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The Runaway by Fallon Darkflame

Is it the way I ran from this huge Neanderthal that made him so eager to chase me!? I don’t believe it was, therefore I have no reason to stop running. For if I did stop, that meant the end of me. I thought to myself, “What on Earth did I do to get myself in this situation?”. Well, I guess you are asking the same. It all started about 2 weeks ago, when my mother tells me I should go to see my dear Aunt Mina. I haven’t seen her in ages so how could I refuse? I then thought to myself, maybe Sabrina should come with me. I’m a girl of little words. If I ever do talk, it’s usually just one-word answers. Therefore, Sabrina was the only person that could deal with my shy personality. In my deliberate attempt to call her, it seemed that she was busy talking to someone else, seeing that her line was busy when I called. I figured that if anything, I didn’t want to be all alone walking through the forest of Grizzleheim when there are dozens of those dreadful monsters running about. Whenever I walk to my Aunt’s house, I feel like I belong in the sequel to the Little Red Riding Hood book. I feel much safer around Sabrina, anyway. She is a Legendary life wizard while I’m a Legendary storm wizard. Strong spells, low health. I don’t know what I would do without her. We have been friends for the past 12 years. Anyway, I decide that I go to Sabrina’s house just to ask if she would like to come with me. Sabrina lives all the way in Mooshu, the calm and peaceful place with the annoying goats in robes and the talking cows in Samurai outfits with deadly swords at least 4 feet long. “Should cows really have those kinds of weapons?”, I think to myself on my way there.

When I finally get there, I ring the doorbell several times but nobody comes to the door. I open the door slightly; thinking it was locked. Fortunately, it was open and I lead my way into her huge mansion she calls a home. I yell “Sabrina!? Are you home?!” but all I get is a long echo of my own question. I search desperately through her hallways and open doors and find nothing…until I hear a loud rumbling coming from the attic. I run frantically to the attic, tripping on one of her stairs, then getting up and running once again. I get up to her attic and search for any moving thing in the room. I finally see her in a corner underneath several unpacked suitcases. I get closer and see her tied up in rope and masking tape over her mouth. What else was I supposed to do besides help her out of the mess of suitcases and unwrap her from the rope and pull the masking tape off of her face? I help her out and of course ask her what had happened. She says takes a huge gasp of air and says, “I was attacked!”. I reply, “Yes Sabrina…I can see that”. She then says, “I wasn’t finished! I was attacked by these huge ghost-like looking creatures. They look somewhat like one of Malistaire’s minions but this time, they were blue and green. They also came with a man in dark sunglasses and a suit”. What was I supposed to do? My best friend was attacked by total strangers for no reason whatsoever. And how they got inside was a mystery to me. Sabrina continues, “They took my wand and my Mother’s old book of spells. But why would they take that old thing?”. My question was the same thing. I’ve known Sabrina for my whole life and never have I seen anyone touch that book nor talk about it. It just sits on the shelf with all the other books none of her family members ever read. Sabrina and I just stood there thinking for several minutes before she has an outburst of an idea. She says, “I think I know why! My mother’s great great great geat great great great greaaaaaat grandmother used that book for spells against the Chupacabra when she was our age”. I ask, “But isn’t the Chupacabra just a myth?”. She replies, “Nope. The Chupacabra is a creature that only comes out at night, of course, but it isn’t what most people think it is”. Sabrina runs downstairs into her mother’s bedroom to the shelf of the novels where the Book of Spells used to be. She pulls out a book about two thousand pages long, blows off the pile of dust and dirt collected on it, and sets it out onto the coffee table. She flips several pages to a page of a picture of a hairless creature with long, stalky arms, a small head, HUGE teeth, short legs, and a very bony body. The picture had had a caption saying “Chupacabra. Picture taken December 21, 1506”. That was long ago, back when the Renaissance was still around. Sabrina then says, “The Chupacabra is a level 100 ranked monster. Nobody has been able to defeat it and come out alive. Not even my great great great great great great great great great grandmother. Fortunately, she was the one that came out alive. In poor shape, but alive. Unfortunately, she couldn’t defeat the monster and it got away. The only reason she got out of the situation was because she had a special amulet giving her the power to daze the opponent into a temporary dreamland where it got mentally confused and tortured and the person with the amulet could then run away just long enough until the dazed creature would wake up to find nobody there. The amulet was then handed down from generation to generation to my mother. My mother doesn’t want me touching it, though. Mainly because if the amulet is used the wrong way, the person holding it could be severely injured…or even killed. She hasn’t even used it herself. She fears it’s too dangerous so she hid it away in the basement”. What else to do besides go to the basement and get the amulet? What harm could it possibly do? It can actually do plenty of harm. We both know that. We just are too excited/ignorant to listen to our conscience and stay away from the thing. So we go to the basement, dig under empty boxes and tools to find an old jewelry box covered in dust with the amulet inside. We run upstairs and ponder what to do next. I then remember I haven’t visited my Aunt Mina yet! I gasp and take Sabrina by the arm and ran as fast as possible to my aunt’s house out in Grizzleheim.

When we get there, we find my her watering her garden outside. We greet my aunt as she takes us inside for her famous lemon squares. When we get to the entry in the doorway, Sabrina gasps and points to a picture of my aunt and a strange man whom I have never seen before in my life. Sabrina then screams, “Tha-That wa-was the guy that tied me up in my attic with those ghost… things!!!”. My aunt walks over to us and asks what’s matter. We tell her the whole story about Sabrina being tied up and she says, “Oh dear. His name is Cristian. I always thought of him as the strange type. He never really talked, always kept to himself. He would only get into conversations about monsters or magic. He is my third nephew. Twice removed”. That’s when I gasp. Mainly because I never knew I had another cousin. Nor that he was evil. But I gasp also because a strange demented-looking creature roars loudly and comes up to my aunt’s window and crashes right through it. It looks exactly like the monster that Sabrina showed me earlier. The Chupacabra. Of course what else are we to do but scream and run? The only person that remained somewhat calm was Aunt Mina. She runs into the living room, lights a candle, and sprints to the basement making us follow her. The basement is filled with nothing but a shelf of books. I think to myself, “Great. Another book shelf.” as she pulls on a book that triggers the shelf to slide out to a set of stone stairs. It feels as if I belong in another episode of Scooby Doo or Harry Potter or something. We run down the stairs, hearing loud growling coming up from behind us. The shelf closes shut but we hear the monster scratching against the door. We know it won’t hold him back for long so we try running a bit faster. The stairs take us outside to a secret jungle pathway where we are greeted by Professor Ambrose. Whoa. Wait. Professor Ambrose? When did he come in? Me and Sabrina give each other a look and then turn to face the Professor. He had a book in his hand. I think to myself and again I say, “How many books are going to be in one day?!?!”. I look up and see him flip a couple of pages in the book and suddenly a huge gust of wind blows in my face as Ambrose teleports us to his office. We are all standing there and he says one sentence; “You must leave. Now.”

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