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The Thee Street Saviors by Michael Rainsipper

Emma Rose stared obliviously out of her palace of sheer, crisp ice. The sky was being bathed in dirty soap, from the dark clouds that covered it. She turned, but stumbled to the ground. She’s coming! The little voice in her head hissed. She felt weak. A painful memory covered her vision which forced her to watch it; it was a dark night, much like this one. She was in her bed in her parent’s palace. Norrissia, her older sister, was gone. No one knew where she was. That’s when she’d heard that odd scratching noise on her door. She sat up in bed, chills forming on her body. Her hands felt as if they’d been held, for hours, in arctic water. The door abruptly busted open and draped in black robes standing in the doorway were two people. One was Malistare Drake, the most terribly evil sorcerer, and to her horror she realized that the woman next to him was her sister, Norrissia! “This is unexpected isn’t Emma?” her sister hissed. “Malistare has given me the opportunity to be a great sorceress unlike Mom and Dad who wanted me to be the nice little witch who makes flowers grow!” She rolled her eyes. “How dare you disgrace Mom and Dad? Their looking down on us from the Heavens!” Emma screamed. At that point her younger siblings had run to the door to see what was going on. When they realized that the woman was Norrissia they ran into the room. “Ahh! Hello Evan, Evanna, Serena, Luke, Andrew! You came just in time to see our battle!” At the word “battle” a circle formed around the room pulling Emma and her siblings in on the battle. They snapped and their long, magical staffs appeared in their hands. Colorful spells zoomed back and forth across the room. One by one her siblings were defeated and lay unconscious on the floor. When all her siblings had fallen Emma knew what she had to do; she pointed her star staff at her sister. With tears threatening to shatter her eyes she shot a ray of blue light. Everything went black!

Emma opened her eyes. She was back in her palace but it didn’t smell quite right, like a wet dog. She stood up and brushed the ice off her dress. She turned around and step back horrified at what she saw. Five werewolves stood, blocking her path to the door. They growled. Emma’s hand flew to a small bag. She picked it up and ran, shooting a ray of pink light behind her. The wolves chased her all over the palace, tearing apart one room after another. Emma stopped at an icy wall and scribbled a word in the ice. It melted to reveal a flight of steps leading to a large opened window. Running up the stairs, she whistled loudly. She stood in the open window. The wolves were getting closer. As they prepared to pounce, she jumped out of the window and onto the back of a griffin. As she flew away she could hear the angry howl of the werewolves. She turned around to see her palace going up in flames. Tears formed in her eyes. She had to warn the others!

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