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Truth is Truth by Autumn Willowflower

I sighed. How much did one person have to love another to go mad without them? The book closed with a satisfying 'thunk'. I stared at the collections of tablets, scrolls, and books in the library. What I needed was in here somewhere...if only I knew where to look. I let go of the book, but before it fell to the floor a breeze picked it up and stuck it in its place.

“Man, I wish I had one of those in my room...Be the neatest room ever.” My triplet Erica was standing behind me. I didn't have to look, I knew her voice.

“Yeah, well, you're room would still be a mess, because it would drop your things on the floor.” “Autty,” she said, using her childhood nickname for me, “Just because your room is sparklingly clean 'cause you're the neatest neat freak ever sharing with the other neatest neat freak ever, doesn't men that my third is gonna be any different. And if you think that my room is messy, you haven't seen the twins' room!” It would be mean if it came from anyone except Erica.

“The twins will be the twins. Frankly, I just wish there was a day when Fiona's unicorn and Sarai's banshee weren't put up against each other – oh not again!” The sounds of a banshee echoed through the underground chamber, followed closely by a horse's whinny.

“Why do they do that, anyway?”

“Beats me.”

“Well, this is all very interesting, but I have class in five minutes so I better get teleporting.” Erica vanished in a puff of purple smoke. Clearing my throat, I said, “Library? The Complete History of the Notable Families, Edition 986, Da-Dr.” A thick and dusty volume sped through the air towards me. “Thank you.” I said, and flipped through. “Deathcloud...Dragonhammer...Drake! There it is! Now then, what can this book tell me about the Drakes?” I started scanning the page until I found the family records. 'Cyrus Drake, unmarried, childless, Malistaire Drake, married to Sylvia Raventalon, childless.' the book said.

“Library?” I said again, “The Complete History of the Notable Families, Edition 986, Ra-Ro.” Again I flipped trough the book until I found the Raventalons. 'Sylvia Raventalon, married to Malistaire Drake, mother of Sophia Raventalon.' Oh no. This is not good. She had a daughter without her husband? With who? There was no entry for Sophia Raventalon, though I thought I could find something else out.

“Library? I need the tablet for Professor Sylvia Drake.” As the tombstone-shaped stone sped through the air, I wondered if I was the first to find out. I remembered something Samantha had said long ago: “Autumn, you have got to stop doing this. Sticking your nose into other people's lives will only bring you grief. One day this will hurt you so badly, no amount of healing will save you.” But as I caught the stone, my mind was made up. I would find the truth if I died in the process.

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