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The Three Streets Saviors: Part Two by Michaela Rainsipper

Serena lived in a palace suspended from the sky. Emma was frightened of heights and never really visited her because of it. But even with her fear, Emma thought the castle very beautiful. Serena did her gardening atop a cloud planting laugh-O-dills, silver trumpets and a myriad of other beautiful plants. Serena was kind and caring to everyone. Plants and shrubs would thrive as she would sing to them. Having many pets, one would think she would not have the time nor patience for each individual pet but she loved each one and met all of their needs never the less. Serena loved her siblings and invited them over often. Studying life magic she was more of a healer and not as much a fighter.

Emma knocked rapidly on the door. Seeing how far up she was she gulped. Abruptly the door flew open causing Emma to loose her balance. She screamed. A hand swiftly flew out and grasped her by her dress.

“Emma! How wonderful of you to drop in!” Serena curtsied politely.

Seeing that the look on Emma’s face was not a smile she quickly straitened up.

“Serena menu chat the others. Tell them that she’s coming.” Emma replied hastily.

Serena turned and ran off her glossy black hair flowing out behind her. Emma ventured forth to a chair in Serena’s living room, sat down heavily and sighed as Serena hurried back and forth from the kitchen preparing mana cookies and fizzle juice. She only stopped to greet one of the brothers: Luke.

“Lucas Rose! I’d have thought you’d be last to arrive!” Serena hugged her favorite sibling happily.

Luke was a storm wizard and was ferociously competitive.

“Why did you call sis?” Luke questioned.

Serena motioned him over to Emma as two other guests arrived. It was the twins Evan and Evanna. Evan was a balance wizard being extremely practical yet sometimes annoying with how much he knew, while Evanna, a fire wizard was attractive but a bit bossy now and then. Evanna’s blond hair was always straitened and neatly put in a low ponytail and Evan almost always wore a suit. The twins bickered a lot.

“How are you today?” Serena asked rather jokingly though Evan took the comment seriously.

“Fine.” He answered.

Evanna nodded curtly and walked into the next room. Serena retired to a chair beside Luke.

“Where’s Andrew?” asked Evanna.

“Who knows!” answered Luke.

Andrew was the youngest of the group. He was light—hearted, funny, and easy going. Suddenly the door opened and a blued eyed brown haired boy ran in.

“I’m here guys don’t worry!” Andrew called happily.

Emma couldn’t help but smile at Andrew’s uncombed hair and his pajama bottoms he was wearing. Serena giggled as she waved for him to come sit down.

“Now as you might have heard, Norasisia—“

They heard a knock on the door. Serena got up and walked cautiously to it. She briskly pulled it open. The others waited anxiously peering out from behind the wall.

“It’s a turtle!” Serena said.

“Your so cute aren’t you.” she coed.

Serena picked up the turtle and walked back over to the others.

“Carry on.” she said.

“Now as you all might know Norasisia is on the move with her followers. We must be careful of who we trust. Anyone could be—“

“Serena I could have sworn I just saw that turtle of yours change shapes!” interrupted Andrew.

“Oh Andrew! You’ve always have had such a big imagination!” replied Evanna.

Emma returned to the point she was trying to make, “Anyone could be on her side. So I propose we find her and defeat her and Malistare once and for all!”

“I just saw that turtle change shape as well!” said Luke.

“It must be in disguise.” said Evan.

The turtle jumped out of Serena’s hands and turned into an icy wyvern. Evanna screamed and fainted, falling back on Evan who pushed her aside. The wyvern started to scream its fatal scream.

“We need a plan!” cried Evan.

Everyone covered their ears and shut their eyes, all except Andrew. He found a small piece of broken glass on the floor and hurled it towards the monster. It screamed even louder as it disappeared into mist. The siblings looked at each other with two names in their heads: Norasisia… Malistare!

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