Game Fan Fiction

The Spiral Chronicles (1-8) by Jacob Legendheart

Chapter 1: “The Eye of History”

Moonlight reflected on a huge pond and ghostlike wisps hovered around the streets. Leaves flew to the ground as the cool autumn air blew them off the trees.

A tall hooded man walked quietly through the cobblestone pavement holding a dark leather bag. He entered a dark gray tunnel and felt cold air on his face. All the torches inside were dead and the tunnel was pitch black.

As the man continued to walk, he thought he heard some footsteps.

He turned around and scanned his surroundings. Nothing.

I must be imagining things. he thought.

The man made his way out of the cold tunnel. An enormous tree was centered in the middle of various tall towers and buildings. The tree snored loudly while its branches rustled in the wind.

“Looks like Bartleby is ripe for the picking.” he whispered.

The man walked over to a small purple building. Another tree was fast asleep next to it. It was a smaller but its snoring was just as loud. Water dripped from its leaves like rain.

He reached the door of the purple building and tried to open it. It was locked tightly.

The man grunted. Smashing it open would cause too much noise.

The man waved his hand over the door handle and his eyes flashed with white light.

“Tor dna yortsed1.” He whispered.

The door's handles fell off and melted on the ground. The wood rotted into dust. In a matter of seconds, the door became a pile of foul smelling sludge.

As the man stepped into the dark building, the strong scent of coffee invaded his nose.

It must be in here somewhere. The old toad usually kept his things in the back.

He walked quietly around the purple desks and made his way to the back of the room. A silver chest caught his eye.

The man opened the chest and several glowing knives laid inside.

Perfect. The man took a knife and held it tightly. Just what I need.

“Are you sure that's the right one?” A voice asked.

The hooded man turned around. Cold sweat poured down his face.

“Huh?” The man said, “Show yourself.”

“Open your eyes.” The voice replied.

“I don't want to play your stupid game. Show yourself!”

“Alright. Alright”

A snap of fingers was heard. Torches in the room were lit up with purple flames. A frog wearing a purple robe hopped on a desk. His eyes looked drowsy.

“Oh it's just you,” the man shouted. “Why are you here so late at night?”

“I forgot something and went back to get it. But the real question is, who are you?”

“That is none of your concern. Leave at once toad or your classroom will be your final resting place.”

The man clenched his fist. A flash of white light appeared in his eye. “S'htaed Dnah!1” he cried.

A blast of black energy escaped from the man's hand and was aimed at the frog.

The frog immediately hopped off the desk. His top hat fell off his head. “You haven't changed much Balestrom. You're still the same annoying, gullible frog.” The man sneered. “Why don't you stand still so I don't have to leave a mess?”

Balestrom picked up his hat and put it back on.

The man took off his hood and his face was revealed. He had droopy eyes and had a long mustache that pointed at the floor.

“M-M-Malistaire?” Balestrom's eyes widened.

“It doesn't matter that you know who I am. You wouldn't understand what I want to accomplish.”

“I had a hunch that you would return, but I doubt you're here for a friendly visit.”

Balestrom snapped his fingers. A small purple staff appeared and he grabbed hold of it. “I don't know what you want here, but the headmaster doesn't want you back.”

Purple light flashed in Balestrom's eyes while he waved his staff around. “Gninthgil Tlob1!” he yelled. A symbol resembling a thunderbolt materialized in the air. Clouds formed inside the classroom and lightning came crashing down.

Malistaire vanished just before the lightning bolt hit him. The bolt left a huge hole in where Malistaire was standing. The floor was left full of static and smelled of burnt wood.

Malistaire reappeared at the entrance and glared at Balestrom. “I thought we were friends Balestrom. Why the sudden hostility?” he laughed and ran toward the big tree outside.

Balestrom snapped his fingers. A purple carpet appeared and he hopped on it. It rose up and Balestrom sped through the air trying to catch up to Malistaire.

Malistaire looked back and saw Balestrom flying on his carpet. He pointed his hand at him and fired several dark blasts. Balestrom dodged each one.

Malistaire gave up after a few more shots. He continued running toward the giant tree.

Malistaire's eyes flash with white light. He slowly rose above the ground. He hovered above the fence that surrounded the tree and headed straight to its face.

“Dniw Pals2!” Balestrom cried.

A gush of air knocked Malistaire out of balance and he almost dropped the glowing knife.

“Grrr,” Malistaire grunted.

Malistaire fired another blast of dark energy.

The dark stream of energy hit Balestrom directly in the face. He fell from his carpet with a thud.

Ow my back. Balestrom groaned in pain.

Malistaire hovered to the giant tree's face.

“Finally.” Malistaire grinned and he took out the glowing knife.

“Rehtafdnarg Eert Eye Llahs Eb Enim1!” he whispered as he reached inside one of the tree's eye sockets and carved out an eye.

The eye glowed with blue light and was the size of a grapefruit.

Malistaire stored the eye in the leather bag he carried.

Malistaire looked at Balestrom, shaking with pain.

“Perhaps we'll meet again my old friend.” he laughed. “But for now I'll take my leave of this wretched place.”

Malistaire vanished into the darkness.

Chapter 2: “Earthly Problems”

“Settle down class!” yelled Ms. Serbie.

Crumpled paper balls flew everywhere. Girls pulled on each others hair and other students hit each other with backpacks.

Ms. Serbie's blue eyes looked like they were about to pop. “Alright! Whoever doesn't calm down within five seconds will be sent to Ms. Johnson's office.”

The whole class instantly became quiet and still. Bits of paper and strands of hair was scattered throughout the classroom floor.

“That's what I thought.” Ms. Serbie sneered.

She walked over to her desk and picked up some papers. “By the way,” she said. “We're having a pop quiz for giving me a hard time.”

Ms. Serbie pushed her purple glasses back and handed out the quiz.

Oh great, another stupid quiz. Rainee rolled her eyes.

Rainee stared at the quiz. She had no clue what the answers were. She ran her hand through her dark brown hair.

She can't do this. Rainee scanned the classroom. Ms. Serbie was drinking a mug of coffee. The red fire alarm was next to the whiteboard.

“Is there something wrong Miss Rivera?” Ms. Serbie asked.

“No. I was checking the time.” Rainee replied.

“Alright. Take your time. You can stay in during lunch if you'd like.” she laughed.

Ms. Serbie went back to drinking coffee and typing on her laptop.

Stupid old lady won't know what hit her. Rainee smiled.

She stared hard on the fire alarm.

“Erif Mrala Nrut No1.” She whispered. Her eyes glowed with red light.

Rainee felt a jolt of fire in her head and the light faded.. Oh no. I fizzled again.

Professor Falmea's words echoed in Rainee's head. Fizzling will have unwanted side effects.

I hope nothing goes wrong. Rainee took a couple of deep breathes.

Rainee glanced around the room. The whiteboard markers were dissolved into goo.

Well, that's not too bad. Rainee thought. No one will notice.

Rainee stared hard at the fire alarm again. This time she was ready.

“Erif Mrala Nrut No.” She whispered again. Her eyes started to glow again.

The fire alarm's handle slowly turned. Yes! Its working!

The red handle was finally pushed down.

BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! The alarm rang.

“Oh my god!” Ms. Serbie screamed. She dropped her mug of coffee on her laptop's keyboard. “Ugh. I bet Ms. Carmody burned another eggroll!” The crowd of students starting laughing and murmuring.

“SHUT UP!” Ms. Serbie screamed. “I did not give you permission to laugh!”

Everyone immediately hushed down and stood still.

Rainee let out a sigh of relief. I did magic right this time. Yes!

“Everyone out!” Ms. Serbie pulled on her hair as she ran out.

Chapter 3: “Rain of Ill-Omen”

Jacob walked through the loud streets of the shopping district. Shouts of people selling flew through the air. “Get your pixie dust here!”, “Try some of my troll repellant!”

A girl was swallowing scarlet liquid from a bottle while a small crowd circled around her. She breathed out a long trail of flames into the air. It morphed into the shape of a dragon and faded.

“Cassandra.” Jacob said. “Do you ever get bored of doing that?”

“Why would I?” she smiled. “What are you up to today?”

“Me? Oh just delivering some spell books to the library. I'm kind of a little late. I hope Mr. Argleston doesn't get mad.”

“Haha.” Cassandra said. She put on a red hat on her silver hair. “I'll catch you later at the library. Professor Falmea gave me a report to do on fire elves.”

“Aight cya!” Jacob ran through the street. The wind blew through his messy black hair.

Wait a minute. I can still make it on time.

Jacob's eyes glowed with a faint orange light. “Tsaf Teef Yrrac Em1.” His shoes suddenly felt light as air. He ran as fast as a rat on his way to the library without anyone noticing.

Jacob reached the library door and stepped inside. Piles of books laid on the front desk. Mr. Argleston was handing out books to a boy with brown hair.

“I should be heading back now.” He said.

“Return that book on Friday.” Mr. Argleston replied. “Have a nice day.”

The boy put the book in his backpack and turned around.

“Oh look its the new WIC officer.” He grinned. “I hope that the job isn't to hard for you.”

“Beat it William. The commitee chose me for a reason.”

“Whatever.” William's eyes suddenly flashed with red light.

Jacob's pendant was triggered. It glowed with a blueish light and stopped William's spell.

Mr. Argleston was startled. “What are you boys doing over there? There is no fighting to be held in my library.”

William gave Jacob an angry look.

“You're lucky that your stupid pendant protected you this time.”

William stepped out the library and slammed the door behind him.

“What was that about?” Mr. Argleston asked.

“Its nothing much. He just can't accept that I won the new WIC position. Anyways, I brought the books you asked for.”

Jacob placed a pile of How to Get Rid of Garden Imps on a table.

“He's new isn't he?” Mr. Argleston said.

“Yeah. He's not used to his powers yet. Even on Earth he can't discipline himself during school. I had to erase at least three witnesses' memories.”

Mr. Argleston frowned. “Just keep up the good work Jacob, the committee was certainly wise to ask you in.”

“I have to go back to Earth now. I'll be late for my math class.” “Alright Jacob. Thanks for the help.”

Mr. Argleston looked out the window. His eyes grew with surprise. The sky grew dark and heavy rain pelted the roof of the library. “Rain?” Mr. Argleston frowned. “This has never happened here before in my entire life.”

Jacob laughed. “It rains all the time where I live. It'll be fine.” “Well I guess you're right.”

A scream of a girl was heard outside. “HELP ME PLEASE!”

“Jacob, you better check outside.” Mr. Argleston said. “Hurry up. I will be locking up the library.”

Jacob ran out the library and looked around. The rain showed no signs of stopping.

Jacob whispered a spell. “Laerehte Allerbmu.1”

An glass-like umbrella materialized above Jacob's head. It moved around to follow his movements.

Jacob stepped into the wet grass. He saw a small group of people crowding around a silver haired girl. Jacob recognized her instantly. “Cassandra!” Jacob yelled.

As he got close he noticed that Cassandra's eyes were pitch white.

“Someone help her!” Someone yelled. “She was attacked.”

It was Kevin. Jacob's classmate in the ice school. Kevin's face looked terrified.

“Kevin.” Jacob said. “She was attacked by what?”

“I'm not sure. It was loud and had a loud scream. Whatever it was, it's still out there.”

Fog began to appear everywhere in the commons.

“Hurry. We gotta take her somewhere safe. We have to teleport her to the life school.” Jacob said.

Kevin took out his blue wand. “Alright everyone. Help me out.”

Jacob and two other people took out their wands.

“Tropelet Efil Loohcs.1” They chanted in unison.

With a flash of light they disappeared. The rain got harder and the fog continued to get thicker. A faint screech could be heard in the distance.

Chapter 4: “Back to the Spiral”

Ms. Serbie lead her class out to the football field. All the other teachers were also leading their classes out. Ms. Serbie was shaking with anger as she took attendance.

“I know one of you idiots was responsible for this.” She stared at the students and clenched her teeth. “I just don't know how to prove it!” A loud voice was heard, apparently from a megaphone. “EVERYONE GO BACK TO YOUR CLASSES!”

It was the principal, Ms. Scarlet Slindeth. She had a pen tucked next to her right ear. Her purple hair reflected the bright sunlight. “I NEED TO SPEAK TO RAINEE RIVERA.” She said through a megaphone. “PLEASE COME TO MY OFFICE DURING LUNCH.”

Uh oh. Here we go again. Rainee sighed.

All the teachers and students marched back to their classrooms as if nothing happened. Ms. Serbie was pulling out hair and ranting about random things.

When the lunch bell rang, Rainee walked fast through the crowded halls. Ms. Slindeth's office was far away from Ms. Serbie's class.

She reached the office and entered the principal's room.

“Hi. Ms. Deathslinger.” Rainee smiled.

“Welcome.” Ms. Slindeth, or Ms. Deathslinger, replied.

Ms. Deathslinger waved her hand while looking at the door.

It closed behind Rainee and it was locked with a click. Rainee looked surprised.

“Now, sit down Ms. Rosespirit.” Ms. Deathslinger said.

Rainee sat down on a green chair next to the principal's table.

“Why did you want me here?” Rainee asked. “The fire alarm spell?”

“No. It's something... more.” Ms. Deathslinger frowned. “I'm afraid its about your sister.”

“Cassandra? What happened? Tell me. Tell me.” Rainee's eyes filled with worry.

“She's been stricken with the Fallonitis curse.” The principal whispered.

“What the heck is that?”

“The curse puts the victim to sleep for a hundred years.”

Tears ran down Rainee's cheek. “I have to see her immediately. I must cure her.”

“Professor Wu is trying a potion.” Ms. Deathslinger said. “I'm afraid...”

“Afraid? Why?”

“...that one of the potion's ingredients are very rare.”

Rainee closed her eyes. Tears continued to flow. “I must find whatever it is. No matter what it costs. She is my only family left.”

Ms. Deathslinger stood up from her chair. “You must go to Wizard City and speak to Professor Wu.”

Rainee stood up and walked over next to Ms. Deathslinger. Ms. Deathslinger's eyes glowed a purple light. “Rood Fo Eht Larips Nepo1.” A portion of the office wall turned transparent. Rainee could see a wooden door being revealed.

“Now for the key.” The principal said.

Ms. Deathslinger walked over to the door and took out her cell phone. “Oops. I forgot to charge it.” She laughed.

She held the phone with both of her palms. Ms. Deathslinger's hands sparked with electricity and the phone was charged to full power. Ms. Deathslinger held the phone next to the door knob. The door knob was unlocked upon contact.

“Rainee. I'd like you to take this.” Ms. Deathslinger said. She handed Rainee a small pendant with a ruby shaped like a snowflake. “That should protect you in case something happens. Be careful. Ambrose told me that strange weather has been happening.”

Rainee wiped the tears from her face and put on the pendant. “I'll be right back. Whoever did that to my sister will pay.”

Rainee opened the door and stepped in and disappeared from Ms. Deathslinger's sight.

She was instantly engulfed in cold energy. What's going on? Why is it so cold? It wasn't like this before!”

It felt like a year before the process stopped. Rainee was transported to a dark alley. Where am I?

She stood up and walked to the sidewalks. So quiet. So empty. This isn't the Wizard City I know.

“I've been expecting you.” A deep voice said.

Rainee looked around. “Huh? Who's out there? Please help me.”

A boy wearing dark purple robes approached her and pointed his wand at her.

“Yes. It is definitely you. My master will be thrilled.” He said blankly.

Rainee saw his face and remembered who he was, although it was dead looking. There was a blank expression on his face.

“Stephen?!” Rainee said. “Hey!”

The boy waved his wand and formed a symbol that looked like a skull. His eyes glowed white.

“Yortsed Rainee Krad Setirps1” He muttered.

A swarm of fairies with purple and black wings were summoned. “My master will be thrilled for your capture.” He repeated.

Rainee's eyes filled with surprise. Noooo!

Her heart started beating really fast. She instinctively ran from the swarm of dark fairies.

“Running is useless, Rosespirit. My master will see you dead and I'll be rewarded.” Stephen laughed.

The swarm of dark fairies were swiftly gaining up to Rainee.

Rainee couldn't see where she was going and a rock tripped her. She fell hard on the floor. The fairies circled around her, forming orbs of dark energy in their hands.

Rainee screamed as the orbs were fired at her.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOO!” Rainee screamed. Her eyes blazed with fire.

As the orbs of dark energy came closer, a shockwave of flames burned the fairies to death. The dark orbs then disappeared.

What was that? Rainee thought as she stood up from the ground.

Rainee ran aimlessly through the dark streets, unaware that her pendant was crackling with energy.

Chapter 5: “False Hope”

“Will she be all right professor?” Jacob asked.

Kevin looked worried at Cassandra. Her ghostlike eyes made her appear dead.

“Fortunately, I have one piece of dryad's root left.” Professor Wu replied. “She will be fine.”

Professor Wu was not human like most wizards. She was a cow originating from a different world of the spiral. She wore a green kimono. The professor carried a flask of a green potion in her right hand and a fan in the other.

“Dayrd Sselb Yht Noitop1.” Professor Wu encanted.

The potion bubbled while it turned brown, then turned green. It went back and forth from those colors until it finally stayed as a yellow potion. Rain continued to fall outside as Professor Wu continued preparing the potion.

Kevin looked out the window. “What's everyone doing behind Bartleby?”

There was a huge crowd of students gathering behind the big tree.

“I'll be right back guys.” Kevin said. “This looks interesting.”

Kevin went out the door and walked to where the crowd was forming.

“Holy cow! What happened to it?” Someone shouted.

“I bet it's a trick.” Someone else shouted.

As Kevin got closer to the crowd, he saw what they were talking about.

A building was ripped out of the campus grounds. A huge gap was left where it used to stand. Giant roots were visible at the edges.

Oh no. Kevin thought. The death school is gone.

A gust of wind suddenly pushed everyone back.

“That's enough. Go back to your dorms or whatever.” A grumpy voice yelled.

A bald man wearing yellow stepped up to where the gap was. He put his wand back in his pocket.

The bald man looked back. The students continued to stare.

“Shoo! I said leave!” The bald man grunted.

A woman wearing a red dress stepped up to the bald man. She had a yellow umbrella.

“Oh be quiet Cyrus.” she said. “They deserve to know. After all, they are students here.”

The bald man suddenly quieted down.

“Alright Dalia. Whatever you say.” Cyrus sighed.

The students walked closer to the gap again, wondering at how the building disappeared.

“I'll inform the headmaster while you fools stay here.” Cyrus said.

Cyrus spotted Kevin in the crowd. “Hey you! Battleblood person!”

Kevin was startled but he walked over to the bald man.

“Yes Professor Drake?” Kevin asked, looking a bit annoyed.

“Get one of your WIC officer friends to come see me at the headmaster's house.” Professor Drake said. “Hurry boy, I don't have all day.” Kevin ran over to the life school building.

Professor Wu was doing the final steps for the healing potion. She looked at it and smiled.

“It is ready.” she said.

“Alright.” Jacob said. “Hang in there Cassandra.”

Professor Wu opened Cassandra's mouth and gave her a spoonful of of the healing potion.

Everyone looked at Cassandra. Her eyes twitched a little. She suddenly sat upright.

Cassandra glared at Professor Wu. “You and the other fools are to late. They will destroy your precious city!”

Cassandra gave everyone an ice cold look. “My master will have all of your souls!”

Professor Wu was speechless. Her hands trembled with fear.

Cassandra stood up and pointed both her hands at the professor. “Krad Esor Seniv Yortsed Moolinda1.” She whispered. Black vines began to sprout from her hands.

Jacob yelled. “Professor, watch out!”

He reached for his wand and aimed at Cassandra. “Tirips Esuffid!”

Jacob's wand crackled with orange light. It made a loud cracking sound and sent Jacob flying across the room.

“Fizzling? You're such a fail.” Cassandra said.

The black vines that grew from Cassandra's hand grabbed Professor Wu by her neck.

“What are you doing dear!” Moolinda said as her eyes grew with surprise. The vines tightened their grip.

“Let her go Cassandra!” Jacob yelled. He was on the ground, unable to move from pain.

“Or what?” Cassandra said blankly.

Looks like I have no choice. Jacob thought.

Professor Wu's energy was being drained through the vines. She looked like she was about to pass out.

“A-A-gairt Gnis-s-selb1.” Professor Wu whispered as she gasped for air. The black vines around the professor's neck melted away and disappeared.

“Ahhhh!” Cassandra yelled. She backed away to the green wall of the classroom. She was saving energy for another spell.

Professor Wu was struggling to catch her breath. “Jacob do something! “ Jacob got up from the ground. He pointed his wand at Cassandra. “Time's up Cassandra.” Jacob said.

Just as Jacob began to encant a spell, the door opened.

Kevin saw Jacob's pointed wand at Cassandra.

“Jacob, what are you doing?!” Kevin shouted.

“Kevin, that's not Cassandra! Something's controlling her!”

Kevin looked at Cassandra. Her face had a blank expression and her ghostly eyes appeared to pierce through everyone.

Kevin took out his blue wand. “Cassandra.” He began.

“I am no longer you who call Cassandra. I serve only the Master, for he will soon rule this place.” Cassandra replied.

“She's been enchanted, but I don't know how.” Professor Wu's voice was shaking. “Do what you can to release her!”

“What is going on in there!” A voice outside shouted.

Professor Drake came inside and saw Cassandra.

“Oh good. More childish charades?” Cyrus asked.

“Shut up old man. Your soul shall be mine!”

Cassandra's eye's went completely white. Black vines grew from her hands, aimed at Professor Drake.

Kevin's eyes flashed with blue light. “Nooo!”

“Ezeerf Cassandra Eci Tabs1!” Kevin shouted.

Kevin waved his wand to form a snowflake symbol. The air became cold and the it seemed to envelop around everyone. A blue cloud appeared at the top of the room. White bats flew out of the center.

“Ahhhh!” Cassandra hissed.

The bats circled around Cassandra and blew icy cold air from their mouths. Cassandra became frozen solid in a block of ice. The black vines from her hands stayed still.

“Wow. It worked!” Kevin took a deep breath.

Professor Wu put a hand over her mouth. “Oh my goodness.”

Professor Drake was speechless. He looked at Cassandra with great concern.

“I'll have her placed in the vaults at Colossus Boulevard.” Professor Drake said. “You are both wizard identification officers are you?” Professor Drake glanced at Jacob and Kevin.

“Yes Professor.” Jacob replied.

Kevin nodded.

“Tell the headmaster that we must enforce a curfew on all the students.”

Professor Drake said. “Something dangerous is at work here.”

Cyrus Drake closed his eyes and teleported Cassandra and himself out of the classroom.

“Oh dear.” Professor Wu whispered. “My classroom is a mess.” Jacob looked around. Desks were scattered around and black vines laid on the floor. Black ooze was leaking from the vines.

“Allow me Professor.” Jacob said as he waved his wand.

Jacob eye's glowed with orange light. A faint symbol that looked like a scale was embedded in the light.

The desks were rearranged and the floor was covered in magic. Slowly the classroom was fixed and everything was repaired. The floor became spotless.

Professor Wu smiled. “Thank you dear. I would give you a cookie if I had any left but...”

“Thanks Professor but we really have to get moving.” Jacob replied.

“I'll see you later Professor.” Kevin said.

The two wizards stepped out of the classroom. The rain continued to fall.

“Follow me.” Kevin said.

Jacob followed Kevin behind the classroom building.

“We will tell no one of this incident until we find out what's going on. I don't wanna start a panic attack.” Kevin said.

“Alright. We'll need to meet with the committee.” Jacob said. “Let's let the headmaster know.”

The two wizards summoned their brooms using their wands.

“Here is what invisibility potion I have left.” Kevin said, holding two vials of clear liquid.

They both drank the bottles and gradually disappeared from sight. “Lets move.” Kevin said.

They mounted on their brooms and flew up to the rainy sky, heading for the headmaster's house.

A hooded boy wearing blue robes was hiding on top of a tree, spying on them the whole time.

“The Master will not be pleased...” The boy whispered.

He removed his hood, revealing his frostbitten face. Do not worry Master Nightshade, they will all soon be one of us.

Chapter 6: “Grim Harvest”

Rainee ran through the cracked cobblestone ground. Her red shirt were covered in debris. The smell of rotting flesh pierced through her nose. I have to get out of her. I can feel my sister suffering... Rainee looked ahead. Abandoned houses were everywhere. Windows were broken. Broken brooms and wands lay on the streets. A sign labeled Triton Avenue was torn in half. I feel death. So much suffering.

“Hoi?” Something whispered..

What was that? Rainee froze.

Something moved around in her backpack, squirming to get out. “Oh!” Rainee exclaimed. “I remember!”

Rainee hid behind a dead tree. She reached behind and took out her backpack. She opened the zipper. Pieces of cracked eggshells were everywhere. “Tick tick tick tick.” A red lizard cooed.

It had sharp teeth and claws. Warmth seemed to emanate from it. “My hotzilla!” Rainee whispered.

The lizard yawned and curled into a sleeping position.

“Aw.” Rainee said. “He's finally hatched. I wonder what I should name him.”

A loud crash was heard coming from a house nearby.

Rainee picked up her baby hotzilla in her arms and walked toward the crash.

A pink haired girl with dark robes was being held by a tall hooded boy with dark silver hair.

“Let me go! Let me go now!” The girl yelled.

“The Master would like you to join us, young lady.” The boy said.

“I have no need of your stupid hospitality!” The girl yelled. “I want my brother back!”

“You mean Steve? He has joined us. And now, you shall too.”

The boy pointed a finger at the girl's face.

“NEVER!” The girl screamed. “Krad Wolb1!”

A blast of dark energy shot out of the girl's eyes and hit the boy's hand. “Gah! You'll pay for that!” The boy took out his wand.

The girl released herself from the boy's grip.

“Now, tell me where Steve is or I'll destroy you.” The girl whispered and pointed at the boy.

The boy stayed silent. Not moving at all.

Rainee walked up to them and saw the horrible sight. The girl turned her face around and saw Rainee. “Nooo! Not another one!” She said.

The girl saw Rainee's face and let out a sigh of relief. “Yes! You're not one of them!”

Rainee stared at the boy. This is just like what happened with Stephen. “What's going on? Who are you?” Rainee whispered.

“I'm Leesha.” The girl replied. “That wizard over there. He's been cursed by who knows what!”

The boy looked at Rainee. “You!”

Oh no. Rainee thought. She took out her wand from her secret sleeve pocket.

“The Master requests that you die.” The boy said. A faint smile formed on his face. “And I shall be rewarded.”

“What!? You're crazy!” Rainee screamed.

The boy's eyes began to glow. “Relax. This will only hurt for a second.” Rainee's heart pulsed like a car engine. She waved her wand and shouted random incantations.

“No! Don't do that!” Leesha shouted. “It will only...”

To late. Rainee fizzled her spell and her skin felt like it was burning. She dropped to the floor. Her hotzilla was crying loudly.

“AHHHHH! HELP ME!” Rainee yelled.

“Foolish novice wizardess.” The boy said. “I don't know why the Master feels threatened by your presence, but I will do what I must.”

He put his wand away in his robes and took out a silver dagger. He approached Rainee, preparing to stab her.

“No!” Leesha cried. “Kaolc1!”

Leesha disappeared from the boy's sight.

“Huh?” The boy muttered.

Leesha got behind him. “Krad Wolb!” She shot dark energy and hit the boy's back.

The boy almost fell while he turned around. “You cannot interfere with the Master's orders.”

Rainee's skin felt normal again. She stood up and pointed her wand at the boy.

“Tick tick tick!” The hotzilla cried. He snarled at the boy. Leesha's cloak charm wore off. Rainee and Leesha pointed both their wands at the boy. He stopped moving.

“Now, you will tell us everything.” Leesha said.

“Your brother...” The boy put his dagger back in his pocket. “Is with the Harvest Lord. Soon he will be one of the Soulless Ones. The undead will rule Wizard City.”

Leesha's hand was trembling in anger and fear. “Tell us where he is or we will destroy you.”

The boy took off his hood. “No... I AM your BROTHER!”

Leesha gasped. “NOOOOOOOO!”

“Good boy. Good boy.” A raspy voice whispered.

Orange and red leaves spun through the air in a circle.

I wanna go home. Rainee thought.

A scarecrow materialized in front of them. Fire could be seen through its rotting pumpkin head.

“Ah. Its good to see you Rosespirit.” The scarecrow said. “I am the Harvest Lord. The Master's assistant.”

The Harvest Lord approached Rainee. “You don't look like the one as described in the prophecy.” The Harvest Lord laughed.

This thing's getting on my nerves. Rainee pointed her wand at the Harvest Lord.

“Watch where you point that thing, Rosespirit.” The Harvest Lord snarled.

The Harvest Lord turned around and blasted Leesha with from from his eyes. Her skin was scorched and her clothes were covered in black dust. “Now you will come with me, or watch your friend die.” The Harvest Lord laughed.

Chapter 7: “The Evil Inside her”

Thick fog covered the buildings around the streets. With the invisibility potion still in effect, Jacob and Kevin spotted the headmaster's house and slowly flew down.

Jacob looked around to see if anyone was watching. “The coast is clear. Say the password.”

“Ne Sugam Son Sedif1.” Kevin whispered.

A symbol of a scale appeared on the headmaster's doorknob. Jacob opened the door and stepped inside. Kevin followed while looking back to check for followers and closed the door.

The doorknob outside instantly changed back to normal and the potion wore off.

In the inside of the building was a round table with eight chairs. Each chair was encrusted with a unique jewel representing a school of magic. A statuette of Bartleby the tree was in the center of the table. Shelves filled with various spell books filled the walls.

“Sup Jacob.” A dark haired boy said. He wore robes that showed pride in the practice of fire magic.

“Hey Chris. Did Professor Drake and the headmaster told you the news?” Jacob said as he sat down.

Kevin sighed. “Is the headmaster coming over?” He also sat down. Bright green light suddenly engulfed the room.

A girl with long dark brown hair appeared. She wore green robes, signifying she practiced the life arts. An orange sprite sat on her shoulder. “Sorry for popping in like this.” She smiled and looked around. “Where are the others?”

Chris looked at the girl. “Marissa...” He started. “Stephen, Sarai, Heather, and Hannah have gone missing.”

“Kevin. Since you're our president, I think you outta know where they are.” Chris said with a smirk.

“Unfortunately, I don't have any clue. I didn't hear about their disappearances either.” Kevin replied, looking a bit annoyed. “I fear that those disappearances have something to do with what happened to Cassandra.”

Another flash of bright light appeared. An old bearded man wearing robes with stars entered the room. His forehead showed signs of deep thought. “Headmaster Ambrose.” Kevin said. “Welcome sir.”

The headmaster walked slowly to his chair. “Hello, WIC officers.”

“I have terrible news.” He coughed. “Lots of students have been reported missing.”

“Sir, some of the WIC officers have gone missing as well.” Kevin added. “Indeed. We must get to the root of this problem as soon as possible.” Ambrose said. “I have instructed Professor Drake to enforce a mandatory curfew to protect our students.”

Ambrose's eyes glowed with orange light as he stared into the statuette of Bartleby in the center of the round table.

“Bartleby, we need answers.” Ambrose asked.

The small figure became animated and soon Bartleby's voice could be heard from it. “Hello, headmaster.”Bartleby's voice seemed tired and weak. “Bartleby, what is going on with the city?” Ambrose asked.

Everyone scooted their chair closer to hear what Bartleby was saying. “My eye, it has been stolen. I cannot see the cause of this problem.” Bartleby sighed. “But, my other eye can reveal the future.”

“What do you see my old friend.” Ambrose asked.

Bartleby yawned. “I see... flames... a girl... and... a wraith. Now... I must rest.”

The statuette of Bartleby became still and lifeless.

Ambrose stood up. “I will ponder on this matter later.”

The headmaster approached Jacob. “I'll need you to go to Earth and explain to parents that we don't know why their kids disappeared yet.” “Yes sir.” Jacob replied. “I will leave immediately.”

“And you three...” The headmaster glanced at Kevin, Marissa, and Chris.

“...you shall patrol the streets.”

“I'm on it.” Marissa smiled.

“On second thought...” Ambrose said. “Kevin. Marissa. Head for Triton Avenue. Professor Drake informed me that the place has lost its power. Chris, keep and eye on Bartleby.”

“Jacob follow me.” The headmaster snapped his fingers. He and Jacob disappeared in a flash of light.

Jacob was teleported to the center of Bartleby's heart, where the spiral door was located. The headmaster stood next to him.

“Good luck young wizard.” Ambrose said.

Jacob tried using his key to Earth, but it wouldn't work.

“Sir, It's not working.” He said.

The headmaster forehead folded. “What?”

Ambrose took the key from Jacob and tried opening the door.

“Interesting...” He whispered.

“Don't worry Jacob, I have a spare key. It will send you to Lincoln High school, but not at Ms. Deathslinger's office. I wonder what happened to her door.”

Ambrose handed Jacob a different key, he used it and the door activated.

“May the elements be with you.” Ambrose said.

Jacob walked through the wooden door. After a few minutes of spacing out inside, Jacob was finally able to get to his destination. He opened a door and found himself inside a janitor's storeroom, where the spiral door was disguised as a old rusty mirror.

Now to get to business. Jacob thought. He checked his watch. “12:10.” It read.

Weird. Isn't it supposed to be noisy when its lunchtime? Jacob waved his wand and transformed his sorcerer robes into a black shirt and jeans.

Jacob walked out of the storeroom and was surprised at the sight he saw. Everyone was asleep, not a single student or teacher was awake. Holy Ra... Jacob frowned.

“What? How'd you get in here!?” someone shouted.

Jacob looked up. “Ms. Deathslinger?!”

Ms. Deathslinger was riding on a purple flying carpet, spreading a weird white powder everywhere. She smirked. “What in blazes? I thought I had cursed the spiral door!”

“Whoever you are, you're not getting away.” Ms. Deathslinger said. She raised both her hands and fired dark lightning bolts at Jacob. Jacob raised an orange glowing sword and blocked the vile bolts. “Ms. Deathslinger, don't you recognize me?”

Ms. Deathslinger replied. “I haven't a clue fool. I just need you out of the way of the Master's plans.”

The Master? Cassandra mentioned him too! Ms. Deathslinger has been enchanted!

“I don't want to hurt you, surrender now and tell me who you really are!” Jacob yelled.

“NEVER!” Ms. Deathslinger cried. She opened her mouth and screamed. “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!”

“Ahhhh!” Jacob yelled and covered his ears.

“Do not meddle with the affairs of the undead, boy!”

Ms. Deathslinger raised her hands again and fired more dark lightning. Ar Pmuj1. Jacob thought. He jumped out of the spell's way and leaped on top of a building.

Ms. Deathslinger unsummoned her flying carpet and landed on the same building.

“It ends here kid. Don't take it personal. Business is business.” Her eyes crackled in purple light as she prepared to shoot another blast of dark lightning.

Jacob withdrew his sword and brought out his wand and concentrated on improvising a rhyme verse spell. It's worth a shot. Jacob thought. Jacob's eyes flashed with orange light as he waved his wand to drew a symbol that looked like a balance scale.

“To cease the storm.

To end the fear.

Reveal to me the person, that is impersonated here!” Jacob encanted.

Jacob's wand burst with orange light that engulfed Ms. Deathslinger.

“WHAT?! OH NO!” Her scream pierced through Jacob's ears.

Mist came out of Ms. Deathslinger's mouth. It materialized into a ghost with chains stuck on its body.

“Yes it worked!” Jacob yelled.

Ms. Deathslinger was dazed. Oh dear. Where am I? She stood up and saw Jacob. “Jacob! Is that you?”

“THIS AIN'T OVER MORTALS!” The ghost yelled. She screamed loudly and knocked out Jacob from consciousness.

Ms. Deathslinger wasn't affected. She snapped her fingers. Her Earth clothes changed into her purple wizard robes. She brought out her pure amethyst wand and pointed at the ghost.

“Bastilla Gravewynd!” Ms. Deathslinger said. “I thought they had you locked up. So you were the one who attacked me in my sleep. I'm gonna tear you apart.”

“Think again mortal! HAHAHAHA.” She cackled.

Ms. Deathslinger waved her wand and formed a lightning bolt symbol in the air.

“Enasni Tlob1.” She muttered. “I hate banshees!”

Dark clouds formed above and a surge of lightning hit the ghost directly in her face.

Bastilla screamed. “The Master's plans will still happen without my help! You mortals will pay!” She melted into nothingness.

Students around the school started waking up, as if freed from a spell. Ms. Deathslinger waved her wand and teleported herself and Jacob from the roof. I must tell everyone what happened. She thought.

Chapter 8: “The Master's Prophecy”

The Harvest Lord lead Rainee and Leesha through a huge pumpkin patch on a steep hill. The rotting smell was almost unbearable. Flies and other insects flew around like living bullets.

An old house was at the top of the hill. Its windows were shattered. The door was severely cracked and damaged.

“Rainee. I can't feel my arms.” Leesha whispered. Her arm was still scorched from the Harvest Lord's blast.

“Don't worry. We'll somehow get out of here.” Rainee replied. Rainee's hotzilla whimpered.

Rainee frowned. “I have to get some food for him.”

“Rosespirit, go inside.” The Harvest Lord said. “The Master would like to see you.”

Who the heck does he think he is? Rainee clenched her fist.

“The other girl can stay here... In case you plan to pull any monkey business.” The Harvest Lord sneered. The flame in his head burned brightly.

Rainee walked up into the old house and stepped inside. She looked around. I can't see anything.

“Come closer Rosespirit.” A hoarse voice whispered.

Rainee's heart pounded like crazy. She gripped her wand tightly. Where's Jacob when you need him? I'm such a fail at this magic thing. “Don't be afraid.” The voice laughed.

Candles suddenly lit open. Broken furniture and cobwebs became visible.

“Climb up the stairs girl.” The voice said again.

Rainee reluctantly climbed up the rotting stairs. Each step she took made a creaking sound.

When she reached the top, she saw the two boys she had encountered earlier. Stephen Spiritcaller, the death senior officer; Steven Stardust, Leesha's brother. The both had their wands out.

A dark figure was sitting in an antique throne turned backwards.

“Alas, we meet in person Rosespirit.” The figure stayed motionless.

“Who are you!?” Rainee yelled. She shivered in fear.

“I am Lord Nightshade, known to my henchmen as the Master.” The figure yelled. “You'll soon learn to respect your future king.”

The dark figure turned his chair around and faced Rainee. He had thin bony hands and wore a hood. His face looked cold and lifeless. He tapped his fingers on the throne's arms.

“So you're the little witch that the wizard warned me about.” The dark figure said. “He said that you have the power to stop me.”

“Whatever. Now let me out of here.” Rainee slowly started to retreat. The figure stood up and approached Rainee. “Why so early? You should stay awhile. Hehehe.”

“I don't want to take advantage of your hospitality.” Rainee said weakly. Rainee slowly backed away and went down the stairs. She almost tripped but quickly regained her balance.

“Don't be afraid.” The figure said. “You'll soon be with us, and serve in my undead army.”

Rainee held her little hotzilla tightly and ran out, stricken with sudden fear.

“You cannot cheat death Rosespirit.” The figure yelled. “I will get what I want.”

The two boys fired dark blasts at Rainee but missed. Vases and furniture were broken and burned with deathly energy.

“GET HER!” Lord Nightshade screamed.

The two boys ran down the stairs and followed Rainee. Rainee slammed the door and knocked them both unconscious on the floor.

The Harvest Lord's flames ignited as he saw Rainee running out the old house.

“You're not getting away from me!” He screamed and fired blazing blasts from his eyes. Rainee dodged each one.

“Leesha!” Rainee screamed. “Let's get out of here! We'll save your brother some other time!”

Leesha ran away from the Harvest Lord while he was distracted. I'm gonna have to use my defective broom, but I have no choice. Rainee thought.

“ARRRGGGHHH!” The Harvest Lord screamed.

Rainee snapped her fingers and conjured her red broom. She mounted herself on it. “Come on work!” She yelled.

Leesha waved her wand and formed the death symbol in the air.

“Eliugeb Eht Drol1.” She muttered. Grey light enveloped the Harvest Lord and glowing red hearts covered his entire body.

“Must. Help. Leesha.” The Harvest Lord said in a daze. The two boys broke through the door and spotted Rainee and Leesha. They pointed their wands at them.

The Harvest Lord's eyes widened and blasted the two boys with fire. They fell down on their backs.

“Yes!” Leesha exclaimed. She then summoned her own broom and mounted it.

Leesha and Rainee kicked off the ground and flew out of the dark streets, safe at last and holding a terrible secret. Without her noticing anything, Rainee's “protective” pendant shattered to bits.

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