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Wit's End by Fallon Darkflame

What was the whole point in all of this mumbo jumbo? So what if I turned my professor into a frog (Yes, I was the one that turned Professor Balestrom into a frog)? So what if Ambrose wants to turn me into a pancake? So what if my whole wizard career is over? I’ll become the greatest wizard EVER. They’ll regret it. I promise that.

So what happened, you might ask? Karma happened. I did the wrong thing at the wrong time and place. I guess it was when I was working my way into Celestia and “accidentally on purpose” bumped into my old wizard friend/enemy. Frenemy I guess you can say. Her name was Jessica. The worst person you could ever run into in your whole life. I just so happened to run into that witch with blonde hair. She used to be my best friend since preschool. Then, when we were sitting at the lunch table together in second grade, she decided to take her wand and throw it at my head. It was bedazzled which made it really hurt. Incredibly bad. Therefore I threw it back and it got her right in the eye. She had to wear an eye patch ever since. I rarely regret what I did. It’s funny how such a simple throw of a bedazzled wand can turn into the worst feud in history. Funny, because the feud doesn’t stop there. The day after she got the eye patch, our professor Balestrom decided to sit us next to each other. I turned her into a goldfish. Yes. A goldfish OUT of water. I’m bad at controlling my anger. But I had to stay after the class was over because Professor Balestrom had to talk to me. He said “You need to see a therapist, Savannah” and “I’m going to call your parents and tell them about all the times you turned every single one of your classmates into some sort of sea creature”. Why should I care? No therapist is going to tell me what to do. Plus my classmates deserved to be turned into sea animals. Jeremy didn’t give me his pencil so I turned him into a sea turtle. Sabrina “accidentally” dropped my books on the floor so I turned her into a sea lion. Yeah I was punished but they still deserved it. Anyway, back to the Jessica vs. Savannah story. So after I ran into her, I look up and see she still has the eye patch from second grade. I chuckle a little but I try holding it in. She turns and walks away, giving me the meanest look a person could give me. I wanted to just cast my Leviathan to eat her but I thought that would be rude. Plus my therapist told me I should think before acting. Yeah. I got a therapist. My mother said I should because I almost flooded the house after the cat scratched my foot. Anyway… so after Jessica gave me that look, I knew I had to come up to her and say something so I ran up to her and said, “Listen Jessica. All those times I was mean to you, including that time I made an army of dolphins chase you through Celestia and that time when I flooded your house with sea urchins, you know I did it because I thought we were friends” (of course, I was lying when say I thought we were friends). She turns to me and says, “Bye.” then leaves. Well what did I expect? She isn’t going to forgive me any time soon. Basically because she’s at the top of the popularity food chain... even with the eye patch.

I yell, “Wait!!!”. Then the unexpected happens. When things get really random. Jessica turns around once again then takes out her still-bedazzled wand and gets ready to cast a spell on me when all of a sudden she poofs away in a gust of smoke and sparkles. “OK...” I’m thinking, “What in the world just happened?!”. As the smoke clears, I see a shadowy figure in the background. Like the alien stuff you see in the movies, a man comes out of the smoke and says, “You Savannah?” with a strange city-like accent. I reply in shock and say, “Ye-yeah. Wha-what of it?”. He looks at me with a grin then he teleports me to some kind of cave. The cave was huge. All covered in crystals and everything was under-water. I then realize that if the cave is under-water, that meant no air. No air means no breathing. No breathing means... well... you know the rest. I then start panicking. I rush and look around for any way to get out of the cave but the salt water is burning my eyes. Then I see the man. Standing on the cave floor. He then says, “You know you can breath, right?”. I heard him so clearly it felt like I wasn’t even under water. Then my eyes stop burning from the salt water. “What is going ONNNNN?!?!?!??!” I say. He never seems to answer any of the question I ask him. That aggravates me. And I’m starting to think that maybe I should just teleport outta the cave but then he catches me right when I was about to leave and says, “You’re in deep. Deep. Trouble.” And I roll my eyes and say, “Aren’t I always?” and I take out my wand, getting ready to leave just when he says something surprising. “It’s your father”. I haven’t seen my father ever since I was 3 years old when he ran away in an attempt to rescue my long lost sister. Now, it’s just me and my mom at the house. I always wonder what happened to my sister and dad but I figured it’s been years so why think they’re gonna come back? Now this guy says he knows something about my father and suddenly a gust of hope comes up on my face and I say, “Wha-what about him? Di-did you find him? Is he OK? What about my sister? Is she-“ and he cuts me off, mid-sentence, and says, “I’m afraid that YOU’RE the one in trouble. Not him. Not her. You”. This still isn’t making any sense to me so I waited until he told me what exactly was happening. He continues, “Your sister was taken away at birth by a man named Andréas Darkflame. He was a very high ranking general… even higher than Malistaire… and he thought your sister was HIS daughter that was destined by the Celestial Prophecy. He later figured out that she was not his “daughter” and that YOU are. Nobody currently knows where your sister is being kept, but your father was found around a remote location inside of Celestia and we think he is still looking for your sister. We tried looking again for your father but he disappeared in thin air as soon as he entered an abandoned Celestian castle from around 1400 A.D. We currently have agents looking around the castle for any clues to his whereabouts but nobody has seen anything, not even a finger print, to where he possibly could be”. He then shows me a picture of the abandoned castle. My father isn’t a wizard so how could he possibly disappear in thin air?! And since when was my sister the daughter of an evil dude?! AND WHAT IN THE WORLD IS A CELESTIAL PROFECY?! This is all coming too soon. And let’s not forget why I am even in an underwater cave. Why not just poof us into a better place like Mooshu where I can at least talk to the old talking goats in robes?! But nooooo, he had to poof us here. IN A CAVE. Is this guy OK in the head? The more I think about it, the more I don’t believe him. I quickly say, “OK. Uhm…no offence but I’m outta here.” Then I quickly take out my wand and teleport to my house. As soon as I walk through the door, my mother says, “How was school, dear?”. I turn to face my mother, give her this look of ‘I don’t want to talk about it’ and walk quickly and quietly to my room where I take out a book of spells that my mom gave me when I was little. I flip through the pages to find the spell that makes me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich when all of a sudden I hear my mother scream and a bunch of glass shattering. I quickly rip the page out of the book and run downstairs. Suddenly I see my mother being carried out the window by a shadowy demon-like creature. What have I gotten myself into? Karma takes the best of us, I guess.

So I stand there and wonder what to do next. I look at the peanut butter & jelly sandwich spell page then I look at the window. Sandwich vs. mom. Sandwich… or mom? Hmmm… If I have no mom, then I will have no sandwiches that my mom makes. But if I have the sandwich spell, I won’t need her to make my sandwich. Such a hard decision. About 7 minutes later, I choose my mother basically because the sandwiches in the spell book don’t taste all that good and it doesn’t come with much of a variety. So then I stand there looking at the broken window of shattered glass and wonder what to do next. Should I jump out the window, too? I tried that before and it didn’t work out too well. I walk casually to the front door and then I spend another 10 minutes thinking about where the monster thing could have taken my mom. First, I thought maybe the Ice cream parlor across town because almost everybody likes ice cream. But what if the monster is lactose intolerant? Plus, if I go there, then I’ll get caught up in all the ice cream. Suddenly I see a bush move. Can bushes really move? I run up to it, peek my head in and suddenly I’m knocked out. Can’t remember anything from then on until I wake up inside some sort of ancient castle thing. It looks EXACTLY like the abandoned castle that the strange dude in the cave showed me except this time, it’s not in ruins and all broken down. When I open my eyes, I see I’m surrounded by three medieval knights in armor and I’m tied up in ropes. I try pretending I’m dead but it didn’t work because one of the knights say, “She’s waking up!” I try pulling out my wand out of my back pocket but I there’s nothing there. They take me and throw me in some sort of dungeon thing. I look out the dungeon bars and scream, “HELPPPP!!!!” but I get no reply. Suddenly, a voice comes out from behind me and says, “We can’t get out. Nobody can.” That voice shocked me from surprise because I thought I was the only one in here. I turn around and see a man in the corner with long hair and is dressed in ripped clothing. How pleasant. I have to share a dungeon with a very depressing dude who seems to not be OK in the head. I suddenly gasp. No, not from being in the dungeon with the guy. Partly from realizing that I was teleported to 1400 A.D. and now captured in a Celestian Castle. But the main reason that I was in shock was that…

The depressing guy… is my dad.

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