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The Shadowgem Chronicles by Wolf Shadowgem

I didn’t ask to be turned to a super powered wizard. I could hardly understand the powers I unlocked on Earth. Back at Earth, my powers had been strangely powerful. Mostly, skeletons in museums had come back to life. Also, I could summon lighting, but barely. The minute I did, I felt drained. Merle decided to put me in Death and my secondary Storm. I got a new name and life. I met new people and a few months in Wizard City, I became adjusted to my magical life. I traveled to Krokotopia, Marleybone, MooShu, Dragonspyre and Celestia. Yet everything changed completely when I found the Dragon’s Heart. Here is the Story of how I became a super wizard.

Wolf waved his wand and teleported away. But as he did, he heard a giant crack of something ripping. He began to spin involuntarily. Lily, his best friend, screamed. Wolf opened his eyes to find himself on top of a house. Below, a water mole was screeching. Wolf looked around. He was on the island on top of Celestia. There was a pop and Lily appeared. She was pale. Wolf waved his wand again to port again but was angry to find nothing was happening. Another wave and the duo vanished. “Stop porting before I puke sick all over you.” hissed Lily. But Wolf was barely paying any attention. Up in the air, there was Morganthe. She shot a spider web at Wolf who fired it with lightning. Morganthe laughed evilly. “You will never win, Shadowgem.” “Wanna bet. I’ll squash you flat!” retorted Wolf. Lily raised her hands and the trees’ branches hit Morganthe. The Queen of the Shadow Web gritted her teeth. She thrust out her hand and a beam of magenta light hit Lily. She was shoved to the ground. Lily rose up and took out a card. She cast it and a blue aura surrounded her. Wolf cast another Astral Spell and a purple aura covered him. Morganthe lunged at Lily but her aura sparked as she touched Lily. When Morganthe hit Wolf, a small yellow ball formed in the floor. “Hit me some more! I’ll get more pips.” The Queen raised her hands and vanished. Wolf and Lily’s aura pulsated and then vanished. “I say we get to the Spiral Door and go to Ambrose.”

“Look it’s the beach!” said Wolf racing to the tube that would send the two wizards to Celestia. But Lily was too distracted by the statue of the Triton. It was glowing purple. The minute Lily touched it, the enemies advancing towards her vanished. A bolt of lightning hit the statue and Lily just as Wolf touched her robe. The two glowed purple and then teleported.

Wolf opened his eyes to find himself in Nidavellir. It was under Grizzleheim and dangerous. Lily shook her head. “What happened?” “You decided to touch a stupid statue and we wound up here!” said Wolf at Lily. Lily shrugged. “It just called to me….like it wanted this to happen.” Wolf only ignored her. “Umm….why is there an ice hammer in the floor.” said Lily.------------Wolf picked the hammer and it vanished. Wolf and Lily gasped as they began to teleport. Wolf sighed as his surroundings changed. “I am getting really tired of this!” said Lily. When they stopped teleporting, they were in Dragon Mouth Cave. It was a secluded place hidden from view in Wizard City. Eventually more people began discovering it. The cave was small, not enough place to duel. A statue of a dragon was in the cave. It held up a stone bowl full of fire crystals. Wolf turned to the cave door. It was still destroyed. When Wolf had tried to get in, pyromancers had locked him in. But a few bolts of lightning later and he had gotten out. Yet as he remembered the faint memory, the destroyed metal gate shone gold and in a flash of light, the gate was fixed and brand new. Lily banged her staff against the metal and tried to use ice magic to freeze the gate. For a minute it was frozen but then, fire exploded from the metal, melting the ice right off. Wolf stepped up and tried to use his Skeleton Key. It broke in the lock and this time, when he summoned lightning, it bounced off. Lily turned to the statue and in anger, froze it. Yet, of course, it melted off. Lily sat down. Wolf looked at the platform that had the Dragon on it. Wolf blinked and raced to the platform. Was it his imagination or was there a hand shape on it? Wolf put his hand on it and black energy shone beneath his palm. The Dragon suddenly moved forward. Wolf crawled out the way. Lily rushed to Wolf. “What did you do!” she said. The Dragon stopped moving as Lily finished the sentence. Wolf looked behind the statue. There was a hole there. Wolf didn’t hesitate to leap in. Lily followed suit.

Wolf gasped. The hole had led to a cave below. Wolf looked around. Crystals lit the place dimly. Lily looked at the walls. Mostly it they were covered with runes. But one section had a picture of something. Also, there was writing in the bottom. Lily and Wolf looked at it. A spiral connected the 7 school runes. Under the symbols were a few sentences. “When it is Midsummer, the Fire and Ice chosen ones can be awakened. When it is Yuletide, the Storm and Myth chosen ones can be awakened. When the sun is behind the moon, the Death and Life chosen ones can be awakened. When the moon is behind the sun, the Balance chosen one can be awakened.” read Lily. Wolf rolled his eyes. “It’s probably not true.” “Um…. What is that?” asked Lily pointing. “It’s a Triton, a Frost Giant and Dragon statue! And that Triton and Giant have a hammer and trident like the one’s we found. The Dragon is holding a fireball!” said Wolf, surprised. Suddenly, when the pair looked down, there was a large circular pool. Wolf rubbed his eyes. “Was that there before?” asked Lily. “No” replied Wolf. Just then, above them, a giant stone slab vanished. Sunlight rained down on the pool. Wolf jumped back. Lily then looked at the statues the pictures in the wall and the sun above. She quickly pieced everything together. “Wolf, I think we’re the Death and Life Chosen ones in the wall they were talking about” “What? No, we can’t be the chosen ones” said Wolf. Lily looked at the sky. A dark circle was about to cover the sun. “An eclipse!” she thought. She grabbed Wolf’s hand and jumped in the pool just as the eclipse took place. A beam of yellow light hit the statue. Lily and Wolf looked above. The 3 statues glowed and moved. Not like they were alive. But more like a rusty robot. The statue pointed their weapons at the pool and fire, ice and lightning were shot at the bottom of the pool. Green, yellow and black smoke also slid to the pool. A glow of golden light shone from below the water. Wolf dove under the water. Everything looked light blue. The pool was actually sort of deep. It was about 5 feet deep. The walls of the pool were rocky and were shiny. Wolf looked down to see a glowing orange crystal ball. He looked up to see Lily swimming down to him. Wolf smiled. He really enjoyed that he had the ability to breathe underwater due to an adventure in Celestia. Lily touched the orb and a spark of energy spun around her arm and hit her chest. Lily shut her eyes and puffed out her chest. She began to drift upward. Wolf gripped the strange orb and a spark of energy hit him. He closed his eyes as he saw a shadowy face in the pool…

“He’s Death and she’s Life!” said an excited voice. “That doesn’t mean they have been Awakened.” “But the eclipse just passed over these bums. For all we know, these chaps could have Chosen power.” “We’ll soon find out. They are waking up” Wolf opened his eyes and got up. He was cold and shivering. In front of him were a bunch of wizards. They seemed to be from all the schools. Yet there were no Necromancers or Theurgists. Two Sorcerers were talking in one corner and the rest were chatting excitedly. Wolf coughed and everyone stared at him. “Anyone here is going to tell me what is going on!” Lily stirred to life and nodded. A girl with short brown hair and tan clothes approached him. ”You two have been awakened. You now have more power that even Merle or Malastaire!” said the girl. “So what powers do we have?” said Lily. “We don’t know but maybe you will find out.” replied the girl dismissively. Another girl stepped up. She had storm clothes and a righteous face. “Amelia, we should at least tell them why they have been awakened.” “I was getting to that! I know all, conquer all and I am in charge of all!” said Amelia venomously. She pointed at the girl and shot ice at her feet. The girl raised her wand and a vine rose up and covered her feet. The vine froze and the girl leaped up and tackled Amelia. She started smacking and slapping Amelia. “YOU’VE HAD THIS COMING, YOU SELF ABSORBED, OBNOXIOUS CONTROL FREAK OF A GIRL!!!!!!!” screamed the storm girl. An ice girl raced to her. “Abby!” said the girl with a slight Marleybone accent. She grabbed the girl and pulled her off Amelia. Abby’s hair was slightly messed up and her hat was lop-sided. Amelia rose up and shot lightning at Abby. She missed and hit Lily. She yelped and in a second, a vine shot out from the ground and wrapped around her and smashed her down. The vine then shrank down to the ground. Lily stared at her glowing hands. Green smoke drifted off them in curls. Wolf then looked at the other wizards. Was it his imagination or were they actually smirking at Abby. Amelia angrily got up and stormed off. Abby watched her leave. “Thanks Emma...” she said at the ice girl. Lily and Wolf rose up and started talking. Soon Wolf learned their names. Jasmine, Emma, Daniel, Ben and Abby had been Awakened. Jasmine summoned fire and nodded at Emma. She simply touched it and the fire froze solid. Wolf jumped back. Daniel showed him how he could summon hammers and monsters. Ben showed him how he could do everything everyone else could. Wolf grinned. “Wow. We are going to be unstoppable.” Just as they spoke there was a flash of yellow light. Merle appeared. “Awakened ones, there is a great event coming up!” “Yeah, Halloween, we-“ “Not that, Daniel! Gamma has been studying the skies and a rare constellation is coming. It’s the Wraith!” Everyone gasped. Wolf and Lily looked bewildered. “The wraith is a rare constellation. At the right place and right time it can…..turn a wizard to mortal.” said Ben. Wolf’s eyes widen. “If you go to the pool when the two constellation form the Wraith, it will draw away your power and I will be forced to take away your memory and send you to Earth.” said Merle. Lily and Wolf looked at each other. Above in the hole in the Dragon Mouth Cave, Amelia smirked as she heard Merle. “A constellation that can turn these idiots mortal? Very interesting!” she said. Amelia threw her head back and laughed, a plan already forming in her evil mind…

Wolf tried to sleep but he simply couldn’t. His chest was for some reason full of anxiety. He woke up suddenly to a scream. It had been from his dream. His dream was him in the cave. Wolf out on his Eclipse Cover, Baneful coat and Raven shoes and raced out the house in his Bat Wings. He took out his Spiral Key and turned it on the knob of the Spiral Door. Wolf opened it and came out the other end. He quickly teleported to the commons and to Golem Tower, somehow knowing time was precious.

As Jasmine and Emma appeared into the pool cave, they suddenly were suddenly tied up. “What in the- “began Emma. “Shut it” yelled a voice. A figure stepped out. She had a large black robe and a large purple gem. The figure took off their hood and a mass of brown hair fell off. Amelia smirked. She took out a bunch of cards and cast each one. The spells were Converters. Amelia shot lightning at it and the spells changed. They now converted all the magic to Balance. The tied up wizards gasped. “You’ll never get away with this!” said Daniel. Abby blew and a tornado swirled around Amelia, who summoned a Sandstorm to fight it off. The two spells collided and vanished. Amelia waved her wand and pointed at the tied up hostages. Emma screamed as mana began draining out of her. The mana drifted up and hovered above the wizards in a giant glowing ball of blue smoke. All the wizards went unconscious.

“Lily?” asked Wolf. The theurgist looked up as she was about to go down the hole. “Stop” he said. “Why?” she asked. “Maybe this is a trap. Amelia could know about the constellation and could be trying to drain our power.” “We should look.’ said Lily as she went down. Wolf raced to the hole and followed her. As Wolf slid down, he took out two cards. He grabbed Lily and held on to the wall before falling down. He waved his wand and cast his spells.

Amelia readied her rope and wand as she heard a thud. Two shapes stepped into the cave. In a flash, Amelia threw the rope and waved the wand. But when she looked at her captured victims, they were ghosts! Amelia gasped as Wolf and Lily appeared. “Wow Amelia, you really fell for that one.” Lily pointed her wand at the rope and it froze to the floor. Amelia waved her wand and a fireball shot out. Lily froze it solid and lunged. She punched Amelia in the face and wiped blood from her knuckles. Wolf tired to hold down Amelia but the second he touched her skin on her wrists, his hands glowed black and Wolf and Amelia flashed white. Wolf stepped back and looked at his palms. They were cold and glowing. Amelia got up. “So that’s your power. Draining health and mana.” Amelia took out a glowing purple dagger and grabbed Lily. “Give and surrender your power to me or she dies.” Amelia pressed the glowing dragger to Lily’s neck. Blood gushed out the cut. Wolf held up his hands and dropped his wand. Amelia smiled and threw Lily aside. She fell into the pool with a splash. Wolf yelled as Amelia put a hand on his chest. Black energy flowed from Wolf to Amelia. Wolf stepped back and the connection was severed. Amelia grinned madly. Her fists were glowing black. She lunged at Wolf. But he took out a card and drew the Storm Rune. A Stormzilla burst out an egg. Lily got out the pool. Above the pool, stars were slowly moving. Amelia cast Power Nova. On Lily. Lily flew back and hit the wall. She lay in the floor, unconscious. Wolf instantly cast Spirit Blade, Spirit Trap, Death Trap, Curse, Feint, Death blade and with his new dark pact spell, got another blade. He took out a Treasure card and cast it. The scarecrow almost seemed to smile as the blades and traps exploded. Wolf grinned as he hit Critical .Amelia fell down, defeated by the massive spell. Lord Honey, Wolf’s dragon, cast guiding light as Wolf cast Death Shield. Wolf then cast Sacrifice and directed it to Lily. Wolf raced to Lily and felt pulse on her neck. It was steady. Amelia took out a purple potion and drank it. She got up. Amelia cast Power Nova at Wolf and the rest of the wizards. Lily and Wolf were smashed into the pool with the wizard. Amelia laughed but then she looked down. The wizards were on a cloud. They leapt out and advanced to Amelia. Amelia took out a card and cast it. A sun blazed to life and Ra stepped out. He began to shoot fire from his ankh. All the wizards split up. Emma froze the ankh and Abby shot lightning at it. It broke. Ra then began swinging his strange staff. Emma was hit and laid in the ground, clutching her nose in pain. Abby and Lily tried to attack but were both blinded by Ra when he clapped his hands making the sun brighter. Jasmine summoned an Efreet and the two began furious combat. They were evenly matched and were both using Fire. As the two began combat, Wolf summoned a Skeletal Dragon and Lily and Emma aided with a Snow angel and Forest Lord. Abby tried to summon help but kept fizzling. After adding Keen Eyes, a Leviathan finally appeared. Abby sighed and yelled at Daniel. Daniel nodded and cast a vicious Medusa. A woman with snake for hair slithered to Ra. But for some reason, all the 6 monsters were not succeeding in destroying Ra. Ra vaporized the Leviathan with fire and amazingly, grabbed the Efreet’s sword and stabbed Medusa. The woman turned to dust. The sword vanished as Ra then managed to destroy the Efreet with it. Then, Ra melted the Snow Angel. Ra clapped his hands and the sun flared. Everyone covered their eyes except for the Skeletal Dragon who had no eyes. The angry animated corpse roared and bit Ra’s ankle. The Sun god smashed his foot in its face and it was crushed to nothing. Lily waved her hand and the Forest Lord glowed. Ra lunged and shot fire at it. The Forest Lord then shot energy at Ra. The two energies collided. They exploded and turned to nothing. Everyone fell to the floor in exhaustion. Wolf was the only one standing. Amelia huffed and puffed and tried to cast a spell but Wolf was ready for her. Amelia took out a card. She had made it herself. She waved her wand and a strange global spell flashed to life. It seemed to power everything. Rain, ice and leaves fell to the floor gently. Myth eyes floated about. Fire blazed in the edges of the globe. Amelia felt her powers strengthen. Wolf lunged and tried to touch her. Amelia blasted him away easily. “I have all of the wizard’s powers!” “No you don’t. Lily didn’t-““I took her powers when she slept.” said Amelia laughed as the dome shook. Wolf looked at the wizards and saw they were trying to reach out to him. He raced to them. The 6 wizards touched his hands and an unexpected burst of power hit Wolf. He closed his eyes. He felt his mind meld with the wizards. He felt their memories, their fears and powers. He opened his eyes and faced Amelia. Amelia stomped on the ground. A crack opened. Water flowed out. Amelia raised her hands and the water floated out in little balls. Amelia froze them. She hurled them at Wolf, who released a wave of fire and melted the frozen fury. Amelia then shot a blast of fire. Wolf counter attacked with ice. The two beams pushed each other, trying to conquer each others energies. Wolf summoned a Cyclops. Amelia simply shot lightning at it. The Cyclops then fell its knees, roaring. Wolf closed his eyes and concentrated on Storm and Death magic. He pictured the two combined. His hands began to tingle. Wolf stretched his hand out and black lightning shot out. It had an eerie look and hit Amelia with a blast. “If I could combine storm and death, let’s see myth and fire!” Wolf lunged at Amelia and put his palm on her chest. There was pause and glowing yellow fire exploded. Wolf then combined ice and life. There was a crack and green colored icicles burst out the ground. Amelia melted them with black fire. “I know how to combine magic” “Well, great.” yelled Wolf. He raised his hands up and a tornado appeared. It was normal until Wolf shot fire at it. The burning fire ceased when Abby blew it away. Wolf then gasped as the pool glowed white as the Wraith finally appeared. Wolf began to summon wind to blow Amelia to the pool. Wolf’s and Amelia’s hair began to fly. Finally, Amelia rose off the ground. Screaming, she floated to the pool. Wolf ceased the wind and she dropped in. The constellation glowed and Amelia gulped. She howled as multicolored smoke to burst out of her eyes and mouth. It shot to Wolf and rest of the wizards. Then, there was a sharp crack sound and Amelia floated up. A glowing orb burst out of her. It was light orange and glowing. It vanished and the wraith disappeared. Amelia fell into the pool and then climbed out. She took out a spell card and tried to cast it. But she couldn’t form the rune. Wolf grinned. “You are mortal, Amelia. No more magic…..forever…” he said. Amelia then angrily lunged at Wolf. Strangely, she was also crying. “I AM GOING TO DESTROY YOU!!!!!” she screamed. Wolf stepped back and froze her legs. Amelia collapsed. As she cried a, mixture of snot and tears ran down her face. Wolf looked away. Amelia only cried until she finally began to utter sobs. She looked up, her eyes red and her cheeks puffy. She hit the ground and began to sleep, occasionally taking in shuddering breaths. Wolf turned to the wizards and with a snap of his fingers, made the global spell Amelia had casted vanish. Wolf then felt everyone’s power return and the strange eerie physic mind meld dissolve. Wolf fell to the ground, drained and his mana gone. His vision spun and shook. He vaguely heard someone run to him but he only saw a blob with green clothes on but after that, he fell into deep unconsciousness.

Wolf sat up. He was at home. His home. Lily was asleep in the foot of her bed. Jasmine was trying to keep the fire at the oven from freezing as Emma kept turning the tips of the flames to solid ice. Daniel was playing with Wolf’s pets. Abby leapt up as Wolf looked around. Ben stirred from his sleep of the couch. “Wolf!!” yelled everyone. “Are you ok! None of us have tried to mind meld before. It was a very advanced technique we Awakened wizards can do.” said Ben. “That was so awesome. I can’t believe how you combined magic together. But what happened to Amelia?” said Lily. “Well, I managed to blow her into the pool and just when the wraith was above her. Her powers are complete gone.” Ben nodded. “Looks like I lost a twin.” Abby only kept grinning. “She was way to controlling. Plus better her that us. She was going to take our powers and take them for herself! She is obviously obsessed with power” she said. “Now we are all here. All the 7 wizards. Amelia was the eight wizards. It was fate that she lost her powers. Only 7 wizards. Not 8” said Emma. Everyone cheered. Lily handed Wolf a potion. “Drink up. You need your energy. We got a Universe to protect.”

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