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The Legend of Wolf Shadowgem by Wolf Shadowgem

Wolf looked at his clothes and put on his Multiuse Watch. It had uses. Since last year, someone had invented the Multiuse watch. It could show the wizard to where to go in a quest, teleport them, add friends and whisper chat. It had different buttons around the circular circle that showed the moon and the sun slowly moving. “8:00” he growled. Wolf grabbed his hood and attached it to the purple and black party clothes he had on. Designs of curling black thorns were on the purple lining of Wolf’s hood. Wolf tugged on his skull boots and tied the purple laces tight. He looked at his robe. It was a comfortable Mooshu outfit dyed purple and black like the hood and boots. Wolf held up his Raptor Blade which glowed blue. Wolf had found it in Cyclops Lane; the blade had been lying in the bushes. Wolf had it for the day he had found it. And that was back in the days of the terror and chaos of Malastaire. Wolf and all the other wizards had joined together with Merle to finally defeat him. That had been but weeks ago. Now he was, like the other wizards, trying to find clues and shreds about the mysterious Morganthe. Wolf’s head still rang from the strange prophecy he had recently heard. “The mirror shall break, the horn will call, I strike from the shadows, and the skies will fall!” Wolf shook his head free of the thoughts. Tonight was the second year anniversary of the popular magazine “Dairy of a Wizard” written by Fallon Shadowblade. Wolf picked his tan bag and whistled. A dragon with startling blue eyes and orange scales poked his small head from the bag and snapped his jaw. Wolf grinned and patted him. Lord Honey was a unusual dragon. He wielded Life Magic and had numerous Healing abilities. Lord Honey opened his jaw hungrily. Wolf reached inside his pocket and took out a bag labeled “Treats” Wolf took out a Gummy Humungofrog and handed it to Lord Honey. The dragon excitedly put it inside his mouth and began to chew frantically. Lord Honey gave a pointy grin and went back to sleep. Wolf walked out the room and raced down the stairs. Wolf touched a button in his watch and a black panther materialized under him. Wolf patted him and got in his mount. Wolf touched his watch again and the moon and sun images spun quickly. Light shone from the watch and engulfed Wolf and swallowed him.

Wolf reappeared in the more crowded that usual Ravenwood. Wolf moved his mount over to the edge of the Death crater. Wolf looked below at where the Death school was. He had been inside the school when Malastaire had caused it to collapse. He had nearly died. Wolf turned to see a girl with blue clothes and blue lips look at him. “Good bye, Wolf Shadowgem” The girl raised her wand and blue light shot out. Wolf flew off his mount and into the Death crater.

Wolf’s stomach felt like it was in knots. He was more shocked that frightened. He looked down to see the schoolhouse below rushing to him. Wolf closed his eyes. There was a searing pain as he hit something and then slammed into the cold, unforgiving rock below.

Wolf woke up hazily to see Marla Stinger and some other students looking at him. He stood up to see his bag had fallen a few yards near him. Lord Honey was flying around him, casting Dyrads and Satyrs. Wolf stood up and clenched his fist. He could now hear screams. Wolf raced to the Commons and then to Ravenwood.

It was complete disaster. People raced around screaming in fear. Spiders swarmed the school. Some students were in web cocoons and others were trying to flee. Very few attempted to fight. Wolf summoned his mount and his purple Jade Oni sword. Wolf rode into the evil spiders. He leaned slightly and began to slice the legs off some of the spiders. Wolf sent away the mount and leaped in the air. His Bat wings appeared in his back. Wolf flew to the spiders and held out his hands. He thrust the other hand to the cloud over Torrent the Storm Tree. Lightning shot out and hit the biggest group of spiders, making them scatter. A brave grandmaster stepped forward to help. She cast 3 Trolls who began to eagerly bang the spiders. Another one began to freeze their legs, trapping them. The rest bravely began to attack them. Millions of wizards joined to make hundreds of monsters which sent fire, ice and lightning everywhere. The Life wizards healed any injured wizards and Death wizards drained away the spider’s health. The myth wizards joined the storm wizards by using Dragonsypre swords to attack the spiders. Fire and Ice wizards sent blasts of red and blue to send spiders flying while others finished them off or the monsters did. Finally, all the spiders were vanquished. But just as everyone cheered, purple and red smoke began to rise off the spiders. It swirled in the air and a gigantic spider materialized. It turned around and began to shot webs at the students. Wolf ducked and dodged the webs and turned to the spider. Wolf screamed as the spider quickly hit him with its hairy leg. Wolf splashed into the pond near the Storm school. All seemed lost until there was a brilliant flash of light. Steam rose off the pond and 6 people stepped from it. They all wore white and the colors of their schools. They seemed to be from all the schools but Death. They also wore Marleybone bandit hats that covered their eyes and half their faces. The spider turned and shot a web at Bartleby. It glowed as it began to drain the Spiral Tree’s magic. Bartleby groaned. A girl with blue and white clothes pointed her Mooshu wand towards the water. It quivered and a wave formed. The girl pointed at the web and the wave rose high and crashed into the web. The girl waved her wand and the water froze solid. A boy with a smirk plastered in his tan skin pointed his sword at the spider’s frozen web. Lightning shot out the wand and struck the web. It shattered to pieces. Wolf watched in awe as a girl with green and white clothes cast a Forest Lord. The furry creature raised its hands and trees burst from the stone pavement. The Forest Lord roared and green energy surged from the trees into the creature’s hands. The monster turned to the spider and began to smack it with glowing paws. The spider wailed as it was shoved back. The cowering wizards yelped. A boy with red and white clothes raised his hands and formed a ball of fire in his hands. The boy threw it and the spider screeched as it exploded. Amazingly, the spider began to shrink. “He’s burning off the spell on it” thought Wolf. The storm boy waved his wand and wind picked the spider and raised it high over Ravenwood. The boy flicked his wand and the spider was struck by a brilliant bolt of lightning, which turned it to ash.

Everyone was evacuated from Ravenwood. Merle cast a spell over the tunnel from the Commons to Ravenwood. No one could teleport inside their dorm rooms. But Wolf had hid near the edge of the Death crater and managed to listen to Merle talk to the 6 wizards. “You haven’t found the reincarnation of Death?” “Well, we tried but it’s like he doesn’t exist!” replied a voice. “Well, you need to find him. Ask Dworgyn for help” said Merle exasperated. Wolf’s eyes narrowed as the 6 wizards changed clothes with a flick of their wands. They now wore ordinary Dragonsypre clothes. “Where should we check?” “Let’s try Celestia.” said the fire boy. “You just want to go to the Floating Land” “I can’t help it!” he said. Wolf narrowed his eyes and climbed from the Death hole and snuck to the Storm school. He walked across the cracking ice near the Ice Tree and peeked from behind the Storm school, trying not to slip into the water. He watched as each of the wizards stepped into the symbols drawn into pavement: the pictures of the 6 schools around the lone balance symbol. The second they stepped on their respective symbols, the wizards vanished. Wolf raced to the circle of schools and scratched his head. Absentmindedly, he stepped into the skull representing the Death school. The symbol glowed dimly and Wolf was engulfed by black light. Wolf shielded his eyes as he vanished into thin air.

Wolf’s feet hit solid ground. Wolf looked up to see he was in some sort of rock tunnel. Torches lit the way down. Wolf gingerly walked down, trying to not make a noise. Wolf summoned his Bat Wings and floated down the long tunnel. Soon, he came to a large room. It was decorated much differently. The walls, which were blazing white, were covered with strange marking and symbols. Only one part wasn’t covered with runes. There were 7 places with the school symbols carved above them. They seemed like places for trophies but they were empty. Wolf looked around to find a large bookcase and scroll case. Wolf turned to leave to find a boy with a cross face and his wand’s tip in flames staring at him. “How did you get here?” “Uhhh…” replied Wolf. The boy flicked his wand and threw a jet of flames. Wolf ducked it and ran away. The boy ran after him, yelling. Wolf stared at his feet and concentrated. He had learned a little trick from his teacher. In places that mounts could not be used, it was a life saver. Wolf grinned as the air lifted him off the ground. The boy throwing fire watched as Wolf rose off the ground. Wolf took out his staff. He twirled it and raised his staff high. There was a rumble and a sound like a bug zapper exploded. Wolf leapt out of the cave and landed in a pavement. But the lightning was too much for him. Wolf fell to the ground again unconscious.

Wolf woke up, blinking sleep from his eyes. Images swirled around and then settled down. A girl with green clothes was holding her hands out and singing. It was an odd song. It seemed to echo all over the room and make the girl’s healing more powerful. Her hands glowed like the Forest Lord’s. Wolf gasped and sat upright. The girl stepped back. She held out her hand. It dimmed down and turned to bright blue. “You don’t want to hurt me boy. You know the secret room. I want to know how you stumbled into the room.” said the girl. Wolf looked around. He was in a dorm room. It was decorated to look like a forest. The walls had trees drawn into them. The floor had leaves in them. It was obviously the girl’s dorm. Wolf began to think. The girl had ice and life in her disposal. They were the weakest type of magic but she could shield and heal. No one else seemed to be in the room. He could quickly cast a Scarecrow and leave while it attacked her. He would get into his mount and hide in somewhere. “So why are you healing me if you just want to kill me” asked Wolf as he slowly moved his hand to his deck. “Because you’re either an ally we haven’t made or an enemy I will meet.” explained the girl. “For a theurgist, she’s quite smart.” thought Wolf with a smirk. He slowly opened his deck behind his back, careful not to move his arm too much to not arise the girl’s suspicions. Wolf turned to see the girl reach for a bottle with blue liquid and hold it up. “You need to tell me now: are you a friend?” the girl’s eyes burned emerald, like a fire. “Sorry but I’m a loner.” said Wolf. He quickly shoved the girl aside and cast his spell. A field of wheat formed and the ground glowed bright orange. A pumpkin headed scarecrow burst from the ground. The fire inside its head turned from orange to blue. The girl dodged the attack and took something from her desk nearby. She threw something silver, which struck the pumpkin’s head. The girl turned to see Wolf teleporting away.

“There he is!” yelled the boy who had attacked Wolf in the mysterious room. Wolf turned to see the girl who had healed him and the fire boy lunge at him. Wolf stepped into the sigil to get into Sunken City and waited anxiously for the number to get to 1. 5…the girl took out a pair of knives….4…the boy began to draw the Fire symbol…..3…a Helephant burst from the symbol….2…the girl drew back her hand…..1....the two attacked just as Wolf popped away.

“Where is he” asked the boy. The girl rolled her bright eyes. “Oh, I have all the answers, Nathan?” “Well, sorry, Elizabeth, I thought Theurgist were nicer.” said Nathan as he and Elizabeth walked down the road. Monsters walked near him but they ignored them. “Up here!” yelled Wolf from the top of a house. He took out a card and cast it. Nothing seemed to happen. “Nice try, kid but seems it didn’t work.” said Nathan with a smile. Wolf smirked. “Look behind you” said Wolf. Nathan turned to see more that a dozen monsters glowing. Hearts glowed above them. The monster turned to the 2 wizards and began to try to attack them. Nathan and Elizabeth screamed and ran away. Wolf shook his head. “Oh, my friends, if it’s one thing I am good at its planning.” Wolf leapt away to another roof and then another, soon getting out of sight. Nathan held up his hands and created a wall of bright glowing fire in front of them. “Liz!” “I’m working on it” said Elizabeth. She got on her knees and again sang another song. Tree trunks shot from the ground and made a stairway to a house roof. Liz grabbed Nathan and hauled him up and dispelled the stairway. The monsters below moaned and groaned as if they were a terrifying Halloween music special. Wolf turned to see Liz and Nathan on their mounts and making their way to Wolf. Wolf leaped away and yelled as Nathan shot a blast of fire, knocking him down. Wolf took out a small parchment and read a spell. The roof Nathan stood on disintegrated. “If there’s one thing I remember is how to read the spell for the Tome of Decay” yelled Wolf. Liz leaped off the roofs Wolf turned to dust and yelled “Stop this!” “So you can end me? I rather not” Wolf leaped back as Liz shot a knife. Wolf grabbed it as Liz made a huge leap and landed in front of him. She took out a blade and began to try to slash him. The two made sparks as they collided with a sudden jolt. “Sorry lady. I don’t do knives.” Wolf grabbed her knife and threw it away with the other. He repeated the decaying spell and Liz fell off the roof top. Nathan yelled from behind and grabbed Wolf and managed to knock him down. “Get off!” yelled Wolf. He managed to kick the strange boy off him and leap down and race into Grubb’s castle.

Wolf yelped as Nathan and Liz burst into the castle. They raced to the center. “Freeze” yelled Liz. “Why should I?” asked Wolf. “Because it wasn’t an option!” replied Liz. She held out her hands and the air grew colder. A beam of blue light shot out Liz’s wand and froze Wolf’s feet to the ground. Nathan stepped forward and cast a Fire Dragon. The scaly beast roared, sending streamers of hot flames flying. Wolf slashed his Raptor Blade against the ice and it broke to pieces. Wolf summoned his mount and managed to ride away just as the Dragon spurt flames. Liz turned to see Wolf hold out his leg and knock her down. Wolf switched to his Bat Wings just as Nathan shot a ring of fire. Wolf flew high and placed his hands in his head. He began to glow light purple and lightning shot down and struck the Fire Dragon. The Dragon vanished. Liz held his hands up and vines rose from the ground and tried to grab Wolf who flew away. Liz put her palm flat out and a ball of green energy formed. Wolf screamed as Liz threw it. The magical attack hit Wolf in the chest. Wolf’s wings vanished and he smacked the floor. Liz raced to him just as Wolf raised his hand in defense. A barrier of dark energy formed. Wolf backed away in shock. His hands tingled and glowed eerily. Wolf waved his hand and the barrier moved. Wolf smiled and moved the barrier. Nathan’s fire ball smacked it and bounced back. Nathan ducked and it hit the wall, making a black mark in it. Liz and Nathan got into their mounts and managed to bypass the magical shield and were about to cast their spell when they dropped their wands. Wolf raised an eyebrow “Ok, what’s wrong with you” Liz raised her finger and pointed behind Wolf. Wolf turned to see a boy leaning against a wall. He seemed about 15. He had black hair and black and white clothes. He had wand in his hand and twirled it. He opened his eyes, which were onyx black. He widen his eyes as if in surprise. “Oh, am I interrupting something?” he said sarcastically. “Uhhh…who are you” asked Wolf. “Well, I don’t actually have a name. More like a title.” said the boy. “Fine what is it” asked Wolf. “Death” said the boy as if it were a simple statement. Wolf’s jaw dropped.

“You can’t be Death. He doesn’t exist anymore” said Wolf stepping back. “This is not the real me. I can manifest almost solidly in places of Death like Sunken City but I am like a ghost. I can go to other places but there I am weak and barely anchored to this world.” said Death. He turned to Liz and widen his eyes in delight. “Ahh Life, so great to meet you” said Death as if greeting a long lost friend. Liz summoned a ball of energy and threw it at Death. Death rolled his eyes and held up his hand. It stopped in mid-air and turned to pitch black and exploded. “Liz!” said Nathan. Liz blinked. “I’m sorry. I-““Life took over you. She still is wary of me. That’s just how the world is. Life and Death, opposites, Yin and Yang, two forces in one world” said Death. “How did you do that with my attack” “Elizabeth, life and death are connected. You can tap into Life’s powers at will and you seem to have some control of it. But the powers you use: spirit energy, is controllable by me…and my incarnation as well.” said Death turning to Wolf. “What? I can’t be” “How can you explain how in the world you managed to control those creatures and make that barrier. You also got into the Chamber of 7, which only the Headmaster and the incarnations of the 7 wizards can ever enter.” said Death so logically that even Wolf, a smart kid in his own right, felt like a total imbecile. The evidence was clear. “You would make a killer lawyer.” said Wolf. “A lawyer. What’s that?” asked Death in confusion. Wolf shook his head. “Never mind. But why am I your incarnation?” asked Wolf. “Oh there are seven incarnations of the first ever wizards who mastered magic. Fire, Ice and Storm were the first, learning from the masters and Life and Myth and I learned later, first having to master the Mind, Body and Spirit. Another is in this room.” Wolf turned to Nathan. “You’re Fire’s incarnation.” “No, no” said Nathan blushing furiously. “Millennia and you still lie as bad as before, Fire” said Death. “And you mastered the art, didn’t you.” said another voice. Everyone turned to the entrance of the castle. Two ghostly figures were there. They were obviously Life and Fire themselves. Life wore a Mooshu kimiko and had a beautiful glowing green blade hanging at her side. Everything about her seemed bright green except her tanned skin. Fire had red Dragonsypre armor and a sword in his hand. “Ugghhh I hate this place.” Life’s form flickered. “Liz created trees to surround Life. Her form became more solid and stopped flickering. “Thanks” said Life standing up. “So I am guessing that you guys are more solid in places of life and fire, like Mooshu and Dragonsypre.” guessed Wolf. “Correct but since the Dragon Titan issue, Death can also come into Dragonsypre solidly.” said Fire. “What are you three doing here.” asked Nathan. “We are here to warn you. Pure evil is coming.” “You mean Malastaire” “Malastaire Drake was never pure evil. He did everything to bring his wife back. He made terrible mistakes but there is one who is more evil, more devious-““Morganthe?” said Nathan interrupting Life. Life glared at him briefly. “Yes, the Queen of the Shadow-web.” continued Fire. “She has tried to unlock the secrets of the Celestians about the Astral Magics. She is currently in some other world. But that’s not all.” The three wizards turned and raised their hands towards the air. An image formed. It was an image of the Spiral. Swirling around it were the worlds. “Sometimes, the worlds align together.” said Fire as the worlds lined up together. “So what?” said Wolf “The force released is incredible.” said Life. “So incredible, it’s only happened once: when the Spiral was created. Now, the worlds are finally coming into place. And Morganthe is going to use it for some evil purpose. We don’t know why but it’s obviously for no good.” said Death. “And what can we do about it. We might be incarnations and all masters but we can’t stop Morganthe! She has powers, an army-“But you have powers.” said Death flatly. “You guys have our memories, experiences and skills.” said Life. “Ok so what do we have to do” said Liz. “Well, you have to find our old stuff.” “What?” “You have to find the seven relics.” said Fire. “Ok, where are they” asked Nathan. “We can’t tell you” said Death. “What?” said Wolf. “I believe he said they can’t-“started Nathan. “I know what they said!” hissed Wolf. “We can’t tell you because the relics are charmed. So when someone even captured us and forced us to tell them, we couldn’t tell them. Plus, it’s been such a long time since we have hid them we forgot them anyway.” Liz smacked her palm against her forehead. “So how are we going to find them.” asked Wolf. “Well we did make a magical scroll so the user could track the relics.” said Life. “Well, where is it” “Split into four pieces and scattered.” said Fire bluntly. “Oh great. Let me guess you forgot where” said Wolf. “Yep but we wrote down four riddles as to where they are.” said Death. He waved his hand and handed Wolf a glowing scroll sealed with a black ribbon. Wolf gripped the scroll. “I guess we have to crack these.” said Wolf. Death, Life and Fire nodded. Just then, there was a rumble. “What’s going on” said Liz. “We-“Life, Fire and Death flickered and disappeared. 12 masked wizards leaped into the castle. Wolf grabbed Liz and knocked her aside as one of them shot a snowball. “Thanks” said Liz. Wolf nodded. Liz’ hands glowed and 2 green orbs of light formed. Liz threw one at a girl going after Nathan. The girl was shoved into the wall. Liz threw the other at a boy who twirled his staff. Wolf focused and encased about 3 of them inside of an orb of black energy. Wolf held it up and began to spin around. He smiled and then dispelled and the 3 wizards were thrown aside. Nathan rode a jet of flames and shot blasts of fire at the masked intruders. One of them pointed his wand to Liz and yelled. A cloud formed above her and lightning shot down. Wolf threw the Raptor Blade and time seemed to slow down. Liz screaming and everyone stopping to watch the Raptor Blade fly above Liz and lightning bounce off it safely. Wolf then made the Raptor Blade boomerang back to him. The lightning hit the girl Liz hit earlier. She fell back into the stone floor. Nathan raised his hands and fire exploded from the ground and sent a wizard flying. Wolf made a shield to deflect a nearby blast. Ice froze the shield solid. Wolf made the shield explode. The girl who froze it flew back. Wolf watched as a tougher boy, the leader, step forward. He held out his hands and he summoned a giant Cyclops. Wolf yelled as he was hit by the hammer. He yelped as landed in the top of the tower. Wolf got up angrily and held out his hand. Wind roared and clouds formed above the Cyclops. Wolf balled his hand and lightning rained down and hit the Cyclops. Electricity momentarily crawled all over the Cyclops and it turned to dust. Wolf smiled and jumped down. The boy who had summoned the Cyclops backed away. Wolf tried to grab the boy but he ducked down and dodged Wolf. The boy kicked away Nathan and grabbed Liz and leaped into the air. He vanished away in a flash.

“Ok, just try it!” said Nathan. Wolf closed his eyes and began to focus his powers. His mind’s eye pictured blinding blue light and then finally his vision settled on a familiar tower in the edge of a large hole. A boy was there and he was dragging a girl with dirty light green clothes-

Wolf opened his eyes. “They’re in the Haunted Cave in Triton Avenue!” he exclaimed. “I set a mark in Olde Town.” Nathan vanished and Wolf teleported to him. Wolf and Nathan leaped in their mounts and made their way through the wizards and managed to enter Triton Avenue.

Nathan pointed at the boy who was approaching Liz and was about to throw her off the edge of the cliff into the water below. Nathan summoned a Sunbird and the fiery bird spat flames. The boy grunted. Liz summoned a Centaur and tried to climb it when the boy turned and kicked the Centaur. The half horse man lost his balance and tipped over the edge. Liz screamed and the centaur reverted to a card. Wolf shot a beam of dark light at Liz and caught her before she fell into the water below. Wolf tried to levitate her back up but then the masked boy smashed his hammer in Wolf’s back. Wolf lost concentration and Liz tumbled into the waters below. Nathan shot a pinwheel of flames as Wolf dove into rushing waters below. Wolf grabbed Liz across the waist and summoned a strong wind to shove them back. “Liz! Wake up wake up!” said Wolf, wiping away Liz’s dark red hair. Liz woke up and began to cough out water. “Liz!” screamed Wolf as they rapidly approached the large gaping mouth like hole that spewed out water. Liz thrust her hand up and a vine shot down. Wolf clenched it. Liz shrieked. “That vine’s going to give!” “No it-“Wolf and Liz yelled as the vine promptly split and the two wizards turned to see the biggest wall of ice blocking the flow of water. Wolf looked to see a familiar girl glowing light blue. She waved happily and then held up her hands. Wolf and Liz felt the water bubble and rise up. Wolf and Liz rose up, inside a bubble of water. The girl carefully set the bubble of water next to her. Wolf and Liz spat water out. The girl smiled. “Hello, I’m Isabella” she said. Wolf turned and clenched his hand as the boy’s henchmen teleported to him. A girl leaped high in the air and took out a blue sword and began to block bolts of lightning. She had long wavy blonde hair and playful eyes. “Cathy!” yelled Isabella. Cathy put her hand out to Isabella and a golden shield popped into the girl’s hand. An attack from a Firecat bounced off. A boy with bright eyes gave a yell and a huge blast of lightning, more powerful that Wolf had ever summoned, zipped down and struck a monster. Wolf and Liz shot beams and orbs of black and green light at the henchmen. “Adam!” yelled Liz. “What!” “Hit the leader. Stop him from casting those minions!” Adam turned to punched the boy who was about to summon something. The guy fell in the floor, blood slowly oozing out of his nose. Adam grinned and gave Liz a thumbs up. A boy with tan clothes held out his hands and a sandstorm formed. It sucked the henchmen and the leader inside and then popped away. “Wow where did you send them?” asked Wolf. “Oh I sent them all the way back home or where they belong. So you’re Death’s incarnation right” “So it would seem.” “Well, I am Ben, the Balance incarnation” said the boy in a calm voice. “Ok. We have all of the reincarnations. Time to finally pick the leader, second in command and third in command” said Adam excitedly. “Well, Adam is Storm. That gives him good leadership skills and he is great at leading.” “Ok second in command” said Ben moving on. “Well, how about…Isabella?” “She did save me when my powers were out of control.” said Nathan. “Ok, Isabella is second.” “And third” asked Cathy. “Wolf” said Liz abruptly. “What!?” said everyone. “Well, he saved my life and Death is the smartest wizard.” said Liz. “Ok so…he’s third in command” said Adam warily. “Oh thank you for the warm reception” said Wolf sarcastically. Wolf watched as the wizards began to teleport away and turned to see Death staring at him. “You need to stop that.” Death smirked. He didn’t seem as solid as in Sunken City. He was less solid and flickered once in a while. “Wolf, you must understand that Necromancer are always portrayed strange. Since I was born, none of the other wizards entirely trusted me. I was odd to them. They often thought I was going to kill me. Storm was particularly wary of me: he zapped me with lightning once. Life was also wary of me. We were opposites so rivalry occasially occurred. There was only one person that trusted me.” said Death. “Who?” asked Wolf. “Well Balance. He understood me and trusted me. He didn’t think I was like a plague, the thing that was made to kill the Universe.” continued Death. “So what does this mean?” “It means that you need to change their perspective about Death if you ever want to be part of them.” finished Death. “Who were the people who attacked us” asked Wolf confused. “Well, they are the self proclaimed saviors of the Spiral. They think that the return of the wizards marks the end of the Spiral. So they think that by killing us, the Spiral will be saved.” said Death. “But that’s stupid: The whole reason we are here is to save it” said Wolf. “Well they don’t trust us and hate us. They are more trouble that they seem.” said Death. Wolf nodded. Death flickered once and vanished into thin air.

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