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The Shadows: Welcome to Nothing by Jasmine Nightsword

I was on my way home. I was away studying storm magic at ravenwood, then in orders of the headmaster traveled to krokotopia, after that Marleybone to study at the museum and with the famous sherlockbones, and Mooshu. I have been writing letters to my family in dragonspyre they haven’t written back in years. But I am at the digmoore station in Marleybone on my way back to see what has happened to my beloved home.

“ One ticket to Dragonspyre please. “ I asked Tracey Castleton at the ticket counter. “Jasmine? Is that really you? “ I turned to see Julia, a myth wizard also my best friend. We went to study together but got split for a year when the headmaster sent her to Grizzleheim and I to krokotopia, we meet again in Marleybone at the Big Ben and went through Mooshu together then we went to study at different schools, but here we are again. “Julia? Oh you’re here! “I went and hugged her overjoyed to see my best friend again. “I’m so glad to see you! “ I let go too see Tracey waving a ticket in the air for dragonsypre. “Hold on “I said and dashed to the ticket counter. “Your ride leaves at eleven o’clock. “ said Tracey who handed me my ticket. I glanced at the huge clock on the wall seeing it was ten fifty. My happiness soon left, only ten more minutes with a friend I haven’t seen in so long?

I turned to see Julia coming, “what is the matter? “ Julia asked seeing my joyless face. “We only have ten minutes left with each other. “ I reply grim waving the ticket in the air. “You honestly think that you’re the only one the headmaster sent back home for a while? “ “Julia replied tartly. I looked at her confused, what did she mean? Did the headmaster send her back home for two months too? “One ticket for dragonsypre please “ Julia asked then the lady handed her a ticket too. “ the headmaster said I can go back home for two months as long as I continue reading about Mooshu’s History… but who says I’m going to do that! “ I laughed and looked at the clock over head it was now ten fifty-nine. Did all that time really pass? “We should go! The train is going to leave! “ We ran to the dragonspyre balloon fast as we could and hopped aboard just as the earsplitting whistle blew and we were off.

The stars in the sky twinkled, as the propeller made a chugging sound. Their was a slight breeze as we flew around the Big Ben. The clock on the Big Ben read eleven thirty, the balloon was moving slowly and it felt as if me and Julia would never get back home. Julia walked out and sat at the railing next to me. “ that was a fun time. “ she said looking back at the Big Ben, “ you bet it was remember when I spilt the milk and we had to defeat that one guy?” I said. “ you bet I do!” Julia answered . “ so what are you doing after two months?” I asked her “ oh… stuff “ she said then we both started laughing. “ what did you get for spells? I got Cerberus! “ Julia looked at my deck. “ I got… “ I started to flip through my cards… “ storm lord. “ Julia was digging through her bag when I looked at her, she handed me a heck hound treasure card. “ thanks! Oh here I was saving this for you if we met again. “ I dug through my bag and found the myth wand I got from the librarian, nice guy. I handed Julia the wand and she smiled “wow! Thanks! “ I looked back a breeze started up and the Big Ben dinged a good bye, as me and Julia watched Marleybone fade away into the night.

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