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The Tale of a Sorceror by Garret Emeraldflame

I handed the test to Mr. Lincoln and hoped for the best. I really, really wanted to be storm. Something to make my parents proud. My Mother was a grandmaster diviner, and had given me a head start at Storm. I had learned every spell up to lightning bats. We stopped there because they kept zapping everyone.

The test got handed back to me the next day (which my mother said was a miracle, hers took 3 months) with a big red stamp saying "BALANCE" on it. With only having read a couple of words of the enclosed letter We have read over your answers and found you would fit best in the school of Balance, I ran up to my room, opened the door to the tower, climbed the narrow steps, and cried in the corner of the room at the top.
My mother came up and said "I'm so glad to have a Sorceror in the family again. You know, your grandfather was a Sorceror!"
"He WAS?! I thought Balance was where they stuck all the people who couldn't do anything else. I even hard Merle Ambrose doesn't do Balance!"
"Balance is where they 'stick the people' as you put it that can do above and beyond the rest! Merle Ambrose wasn't even supposed to be Headmaster. Your Grandfather was next in line."
"Really? Then how come Merle Ambrose is the headmaster?"
"Your Grandfather- died about 5 months into the job. Merle Ambrose was to take over Ravenwood if anything were to happen to his brother."
I perked up. "You mean?"
"Yes. Merle Ambrose is your great uncle."

I tinkered with that over the next few days. Merle Ambrose is my great-uncle. Merle Ambrose is my great-uncle. Merle Ambrose is my great uncle.
It was kind of weird that I was related to the headmaster of Ravenwood.
I wondered about it. Why? How? Why did I not know about it? How did my grandfather die?
The next minute I was back in reality, realizing that I ran into a death student, and knocked his papers all over the ground.
"As if studying and learning to be a necromancer isn't hard enough all ready!" He said.
He waited a couple seconds, and then said: "Well, aren't you going to help me pick these up?"
"Roar!" I muttered under my breath.
"Who are you?" I asked.
"Alex- who? Alex MoonWillow? Alex-"
"Just- call me Alex."

That night, I looked around the house for my mother. I saw a light coming from the attic, and decided that if I couldn't find her out here, she would have to be up there. But- I just couldn't help myself. I climbed the rickety fold-out ladder up to the attic.
"Honey!" my mom called from downstairs. I ignored her.
I saw a light shining perfectly down upon a little box. There were no windows in the attic, so I decided to investigate.
I went over there and opened up the box. Inside was a birth certificate.
It read: Elizebeth Drake. My mother.

  "What are you doing?" inquired my mother.
"YOU LIED!" I screamed, half sobbing. "How could you!! How?"
"How could I what??"
"You always said you were a Krendall! How could I have lived with you for 13 years and not known you were Malistaire's daughter!"

A while after, my mother came to my room.
"Sorry." she said. "I should have told you before. The- the- the time was never right. Now that you know you must guard this secret with your life. You must never tell anybody. I think even Merle Ambrose has forgotten. We must keep it that way. "
"Why?" I asked.
"Malistaire has many of his people out there. They are everywhere. If he finds out-"
"I see."
"Never tell anybody. That 'Alex' you bumped into earlier- he could even be one of his people. We must guard this secret with our lives. We all- our entire family must. You do not want to see what it would be like if Malistaire knew."
"Time to go to school today!" said my mother the next morning. "Finally time."
"Hey!" said my older brother, Aiden. "Here's a little tip: get to class on time, do your assignments right (and on time), and every once in a while, give Arthur Westerfield a little something to remind him of home. That's what all my Balance friends told me worked best to get their professor to like them."
"Well, I hope you have a good time in class!" My mother and father both said at once.
"I will, oh I will." I assured them both.
I was walking down the street towards Ravenwood. And guess who I saw? Alex.
"Hey!" he called to me like we were old friends. "What class are you attending?"
"Balance with Arthur Westerfield."
"Isn't it weird?"
"Well, we know each other better than we know any people other than family, and we both go to the only classes that don't have a school in Ravenwood. It's- it's- like were destined to- do- something."

"Okay, Okay. Group A! Let's see how your scarabs are doing! Cody! Can you cast a scarab for me?" Said Arthur Westerfield. Cody muttered some words under his breath and some sand appeared. A few seconds later, a scarab came from under the sand.
"Pretty good, but try to take a few seconds off the time the scarab is under the sand."
"I'll certainly try my best, sir!" Cody replied.
"Please, call me Mr. Westerfield."
"All right then!"
"All right... um... You there!"
"Me?" I asked.
"Yes, you! Can you cast a scarab for me??" 'Mr. Westerfield' inquired.
"Sure!" I replied. I chanted some words quietly. Loud enough for the spirits to hear them, but no one else. All the sudden, a very large beetle appeared in the sand.
"Make it go back!!"
"Why?" I asked while willing it to get back in the sand. A couple seconds later, the sand disappeared.
"I have to admit, that that could kill Lord Nightshade in one hit!"
"Who's he??" I asked.
"You'll- you'll- you'll find out later. Now how about you move up to Scorpion..."

  "How was school today, honey?"
"I've already learned sandstorm!"
"Yes. Mr. Westerfield moved me up to group 'B'"
"Oh, that's just great!" my mother happily answered.
"How about we go to the ice school for ice cream to celebrate!" asked my dad.
"Sure!" All of us answered.

As we were right in front of the ice school doors, we heard Cyrus Drake talking to one of his students. "DO NOT talk to Lady Oriel!" Cyrus Drake told one of his students.
"Yes Sir!" they answered.
"And DO NOT come back until you find those Trufalla leaves. If you come back without them, I will talk to the Headmaster, and have you expelled!"
"Okay- er-uh Yes Sir!!"
"Yes, Yes."
As she hurried past us, my dad said "Still sending you on that ol' wild goose chase, eh?"
"What do you mean?" she asked.
"I mean those don't really exist."
"You mean I WILL be expelled??" she inquired.
"Yes. Unfortunately, yes."
She started crying. "After what happened to my parents... Myth Magic is all I have." she sobbed.
"Wait- what happened to your parents..."

  "They- They disappeared." the girl sobbed. "The Headmaster says that they were taken."
"By who?"
She gave that look that could only mean one thing. Malistaire.
"I can't believe he changed so much,” my mom said to dad.
"All I have is Myth Magic and now it's going to be gone!"
"Wait- do you live in an orphanage, or alone?" my mother inquired.
"Which one?"
"Grahm Orphanage."
"That's the one they took me when I was found."
"What do you mean, 'found'?"
"I ran away from my dad. You know how Ambrose always finds his students!"
She started to vanish. "Wait! What's your name?" Before she could answer she had vanished.

"Hmmm.... Hmmm... Let's see. Hmmmm.... The only one who fits the description's name is Elizebeth." The adoption officer at the Grahm Orphanage said.
"Just Elizebeth. We couldn't manage to find her last name."
"Could we see 'Elizebeth'?"
"Sure. Girls’ room. Upstairs. Self Explanatory, but if not-"
"I can find it on my own."
"Okay then!"

"Wait!" The adoption officer put down his donut, set down his coffee, and started to dash after me. "Are you-Thinking about- adopting her?"
"Yes. Why are you so surprised?"
"It's just that-"
"What? No one likes her? What? She's been here nearly her entire life and no one wanted her? Please. I got that all the time when I stayed here."
"You- Stayed... HERE!"

"How would you feel- about a new member to the family?" my mother said to our father; John, in private.
"How?" he asked.
"Do you remember that Myth Girl?
"I'm thinking about adopting her."
"Adopting her!? Why-" he said in a loud-ish tone "Think that is one of the best ideas you've ever had." he said softer.

I decided to leave for school early that day. I didn't need to, I just wanted to. Balance students don't walk through much of Ravenwood, and lately, It's been like something has been calling to me.
When I got there I realized I was not the only one who left early. I saw one of the Storm students running around franticly saying: "THE GATE IS OPEN!! WAKE Up!!"
I looked back and saw that Alex had just got here. He was standing almost frozen in the gateway; except for the fact that he was laughing his head off.
Cyrus Drake was the first one to awake from his slumber. He heard what the Storm student was wailing, looked at Alex, and said: "You are in a lot of trouble, young wizard. A lot of trouble. With not a moment longer, Alex was being lead out of Ravenwood, and towards Headmaster Ambrose's House by the Professor of Myth Magic.
BLANG! BLANG! BLANG! BLANG! Lessons had begun.

  I didn't go directly back home. I had to find out what was calling to me. I went over to the death school- or what was left of it.
"Boo." someone said behind me. (Between you and me; that did scare me)
I turned around and found one of the life students. A grandmaster I soon found out.
"I'm Fiona. Grandmaster; Life School. Student of Sylvia Drake."
"If you're a grandmaster, what are you doing here??"
"I watch out for Merle Ambrose. Someone needs to keep an eye out for him.
The Student from earlier came over. "Hi! I'm Allia Seabreeze. Storm School. I haven't been studying for long, but I've learned all spells up to Triton. What are you two still doing in Ravenwood? Shouldn't you be home already? "My mom isn't expecting me for a while."
"I don't have to be to the dormitories for- well- There is not time I have to be there."
"Well you should get going now."
And so we did.

We were sitting silently at the table. My Mother was first to break the silence.
"I've been thinking- Your father and I have been thinking of adopting that girl we saw the other day."

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