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Sarah's Journey by Sarah Shadowsword

Trying to balance my life and death spells are pretty tough, once i got to level 7 i had to fight Lady Blackhope, and i have to say she's a poor sport. But lets start at the beginning of my Journey.

I had no clue what i was doing, i kept being zapped by the higher level storm students, myth students kept casting cyclops spells at me, it was the worst day of my wizard life.

But one girl, she was nice to me, her name was Taylor Stormbreeze, she was a storm student, though she didn't zap me luckily. Here i found out that she was the most popular storm student in her class.

My best friend waaay in Dragonspyre, Marylin, said i would get used to it, but life isn't a bowl of cherries. Taylor helped me through thick and thin, by the time i noticed, i gotten to level 10 and learned all new spells.

I gotten some wizard mail and it said to visit the headmaster, i was so excited, maybe he would ask me to go to Dragonspyre, i could go with Taylor and i could visit Marylin!!!

But he actually said i had to visit Dworgyn with a partner, and HE had to choose my partner! He choose Jake Thunderpants, he was the one that shocked me the most!!!! I was so upset i cringed, i wanted to scream!!! When i was walking in the water, he was SO girly, he didn't want his leather boots to get wet, geez he's more girly than I am!

When we got to the school of death, he complained so much about the creepy things, i was going to scream outloud to him, "FORGET YOUR DUMB SHOES, THEY ARE TACKY ANYWAY, AND FORGET YOU! I HAPPEN TO LIKE THE CREEPY THINGS! GOSH!". Good thing i didn't, i could of gotten detention.

We got back and i ran to my room and screamed as loud as i can, i probably freaked out some people. I trained for a long time with Taylor, she and I got to level 30! We were suppose to help the headmaster sort out some files, but all we saw was a empty room, and a note on the floor.

It was shocking when we read it, exactly like this:

If Taylor and Sarah is reading this, i am Malistere, i have kidnapped your "great" headmaster and Sarah's best friend, Marylin, if you want them back, you will come to Dragonspyre and defeat me in a battle, if you fail, they die. See you then.

I was angry, full of rage, i looked at Taylor and growled. Taylor's face froze, she suddenly teleported away. I was frustrated, i had to help her, so i teleported to her, she was in Dragonspyre! I couldn't belive it. It took forever(half hour) to get to his lair, sheesh, we had to go through, like, 20 staircases. We finally got to the last room and saw him, that kidnapper, possibly murderer.

He snickered, I growled, i was full with anger, i saw Marylin, Hogtied! Oh yea, i was mad. Guess who was next to Malistere, Jake! JAKE! I knew something was wrong with that boy! He was an evil, evil retard. Just as i expected.

I just had to beat the pixie dust outta them! I walk right up to them and put lots and lots of sheilds and swords on me to power me up. Taylor was also balance, she had a Tri-Dragon! It was amazing, it also entertained me seeing Jake being hurt, of course Malistere too. :)

Malistere said painfully, "I have one more spell, that will surely put you down." he got up weakly, he looked at me and casted a Triton spell, it didnt fizzle either, that was it. i was done for.

Somehow, a stray jade oni walked into the lair and casted a jade oni spell, it kicked both their butts! i guess it likes me, cause it walked up to me and hugged my leg. Malistere faded away, thats not normal, it-it was a minion! DISGUISED AS HIM!

But Marylin and the headmaster were safe, i cried, i hugged Taylor and Marylin. "i thought you would be toast without that jade oni! The little guy is cute!" Marylin said joyfully, "I guess im keeping him!" i said. The headmaster walked up to me and said "You might be a magus, but you are very strong, especially with that oni, i am sure that you will become a great Headmaster one day", the headmaster winked. I was happy, so happy i wanted to set off fireworks!

My life of life and death were in balance, this was the BEST day of my life!

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