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The Storm Thief by Blaze StormThief

“The sea’s greatest wrath is about to be crashing down upon you!” “You will pay for stealing the storm lord’s greatest treasure!”

“What I haven’t stole anything, I don’t know what the storm lords greatest treasure is.”

“You will pay blaze storm thief, you will payyy”

“What.” I woke up with a start. I was always dreaming up that quote. Sure that’s what the kraken had told me when I was level eight. But now I was a grandmaster diviner, theurgist, pryromancer, necromancer, conjurer, thaumature, and sorcerer and i was still having that quote in my dreams. Yeah Maybe my main school was storm and the kraken lived underwater but this was to confusing. I got dressed in blue and black armor with a shimmering neon green sword and headed to headmaster Ambrose and explained my problem.

“Hmm,” replied Ambrose, “what is your main school?”

“Storm,” I replied.

“And your last name is Storm Thief?”

“Yup,” I replied. He waved his wand In front of me and looked at the side of it.

“Seems to me your whole generation was storm, and mastered everything as well. Your family has a talent you seem to master everything quickly. He put his wand in his pocket.

“What does it have to do with the kraken?”

“I think it may be warning you, that the storm lord is coming to look for you. You might be in grave danger. “Gee” I said. I thanked Ambrose for helping me and ran out of his office. Great I thought something is haunting me. There was only one person who could help me which was my snobbish cousin Moe. Moe was short for Mohammad but that’s wayy too long for me so I call him Moe. Moe thinks he is the best wizard ever. Even though I mastered every school in Ravenwood and he only mastered the school of fire. I ported out of the commons to dragonspyre. Moe said it was “paradise” for him which was always annoying but I knew what he meant I’m storm and I LOVE Triton Avenue because it’s well you know stormy. i found his castle and knocked on the door his castle was the fire castle which is on fire LITERALLY.

Finally he answered.

“Blaze if it isn’t my favorite cuz please comes in,” he said

“Cut the chat I only got a life that happens to be in um I don’t know … danger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“Oh,” he said well, bye,” and he slammed the door in my face!

Oh my god you’re as selfish as a… whatever is selfish,” I yelled. I cast a kraken at the door and it fizzled that’s odd I tried again and again. Suddenly my armor felt heavy my sword lost its glow and smoke filled the air and the storm lord appeared with a bunch of people around him.

“Blaze Storm Thief your crime for stealing the storm sword is worthy of death but since that is too harsh I will drain your mana and you shall remain mortal forever!!!”

“Wait but I didn’t steal anything!”

“Don’t lie

“The headmaster and everyone you know is already educated about this anyway,” he replied. He said some words and a dark black whole sucked my mana right from me and trapped in the swirling circle for eternity I feinted and fell to the ground. I opened my eyes and I was in my cousin’s house.

“Moe,” I managed

“Uh hey cuz I saw you lying outside my doorstep and I brought you inside,” he said

“Oh,” I replied I decided not to tell him what really happened to me even though the storm lord said EVERYONE I knew already knew But I didn’t care I was determined to find out who stole the storm sword, clear my name, and get my powers back. I tried to port to my castle but remembered I wasn’t a wizard, man; this life is harder than I thought. I borrowed Moe’s broom and flew to my castle. When I arrived at my castle I saw ten men guarding my storm island house. They shoved a paper that said I am instructed to go back to earth since I wasn’t a wizard anymore it said that they will safely “escort” me home. I couldn’t believe this. I tried sneaking in my house but they were watching me so I had an idea I told them to give me a minute. I walked around my island and man was I was mad I was furious someone stole the storm lord’s sword and it was NOT me. Whoever did it framed me for a reason, but why? Now I was going to be kicked out the spiral forever. I glanced at Moe’s broom I was not going to be kicked out of my home. i Hopped on Moe’s broom and sped away if anybody was going to find this framer it was me. I flew to the headmaster’s house and told him what happened. The headmaster actually looked surprised when he saw me.

“Blaze why are you still here you have to leave,”

“Why Ambrose why, just because I’m not a wizard anymore and because I stole the storm lords greatest treasure,” I yelled. “Well guess what I did NOT steal his royal highness’s sword someone else did. And now my powers are gone because of what someone else committed and iam not leaving NOW!”

“Oh,” he replied “I see. I believe you,” he said calmly.

“You do,” I asked.

“Yes, and if you want to find out who did this I suggest you consult Bartley and torrent the storm tree,”

“So I should talk to them about this?”

“Yes, and while you’re at it could you please give this to torrent?”

“Sure but what is it?”

“It’s storm water in a bottle to keep him comfortable,”

“Yeah but it rains all over him,”

Yes, well, the storm lord got mad at you and since your main school is storm he tore it apart and it’s no longer storming over torrent,”

“Wow the lord really wants that sword,” I thanked Ambrose again and walked to the Ravenwood tunnel. I went to too torrent he seemed sadder and weaker than usual im poured the storm water in his roots and it started to rain again. I asked him, “Torrent what happened?” he looked up at me and replied.

“Young wizard he used to be my hero, he used to be my role model but know he’s a CROOK, HE YELLED. A tear rolled down his face. To be honest with you I didn’t really know trees could CRY. I tried to comfort him but I had my OWN problems. “Torrent,” i said, “do you know where the storm lord’s sword is,”

“Well I could tell you a riddle that could help,”

“A riddle, what riddle?” I asked.

“Apple is to orange as friend is to enemy; you will be fooled by what you see,”huh at first I had no clue and I still didn’t. I was going to ask him if he could simplify that but he disappeared. I looked for him but he was gone. I thought of his words and finally I gave up and headed on to Bartley. Bartley had both eyes now, after I recently defeated Malistaire. “Bartley,” I called

“Young wizard what is it?”

“Can you help me?” I asked.

“Anything for my favorite student,” he replied, “what is it,”

“I need to find the storm lords sword,”

“oh that, find your sister Allison she will help,” before anything could happen the guards who guarded my castle marched in Ravenwood all ten of them! The leader of them shouted.

“THERE HE IS, GET’EM BOYS,” I ran as fast as I could in Bartelby.i went to the world gate opened the door and ran into the wiz plane station. I ran to the enchanted airways and a lady asked me to show her my wizard ID I looked down but I didn’t see my wizard clothes instead I saw my regular human clothes on my wizard hat was only wizardly item on me. The lady asked for my wizard ID before I could answer I saw the guards marching in the terminal. Come on I thought I need a diversion what do girls like I thought then I got it.

“Hey look its Justin Beiber,” I yelled. That got her attention she looked away and I ran on the airplane and sat in the back row. I woke up hearing the airplane intercom.

“Ladies and gentlemen we have landed in Dragonspyre. i hid behind a crowd of people and got out of the plane. I walked in a broom store and walked to the clerk and asked him for the fastest broom he had. He handed me the broom and I saw the tag 100000 gold. I took off my hat and saw my pouch I gave him 100000 gold, took the broom, and left. I hopped on it and sped away. I arrived at Allison’s castle it was the life castle. Before I could ring the doorbell Allison opened the door and shoved me in.

“Allison your suffocating me,” I YELLED.

“shh,” she hushed.

“Why,” I said.

“No reason I just wanted you to shut up,”

“Can you help get the sword?”

“Duh isn’t that why Bartelby sent you.


“Ok we find the sword in the fire mill, its protected by dragons.”

Isn’t that by Moe’s castle?

“Yeah it is,”

“Ok let’s go,” I said anxiously.

“Hang on moron; you’re not a wizard anymore,”


“So?” my sister mocked. “You need equipment, stupid,”

“Well if you’re so smart where do we get it?”

“Moe’s place,” a few minutes later we arrived at Moe’s place. We told him the story and he armed me up with some stuff after that we left. We went to the mill (which was RIGHT behind Moe’s house) the mill was broken down and was dark. Lava poured from it instead of water. The higher we crept up the hill the more I could see the dragons there were four of them. One red, blue, green, and orange. My sister and I split up. I drunk a potion and I shrunk and ran pass the four dragons then I saw a huge chest. I drank more of the potion and I was tiny as a germ. I saw a huge keyhole I climbed up and dove inside. And you’ll never believe what I saw a rubber sword. I took some teleportation dust that Moe gave me and teleported to Allison then I took some cake and took a huge bite of it and I started to grow. I told her what I saw. But before she could reply the dragons sensed us. They started moving towards me. Then smoke appeared and the storm lord stepped out of the smoke. All of a sudden Alison disappeared. I needed to defend myself then I remembered something Moe gave me a box. He said if I opened it something wonderful would happen to me. I took the box out and I had to tell you It was not wonderful. I was in my boxer shorts holding the sword. I gasped what did Moe give me? The storm lord was outraged he took lightning bolt slashed it in the ground. And seven creatures surrounded me a kraken, a fire elemental, ice colossus, a vampire, a Minotaur, treant, and a hundred. They attacked me at once.

“Aaah,” I screamed. I fell to the ground then all of a sudden I was in my armor with my neon green sword I tossed the storm lord his sword and he caught it. I defeated each of them in a single blast. They disappeared and Allison appeared. The storm lord looked approved he nodded and “Thank you,”

“Oh and one more thing,” I said, I whispered something in his ear and he chuckled. And disappeared.

“What’s so funny my sister,” demanded.

I sighed, “Let’s just say Moe is going to be powerless for ten years.” We started to laugh.

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