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The Wand with a Mind of its Own by Garrett Emeraldflame

Part One

Another day in the life of me. Yes. Now to you, my life may not be as ordinary as it is to me. See, I’m a wizard. Not like Merlin, at least not yet. Actually, today is my first day of Magic School, at the Ravenwood Academy of Magical Arts. In the old days it was called RAMA, but they dropped the acronym a while ago and now, for short, it’s called Ravenwood.

That gate sure does take a while to open, let me tell you. I just wanted to get to class a little early so that I could get the things I would need to begin and maybe even be taught my first spell. But of course, the gate took forever to open.

That’s the way it seems. Whenever I want something really bad, it either takes forever to happen or doesn’t at all. That’s just the way it is don’t ask me. I have no clue. I don’t believe in luck, but if there is such thing, I have very BAD luck.

The gate finally opened, with a huge throng of wizards-to-be waiting to get in. Usually the people more progressed than us would be here, too, but today it was only the starting people and Grandmasters (They learned All their school’s spells!) to help us out. They would join us later this week, or next week. It usually took a few days for us to get ready as my older brother told me when I asked him why he wasn’t coming.

We all crowded around; especially around the tours and guide stand they had near the dormitories. I knew exactly where I was going; my brother kept the map he got when he was here for future wizards in our family. Thank goodness. If not for that I may not have gotten out of the huge crowds and to my class.

“Welcome,” my new professor said “to class.”

Part Two

“You’re a bit early. I guess the others are still trying to get a tour or map. Well, we can start a little earlier than the others. And by the way, I’m Dalia Falmea. Please, call me Professor Falmea. It’s got more of a jazzy ring to it.”

“We might as well get you started. Here. This will be your spellbook.” She handed me a brown and slightly aged book. “Here’s a broom. We don’t start flying lessons for a while, but you need to get to know it before you try to fly with him. Here’s your deck. You’ll be able to store your spells in it. Let’s see…. What am I forgetting? Oh! Take this backpack to put your things in. And here’s your wand.”

She handed me an old wand that looked like it had been used many times. It was slightly red-orange, and it curled up at the top.

The other students started pouring in the room after that. I had to run to claim a desk. The grandmasters all formed a circle around the outside of the room. At least I wasn’t a diviner. There were so many of them, they had to close of the library for them to use. Merle Ambrose and Halstrom Balestrom have been desperately trying to make either the storm school bigger, or build another one. There were a lot of storm students.

“Welcome, to your first day of fire class. We will pair you up with a grandmaster that will help you begin. Each one of them has supplies for one of you. You may go choose your grandmaster helper now.” Professor Falmea addressed to the entire class.

She then came up to me and said “You can be paired up with me.”

Part Three

“The very first part of becoming a wizard is the very first spell you cast. The one you will now cast with this wand. It will be a ‘wand spell’ meaning it may only be cast with this wand. If you get rid of it, you may never cast this spell again. Now, let’s try this. Just a minute, I’m going to get the music on now that everybody has their grandmaster partner.

She went up to the front of the room and cranked up her gramophone. Smooth jazz filled the room. She walked back to me.

“Fire wizards, of pyromancers as you will be after you cast your first spell, use incantations to get the creatures to do our will. Pick up the wand. Come on. Yes. Now, just clear your mind. Clear your mind. And wait for it to come.” And then it came. I don’t quite know what, but a word appeared in my head.

“El Achrius Ne Lunkia op” I muttered. All the sudden a sole fireball flew out of the wand. Then about 10. 20. 30. Suddenly, nearly the whole room was engulfed with fireballs.

“El aprius el et etca tope’!” NOTHING happened!

“Wait a minute…”Professor Falmea said. “Is that the eta Te wand?!”


“It’s the first wand that is made. They are usually set fire to. Or frozen, struck by lightning… They always have problems.”

She then addressed me.

“Sorry. Here, take this wand.”

I muttered “El achrius Ne Lunkia op”and it worked. I was now a pyromancer.

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