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Secret of the Dark Wizard by Mary UnicornStrider

A young wizard scurried into Malistare's dungeon. He got through it in 5 minutes.

"Master" he said bowing when he saw Malistare

"Dugan" Malistare said barely looking up from his spell book "Do you have news for me"

"Yes master" Dugan said "Cyrus has been studying death magic lately"

Malistare let out a cold laugh

"He thinks he can study the great magic of death?" he asked followed by an even meaner laugh than before

"Apparenly" Dugan replied

"He will fail" Malistare said "He always wanted to get more powerful than me ... But he always failed"

"He has and he always will sir" Dugan agreed "You are more powerful than him in everyway even if he is a teacher you are greater"

Malistare gave his servant a satisfied look as if that was more than he had expected.

"Is that how you truly feel?" asked Malistare "I believe he is your teacher"

"Yes but when you rule Wizard City he will regret teaching me a Blood Bat" Dugan replied

"I hope your loyalty is as true as you say" Malistare told his servant before turning back to his spell book "It is" Dugan replied "Now I must go I have people to spy on"

"No please Dugan stay I have reason to believe some rebel wizards are coming to attemt to defeat me" Malistare told him "I think that maybe you might be able to help me defeat them to prove your loyalty and your worth"

"I will fight for you 'till I die sir" Dugan replied

"If that is the truth then you will enjoy a wonderous battle with me" Malistare said "My other henchmen are off with more important duties so you will fight with me now or never again get the chance"

"I will destroy these wizards who dare oppose your greatness" Dugan replied

"You say that with your words but I feel your loyalties lie somewhere else" Malistare murmered "But we will soon see" Meanwhile me and my friends Esmee Dawnriver, Tara Swifthorn and Haley Griffensword were getting ready to go through Malistare's dungeon. You see we were the wizards Malistare spoke of. We were the only 4 wizards that were up to the challenge you see since Malistare stole Merle Ambrose, The headmaster of one of the best wizarding schools in the entire spiral Ravenwood's spellbook right from Golem Tower where Golems protected it. He now had a plan to summon a might dracion and have it revive his dead wife Cylvia. I thought maybe if Cylvia could come back it wouldn't be all bad. I knew her before she died, I was very young maybe 4 of 5 she taught me a bunch of spells a lot more then a little girl should know. From that moment onward I knew I wanted to be a life wizard to preserve Cylvia's memory.

"That Malistare is ruining" I muttered

"What was that Mary?" asked Tara who was practicing spells with Haley

"Nothing" I replied

"Don't worry" Esmee said "If your scared don't be it'll be easy"

"That's easy for you to say' I muttered "Your almost a legendary wizard"

"I guess" replied Esmee "But still all of our powers combined it'll be a piece of cake"

"Yeah" agreed Haley

"Well it would be a lot easier if we were all legendary" I muttered

"I guess" muttered Haley she was the smallest level so it must have been pretty depressing for her

"Now let's go beat Malistare" I shouted

"YEAH!" the other 3 girls yelled in unison

We got through the dungeon with none of us dying but we all had to use one potion each. I looked at the huge doors that would take me to Malistare.

"Lets go" I said

We walked through the door but Malistare wasn't there only Dugan clutching his wand the light of his last magic still burning at the tip.

"I defeated him" Dugan said "I defeated him because I care more for Merle"

"You could have waited for us" exclaimed Tara

"All those bosses would have come to his rescue if you hadn't defeated him but I do not want anyone else to know of my treachery so you can tell everyone you defeated him" Dugan said

Haley walked up to him

"Nobody will now of your treachery guarenteed" she said

"Yeah" I agreed

"You picked the right side kid" Esmee said

"Nice work" Tara agreed

"Thanks" muttered Dugan before teleporting away.

"Well we defeated Malistare" I said with a smile

We all exchanged looks

"We're gonna have to find him" we all said at the same time looking suddenly at something on the floor We've got to find him fast I thought

What we all saw on the floor was a note that said


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