. When you arrive in the past, hide and watch. Interfering could cause a serious wreck in the future.” said Moon. Wolf nodded and swam into the moon. As he went into the portal, he felt himself break apart, everything of himself spreading apart into small little bits and parts.

Wolf popped from a portal. His body was swirling and still shaping itself. Finally, Wolf’s body formed. Wolf quickly hid near a set of stairs and crouched down. Just as he did, a girl swam from a portal. She had silver clothes with blue trim on them. She swam around and grinned as she swam upwards. Wolf waited for her to break the surface of the water and then followed her. Wolf wiped his black wet hair from his face. It was amazing. The top was like a canyon. The sky was no moon. The girl swam to a nearby cave and looked around. She raised her hand and the water rose under her and dropped her in the edge of the cave. She dried of her hair by using in her staff to summon a hot wind. She walked away. Wolf summoned his Bat Wings and flew up and then dismounted and hid behind a rock spike. The girl turned left and Wolf carefully walked and gasped. The tunnel came to an end to show the girl was trying to enter a crystal like the one in Grizzelheim. She sank in, making ripples in the blue stone. Wolf hid behind a narrow space behind the spikes and waited for her to come out. Wolf peeked from the spikes just in time to see the girl being pushed out and knocked to the ground. To Wolf’s horror, Morganthe walked out from the crystal and raised her staff. As the girl got up, a strange shimmery black smoke covered Morganthe. “The spell that covered Morganthe from her.” whispered Wolf under his breath. The girl got up and whipped out her wand. She raised her wand and charged her wand spell. She released the spell. An ice orb shot out and hit Morganthe. She laughed as the spell bounced off her. The girl thrust her wand out and blasted Morganthe with white light. Morganthe’s spell was broken and she was transformed into a girl about the age of the girl who had cast the spell. The girl stared at her wand in wonder and then cast a Blizzard. Morganthe ducked and dodged the ice rocks and pointed her staff at the floor. The girl flew back as the ground was blasted. Morganthe raised her hand and the girl glowed black as she was lifted from the ground. Morganthe walked to the edge of the cave. Below, the water seemed treacherous as they slapped the rock below. The girl woke up and screamed as she looked below. “You obviously have no idea who you are. This makes my job easier.” Morganthe raised the girl higher and higher and then stopped levitating her. The girl screamed as she dropped into the water below with a splash. Wolf raced to the water and put on his wing mount and dove below. The girl was slowly sinking. Her eyes were closed and her hair drifted around her like kelp. The Lunarium went dark and Wolf felt himself split apart and get sucked into a portal that snapped open behind him.

“It was Morganthe. She made nearly killed Moon’s incarnation! We need to find her!” exclaimed Wolf. “We can’t” replied Cathy suddenly. Everyone looked at Cathy. “We have to find Sun first and then Moon and then Star” said Cathy. “When I found about you guys, you already had Myth and Life’s incarnation.” “Actually, you were-“began Liz before Adam jabbed her in the stomach. “What?” asked Wolf. “Nothing.” said Adam looking away. “You know something Adam. Don’t you dare lie to me! Now tell me what’s going on. What happened to me” asked Wolf, eyes glittering with anger. “Fine, you want to know. Morganthe and Malastaire attacked you and stole your memory and ours. We had no idea about you. We found you in here and I guess that seeing you was enough to break the memory spell” “So where’s my memory?” asked Wolf, rounding on Adam.

Morganthe walked in her secret lair. She fingered the many glass vials she had and then turned to a mark in the wall. It glowed purple as Morganthe tapped it. The wall vanished to reveal a glowing ball of light. It shone and sometimes showed images of Wolf leaping around, expertly fighting with his purple Jade Oni sword against ninja pigs. The image changed to one of Wolf leaping over a large lava waterfall and saving Isabella from falling into the hot bubbling lava. The scene changed to one of Wolf raising his hands and blasting holes in Minotaurs and laughing with the joy of the battle. The scene changed one last time to show Morganthe raising her staff and taking Wolf’s memory and then making a portal to throw him in. Morganthe laughed. “All of his bravery, memory and skill in my grasp. And he will never know!”

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