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StormChasers (part 2) by Bradley EmeraldThorn

Hello again. I, Bradley EmeraldThorn, return to continue the saga of the legendary team of warriors known as the StormChasers.

As I usually did, I sat in my hidden hut within the depths of the Celestian ocean. Being a Diviner I have an impressive understanding of the laws of physics that apply to water, and thus I was able to exploit a loophole within them to fill the hut with a bubble of air. As you have probably guessed by now, I prefer to do things with my own two hands then with the assistance of magic. Call it strange, call it a disorder, I just like the sense of satisfaction of doing something myself. I kept this hut a secret to all but myself, and my closest friends. Clarissa ThunderCloud, Maximus, and Celestian, whom you all met in my previous record. My best friend, however, I have not spoken about yet. Belgrim DawnShade. A conjurer, my partner, and at very rare times, my practice dummy. Belgrim had not yet seen the hut, for he can't swim as we Diviners can. I had sent my Manta to retrieve him. I had just hoped he could hold his breath long enough to make the trip down here! Maximus slept at my feet, immune to the fact we were incased by thousands of tons of water. I had treated the hut with a liquid which, ironically, made it immune to water pressure. Belgrim didn't know that. His stress went up the further he went down. My Manta had carried a message for Belgrim.

Do not be afraid, I have commanded this ocean not to harm you.

This was a lie, of course. Almost no one can distinguish honesty from dishonesty in print. Belgrim could. He wished that I would create a current to make his descent even faster. I did just that. At the time, I didn't know what lurked in the depths, waiting for some unlucky soul to cross it path. A beast lied in wait, camouflaged upon the sandy sea floor. As Belgrim neared his destination, it lunged.

I waited. Waited more. Waited hours for Belgrim. He never came. If I knew then what I know now, I would have gone right after him. As is expected, I did not. Hours passed. More hours. It had been around 18 hours until Just as I was going to raise his "nap" from nap to coma, Maximus awoke. Maximus and Celestian had always shared some sort of bond. Magic, telekinetic, I, to this day, have no clue. Just some connection. Maximus would whine constantly and walk in a circle if Celestian was in danger. Which is just what he did. I knew if Celestian was in danger, belgrim was in just as much, maybe more. I slid on my armor, my very expensive Marleybonian blacksmith armor, and forced my way into the water out of the elevator built-in to the hut. As you have possibly guessed, the "Hut" shared the same blueprints with the Storm House, but that's for another time. Just as I forced my way out of the elevator I had realized Maximus had snuck out with me. He swam towards what at the time I thought was a random direction. It turned out to be the way to Celestian. Not Belgrim, however, nothing is ever that easy for me. I couldn't make out the shape of the guards, but I defended myself against the constant attacks. These weren't crustaceans, or Morganthe's minions, they were something else. Something more...wretched. All I knew is they wanted me dead, and I wasn't going to give them what they wanted. Some were driven halfway into the ground, some were thrown down, and some were thrown out of the Celestian ocean altogether. The point is, they were no match for me. Eventually, I fought my way to cage which contained my Manta. My Manta was no helpless animal, no. He could fight, but not an army. He waited for me to reach the cage's general area, and busted his way out of the cage. He ran down guard after guard, Short guards, tall guards, fast guards, slow guards, brave guards, scared guards, any guards he ould find. Eventually the guards' numbers got the best of our skills, and we took off. Celestian swam at speeds I didn't know he could, always pointing in one general direction. I knew that was where Belgrim was. And I was going to find him.

I couldn't help but remember the time me and Belgrim met. I had swam across an ocean, as Professor Brewstrom had instructed me to as a part of my Mentor's training. When I got across, I decided to make camp and doze off for a while.

Worst decision I had ever made. And also the best.

I woke to a gnawing pain to my face, feet, and anything else that wasn't covered by heavy clothing. A frost had come. An unnaturally cold frost. The ocean froze; I didn't think that was possible. I set off, trekking across the frozen sea. It was so cold out, colder than any ocean I've been in. I couldn't see two feet past my nose, and the snow was coming down hard, harder every minute. This wasn't good for my health, and I knew it. I looked up, and I didn't see the North Star. I looked through the sky, and I found it. The exact opposite side it had been on when I set off. I was curving, for I don't know how long. I could have been going in circles. I fell to my knees, trying to catch my breath and warm up a bit. My vision started going. I saw a gray tunnel around the edges of my sight. It grew thicker, thicker. I was about to pass out. I stood up. I fought the cold as hard as I could.

Even a wizard can't beat Mother Nature.

When I woke up, I saw the stars. I could feel the cold on my forehead. When I reached my hands up to brush the snow off my face, I couldn't feel them. I looked at my hands. I clapped them together. They were completely numb. I struggled to my feet. I heard the soft hissing of snow melting rapidly. I looked down. I bled out of my side where I had landed. Keeping pressure on the wound, I started off again, this time, in the only direction I was strong enough to go. Forward. Eventually I came across a house in the middle of nowhere. I thought I had found my salvation. I ran as fast as my body would let me, and pounded on the door. "Please, please, open up!"

There was no answer. No sound. No movement. Nothing. The house was abandoned, but there was shelter and firewood. I took the risk to save my life. I broke in.

After a few minutes...or hours...of warming up by the fire, I tried to sleep. I couldn't, remembering what happened the last time I fell asleep. I decided not to sleep. I went outside. It was still freezing out. I saw a figure in the distance. Right away I dismissed it as the owner of the house, so I hid. The figure just stood there. He seemed to be in a strange position, halfway through a step. I walked to it. It was frozen solid. I tried to lift him, to gee him to a hospital, but, in case you didn't know, ice is heavy. I decided to try to melt the ice, then and there. When I struck it with a controlled lightning bolt, something on it caught fire. From the flames light, I could finally make out what it was.

A scarecrow.

Since the good condition the scarecrow was in, it had to have been put there recently. Thinking myself alone, I though out loud.

"Who put this here?" I asked myself. I heard tremors behind me. I didn't turn around. As they got closer, I could make them out. Minotaur footsteps, two sets of feet. The area around me was bathed in a yellow light.

"I did." As I turned around, I found myself face-to-face with someone, dressed in red Marleybonian Noble's clothes, pointing his glowing wand at me. The two Minotaurs stood on either side of him. "Whoa, easy there. I don't mean any harm," I said. The light from the man's wand grow brighter, and brighter, and brighter, and--

I was dumbfounded. The power of the blast was extraordinary! Though I was barreling backwards, I still had enough strength left in me to fight. A Minotaur charged. I decided to not right away resort to magic. I thought if the man had seen I was not only a Wizard of a high caliber for being allowed here, but an accomplished physical fight, he would back down. The Minotaur swung an axe at me. I jumped straight up to avoid the axe, and came down on it, blade-first. Half of the axe blade was either bent out of place or broken off completely. Furious, the Minotaur swung downwards, using the bent axe as if it were a hammer. He missed. The axe was buried at least four feet into the ground. I was lucky to have avoided that. With the Minotaur unable to pull the axe from the ground, it retreated to it's master, who sent the other. This one put up not fight. Literally. Before it could reach me, it fell through th ice. It's legs were completely buried. Al it could do was roar and mindlessly swing it's axe. Then, finally, it's master came to face me head-on. I thought he would resort to magic. He had a full-sized sword. He swung. Swung. Swung. He missed. He spun, and put all his weight into a horizontal slash, and knocked my blade to Kingdom Come. I held my hands up, miming a surrender. He held the sword above his head. He came down on me. I shift to the left, push his arms in to loosen his grip, and pulled the sword right out of his arms. I threw it to the side. We paused. We waited. I had already decided to walk away, but I didn't get the order to my legs in time. He sprang at me at full speed. He jumped at me, right at my head. I knew it was the wrong idea to duck, but I did it anyway. He tumbled forward, onto the ice. He fell directly through. He continued forward. When her tried to come up for air, all he found was ice. He punched it, but it wouldn't break. He punched, an punched again. He couldn't ge through. I jumped over the hole he had made in the ice. I stood directly over him. I thanked my lucky stars I had worn my iron boots. I kicked a hole through the ice, and pulled him through the ice. I dragged him to the house I had just left, and thus crafted one of the deepest, most meaningful friendships Ravenwood had ever seen.

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