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The Wizard from the Bad Future by Maria ShadowStalker

One day, my friend, Matthew, invited me over. I have never been to Matthew's house before. He plays Wizard101 too, so I thought we would just talk about Wizard101 or go online. When I came over, his house looked like a palace. A massive fanasty palace! It was huge! Ginger, his dog came runing toward me. Matthew grew a plant like a Silver Trumpet Vine. I went over and observed them. I thought they were beautiful. I asked Matthew what kind of flower it was. He said it was a Golden Trumpet Vine. He said,"They are VERY rare in the Spiral." "Matthew, we aren't in the Spiral, silly!" I said. Once I said that, Matthew gave me a look on his face that I was wrong. I knew that look on him. So I asked,"Matthew, what are you thinking?" He had a evil glare on his face. He replyed, "Follow me." So, I followed him to this platform. It looked like a dragon landing platform. He did this special whistle. "Matthew, your insane. No dragon is gonna.." I paused. I was shocked with this huge dragon. It looked like a drake! It was so big, it could fit my whole family plus two other families on it! Matthew said," Ladies first." As I hopped on the dragon, Matthew followed. "Hold on tight. It will be a bumpy ride. As we soared into this cave, there was a lava stream. "Pick up your feet. They could get burnt," warned Matthew. Matthew handed me this mirror. "Why did you give me this mirror?" I questioned. "Look." said Matthew very confidently. As I looked in the mirror, I looked different. I pulled out a picture of my wizard my mom printed out for me. I looked excatly like my wizard Maria! I was so shocked! "What's happening to me?!?!" I squealed. "Your changing. I told you we were in the Spiral. You should of belived me. Now we battle Malistaire." explained Matthew. "Start fixing your deck while we are still on the drake." said Matthew. I placed 7 fire dragons, 6 helephants, 2 minions, 3 elemental traps and blades, 4 satyrs, 2 wyldfires, 4 phoenixes, 4 scalds,1 seperah, and 1 centaur in my deck. As Matthew and I battled up to Malistaire, we noticed Ryan GriffinHaven and Valkoor RedFlame was following us up on our side. We approched Malistaire. Matthew said his lame excuse,"Ladies first." I entered the battle right after Valkoor. I used my elemental blade. I was powering up my fire dragon. As I powered my fire dragon, Matthew powered centaur and Valkoor powered an efreet. Ryan waiting until full pips until he used tempest. We all attacked on the same round. None of us fizzled. We killed Mailistaire and his crew. After the battle, Matthew said," Goodbye." "Matthew! Why are you going!?!?! I can't live without you! Where in the world are you going? What about Celestia?!?" I said with a ton of fear. "I have been waiting for someone to change this future. I am from the bad future. The bad future is a horrible place. Malistaire owns all of you. You can't show any affection for anyone. That means no friends. Anyway, if we lost, no one would have friends. If we won, one person would loose a friend. Now, the reason why I am leaving is because, if the bad future, caused by Malistaire was erased, and I mean Malistaire being defeated, everything from the bad future would dissapear. I am from the bad future, so that includes me." explained Matthew. "You will be a famous wizard, and a strong one. Don't let this get to you. Be strong. Promise me you will." said Matthew. "That goes for you two too, Valkoor and Ryan. Matthew started to go transparent. "Matthew, NO!" I shrieked. Before Matthew left, he handed me something. It was an egg. "Take care of this egg. It will become good use for you." Right before Matthew disapeared, I hugged him very tight and whispered," Goodbye." As when I was about to cry, he disapeared completely. I fell on the floor and burst into tears. Ryan was pretty sad too. So we went home. A couple of months passed by. I got my almost had my efreet. Once the efreet came, just about to give me the card he said, "I'll grant you ONE wish." it said in a deep, firm voice. I thought about it carefully. "Should I wish for unlimited crowns? No.. I got it." I thought. "Efreet, I wish for Matthew to be back." "Your wish will be granted." said the efreet. The efreet gave me the spell and went back into his lamp. As the efreet went away, Matthew started to reappear. I couldn't belive it. "It's Matthew!" Ryan shrieked. I hugged him very tightly and was smiling and crying tears of joy. I couldn't belive I got to see my best friend again! I thanked the efreet in a prayer, and Matthew and I went to help me beat Celestia.

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