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If There is Such a Thing as Evil by Caroline SoulDreamer

Everyone you’ve met in your life has helped you shape out on who you truly are. Without one of them, maybe you wouldn’t be here right now. As some people would call it, “Fate has brought you here.”

But what if it wasn’t fate? Instead of a good element of life, let’s say it was something bad. Just something else.
“Alright,” said Moolinda Wu, “Thank you for introducing yourself to the class, Margaret.” She turned to the person sitting next to her, and that was me.

“Okay, dear, would you mind introducing yourself like the other students?”

“Uh, y-yeah...” I mumbled, weakly standing up. I stared at Ms. Wu, and her only. If I looked at the many, many faces staring at me, I think I’d just pass out. “M-my name’s Caroline...” I said. I stared at my teacher, not knowing what to say. I’ve completely forgot what the others had said.

“It’s okay, we can come back to you later.” she smiled.

I thumped back to my seat, relieved. I always loathed first days of anything, most of the time. It meant that you’d have to introduce yourself in front of a crowd. My head fell to the desk. I like it that way. Probably just a quarter of my mind was actually listening to the next person.

Before I knew it, the whole class was done introducing themselves and Ms. Wu said something that I couldn’t understand, due to my lazy head. The students soon walked out of the classroom and so did the teacher, leaving me behind. I stood up and rushed to the end of the line, wondering where we were going.

I didn’t know that it was the start of the misfortune my life will face.
We ended up heading to what looked like an auditorium. It took a couple of minutes for my class to be seated, and several more for the other Novice classes. Then came the Apprentice classes, followed by the Imitate classes and so on. I just found it ironic that my Life class was sitting right next to a Death class. I snickered at those who glared at each other. Their parents probably told their children about us, and our parents probably told us about them. They both had the same meaning, “DON’T YOU EVER BE FRIENDS WITH THOSE HORRIBLE PEOPLE.”

It was pretty sad, actually. You could just imagine the friendships that could have been created between Life and Death wizards if they hadn’t said that. But then again, “Fate has brought you here.”

I looked back at the advanced classes. They looked fierce and compared to them, we looked “cute”.

The massive chattering slowly faded away when Headmaster Ambrose walked on the stage. The room was completely silent, with no people talking when Ambrose flicked his hands, creating a glittery purple spark that I’m sure everyone heard, and some students said, '”Woah!”, especially the Novice classes.

“Ravenwood students,” he smiled, “It’s that time when your life will unfold greatly, introducing the great life of a wizard more than before, and that especially to our new students, the Novice classes.”

Everyone stared at us. I was beginning to be nervous again but at least I was pretty much hidden with a bunch of people.

“Moreover, our upper class students will continue to unfold as our Grandmaster class has experienced the most of us. You, too, will soon be living the Grandmaster life, teaching others like us teachers did to you. Though it may not be the true meaning of life, it is surely one of the greatest. We all wish the best for you during this year and hope for the best for the future. Thank you, and welcome to Ravenwood.” Ambrose, with a smile, walked off the stage.

The room was silent like before until someone clapped, and soon the room was filled with clapping. It was considered rude to not clap after someone talked or performed on stage, so why not?

Again, the room slowly filled with chatter, but I kept my eyes on Ambrose anyway. His companion, Gamma, who was an owl fluttered to his side. She looked rather anxious, really. She whispered something to Ambrose’s ear and his bright expression turned into Gamma’s. The other teachers noticed this and Professor Greyrose looked puzzled as much as I was. Ambrose whispered whatever he heard from Gamma and it was like magic when Greyrose had her face turn into like Ambrose and Gamma's. Professor Cyrus came and the same thing happened. (Though it wasn’t much of a difference because he looks often grumpy.)

Headmaster Ambrose had enough and went back on stage once again. But the students didn’t notice him unlike before so he flicked his hands again, creating the purple sparks only brighter, bigger and much louder. The room became silent and some people even got startled.

“I’m afraid I have an announcement to make, concerning not only us but the whole Spiral as well.”

Whispers roamed around as he said that.

“There has been a horrible incident that had just happened not too long ago, at the Headmaster Tower.”

I gripped my seat. That’s where my Mother worked. She was a guard and also one of Wizard City’s most known Life wizard. She was well known because she was a really good healer.


So many people gasped when the name was mentioned.

“He got through the guard system and made it into my most protected room. He stole something that holds such immense power that even I couldn’t adapt to it yet.”

My grip got tighter when he said “guard system”.

“And, unfortunately...The guards have been severely injured by Malistaire’s dark power, and some have even passed away. I’m afraid that some of those guards are our student’s parents or guardians.”

Everything, from my stomach to my head was tying into a knot that wouldn’t untie until hours.

“If your parent or guardian has been injured or passed away, please note that you will be receiving a letter when you arrive home.” His face was sorrowful and seconds ago, it was a happy one. It’s amazing how emotions could be changed so quickly.

The room wasn’t quiet anymore. It was grim silent.

I didn’t learn a thing at all that day. I was the most nervous than I ever was in my whole life. Listening to Ms. Wu was near impossible when my head felt heavy and my stomach's knot was tightening.

Finally, the bell had rung and I was the first to get off my seat. I didn’t hear Ms. Wu calling my name, saying that she had something to say to the whole class. I was heading to the Balance class-Where my younger sister was.

Slowly opening the door making sure it wouldn’t creek, I peeked inside. I spotted her, near the back rows.

“Sierra.” I whispered.

She didn’t hear me.

“Sierra...” I whispered again.

She turned her head, looking around. I opened the door a little more so she could notice me. She did, and I motioned for her to come. Despite the fact that she was unsure if she should come to me, she quietly grabbed her drawstring bag and crawled through the desks.

“What?” She asked.

“We’re going home, what else?” I started walking, not glancing back. The first thing in my mind was heading straight home, to our mailbox. It wasn’t until I passed Rainbow Bridge to realize that Sierra wasn’t following me. But I wasn’t in the state to care for her that much right now. After a couple of minutes, I reached my house. And there it was. Our mailbox. I hesitated if I wanted to open it or not. But either way, I was going to see if there’s anything inside. With my heartbeat getting faster, I opened it.
Well, yeah, there was a letter. But I don't know how I would ever describe how happy and worried I was when the letter wasn't regarding about death-It was regarding about an injury. I showed it to my dad, and he was as worried as I was. Sierra got home shortly after, and by her eyes I could tell that she was about to cry when I explained about the letter and showed it to her. Her eyes stayed red while we went to Wizard City's Healing Institute. It was much like a hospital. I was surprised when I learned that my mom didn't work here. We came up to the front counter and asked the lady if they had a patient named Lana SoulSong.

"Yes, we do. She's in room 3-W, located at the 3rd floor."

We thanked her and made our way to the room. As we passed the halls, we encountered several people-And not a single one looked happy at all. It was crushing to see so many people this glum, I tried not to make any eye contact. In a few moments, we reached room 3-W. There was a narrow window panel on the door, but someone had taped something that looked like paper over it, so we couldn't see inside. Sierra knocked on the door impatiently, and a healer opened the door.

"...Yes?" she asked.

"W-we're Lana SoulSong's family and we're here for a visit!" replied Sierra.

"Oh...I'm terribly sorry, but we're in a stage where healing is required greatly. You can back in a few-"

"No, we have to get in!" cried Sierra. I quickly held her left shoulder to make her calm down.

"I'm sorry, but-"

"Let me in!" She jerked off my hand from her shoulder and charged toward the door. I grabbed her hand and tried to pull her away.

"Sierra, we can visit her. All that matters is that we get to see her, right?" My dad tried to calm my younger sister down, but it wasn't working that much. She was almost my size, so I had a hard time keeping her from going inside.

"Honey, please," the healer said. She held her hands together, making an odd pale green glow. When she separated her hands, the glow was in her right hand. She quickly placed that hand on Sierra's cheek, causing her eyelids heavy and she finally stopped charging to the door. Slowly, she went to my dad with open arms, meaning that she wanted to be carried. So he did carry her, and Sierra fell asleep after that. My father thanked the healer as we went back home.

"So we'll meet mom tomorrow?" I asked.

"Yes, I promise."

Sometimes, promises aren't always gonna keep their motives. But it wasn't my dad's fault. It was mine.

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