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The StarRider Brothers by Blaze StarRider

The night was young. Not a thing in the sky. Not a star, not a cloud. Not even the moon. Blaze looked quietly up. Peacefully he jumped down from the wall he was sitting on. “Adrian!” Blaze shouted. Out from the shadows came his younger brother, Adrian. “What do you want brother?” said Adrian. Adrian being stubborn and foul, never complemented anyone.

“I just wanted to ask you where Cody was.” Blaze replied. “You just like him because he is Balance like you!” replied Adrian hatefully. “Adrian just shut up. I’m not fully Balance. I just take it as a secondary school. You know I’m a Pyromancer.” said Blaze. “Blaze you don’t have to argue with him. Adrian just likes to pick a fight.” Out from the tunnel to Ravenwood came Blaze’s other younger brother, Cody. “You know Cody, you are so right!” replied Blaze in a cheery voice.

Adrian looked at the two with a scornful look. “Don’t be jealous just ‘cause Blaze spends more time with Cody, Adrian.” Wolf, the second oldest brother of the family-who always seems to come out of nowhere-assured his little brother. “yeah, but-“ Wolf cut off Adrian, “Listen, Blaze is always wanting to spend time with Cody because he keeps promising stuff, but never gets to do it. Older brother is just always busy.” Wolf replied as calmly as Blaze, but soothed Adrian.

“Fine.”, replied Adrian softly. Adrian and Wolf then approached Blaze and Cody and listened to the conversation. “So you’re really gonna take me to Krokotopia?!” said Cody eagerly. “Yes, but only for a day. I have to go to Dragonspyre in 2 days.” said Blaze. “Hey! That’s not right Blaze! Cody is only a level 9! He can’t go to Krokotopia!” Adrian shouted out foully. “Yes, Adrian, but you’re only a level 5, if I’m right. Am I, Adrian?” replied Blaze quickly. Adrian gritted his teeth.

Blaze was always the one to make fast, witty remarks. “Everyone! Let’s go! Mom is waiting for us!” the voice was from Fred, the third oldest. Behind him was the fourth oldest, Caleb. Once Fred announced that they had to go they left for home. Blaze was always the first home, riding his Swift Gryphon. Their mom was standing at the front door waiting for them. She called out their names from oldest to youngest.

“Blaze! Wolf! Fred! Caleb! Cody! And Adrian! Good, you’re all here.” Adrian always got mad when his mother added ‘And’ before she said his name. But still he-and the other five- loved being the only StarRider 6. The six brother’s names all ended in StarRider. The day went by quickly; the six did training, while Blaze mastered his grandmaster skills alone.

Once the day had passed they awoke the next morning. Blaze woke Cody up and the 2 bid everyone a farewell and they teleported away. A day later they returned, Cody all worked up about fighting a talking salamander. Cody told them of the Tomb of storms and the Krokosphinx and the Balance school. The day passed just barley, with the Spiral out of oxygen from Cody’s talking.

When the sun arose Blaze awoke. Everyone watched as he entered Barley, the tree in the center of Wizard City. In a blink of an eye, Blaze was gone. “This makes me so mad sometimes!” shouted out Adrian. “What?” said Wolf, Adrian gave Wolf a hard long stare. “How he just leaves! Like he’s bragging he gets to go to other worlds! And how we get to sit here playing with a Thunder Snake when he has a Phoenix!” said Adrian hatefully.

“Well if you trained once and a while you would be in Dragonspyre with him!” said Caleb joking. “Just shut up Caleb!” Adrian shouted. “That’s enough!” shouted their mother. But with all the fun in Wizard City happening, Blaze found a dreadful sight when he reached Dragonspyre. “No, i-it’s not possible! How could HE take a whole WORLD away?!” With the laughter and arguments in front of Barley with the StarRider family, they see something they wouldn’t expect. Blaze comes back out of Barley. “Blaze, what are you doing here?” said Wolf. “Did something to SCARY in Dragonspyre make the mighty Blaze run away?! Hahahahaha!” said Adrian jokingly. “Yes, there was.” Blaze said while stammering. “Brothers, I need you all to come to Dragonspyre with me, no matter your level.” Said Blaze still stammering. “WHAT?!? MY CHILDREN ARE NOT GOING TO DRAGONSPYRE!” said their mother scornfully.

“Why do you want us to come?” said Wolf. The other brothers were thinking the same thing. Blaze looked at all of them, and then said,”Malistare is making his move.”

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