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The Darkness Road by Myrna Deathweaver

Chapter one: Quest for Darkness
I was at the back of a group crowding around my new teacher, Malorn Ashthorn, when it happened. I had gotten some weird message in my head about how I was a wizard called a necromancer, and then all the sudden I was whisked off to this place, Wizard City. Malorn was explaining about how the Death School was gone, it had disappeared, but he was pretty good at death and was trying to teach the new people. All of us were level ones, which apparently translates into: we are noobs.

“You will each need to think about choosing a secondary school,” Malorn was saying, “meaning another school to train in. When you go to your other classes you can think about it.”

At that point I was starting to space out. Merle Ambrose had told me that each class was 45 minutes long, but it seemed like it had been hours. I was still standing there ten minutes later when class ended.

“Hey,” a voice said. “You ok?”

I jumped and found myself looking into the face of Alura Wildwhisper, another necromancer.

“Yeah,” I answered. I wasn’t that good at making friends, and you really can’t blame me. I thought the whole thing about the magical schools and saving Wizard City was baloney.

“Next is fire for me, how about you?” Alura asked in an extra friendly way.

“Fire,” I said. We walked together to the Fire School, where Professor Falmea was the teacher. She seemed ok at a glance, but I later found out that she was a little bit strict, even if she was kindhearted.

Falmea was about to start the lesson about the history of fire and how to master it when the blackened doors were swung open and a pretty girl dressed in advanced-looking fire robes came bouncing in. I watched her curiously as she gave Falmea an official-looking envelope. When she turned around she met my gaze and stared at me so hard I felt like she was burning a hole right through me.

“Careful of her, Myrna,” Alura whispered to me. “Alexis Hawkdreamer is a legendary pyromancer. You don’t want to be on her bad side.”

When the lesson was done, and I was beginning to get really tired and all the things I had learned was getting mixed together, Alura and I both went to the myth school. Professor Drake was strict, harsh, bleak, I can hardly even describe it. And believe it or not, Alexis Hawkdreamer came waltzing into the Myth School and gave Drake an envelope too, but he opened it right away, as if he was glad to have something to do besides talk to the class.

He sucked in a quick breath but didn’t let himself gasp. His eyes widened though, and I could see him glance at me in the back of the classroom.

“Myrna Deathweaver,” he said after a few seconds of reading and rereading the letter.

“Yes?” I replied politely.

He scribbled something down on a piece of parchment and held it out. I went slowly to the front of the room. My legs were trembling. Was I in trouble? Did I do something? What did the letter say?

I took the note and read it. It said ‘your first quest: find darkness. Location: Haunted Cave.’ I couldn’t actually go there yet, but I figured I would find someone who could help me get there, because the quest probably gave me enough experience to bump me up two levels.

“Go now, and do not return until you have completed your quest,” Drake said, and he went back to teaching, so I didn’t really have any choice but to go attempt to get into the Shopping District, Old Town, Triton Avenue, and Haunted Cave all in 45 minutes, hopefully.

When I went outside, I was just about to go to the Commons when I heard a voice call out, “Hey, you can’t expect to do that on your own, can you?”

I turned around. It was Alexis Hawkdreamer. “You can’t get there yet, and you don’t have that much time.”

I couldn’t think of anything to say. I thought that she would be one of those people who hated noobs and thought they were a waste of time, but she was smiling kindly and seemed dead serious about helping me, so I said, “How do I get there?”

“I’ll go there first, then teleport to me.” She disappeared in a shower of scarlet flames. I didn’t really know how to teleport, but I did my best, and the last thing I saw was my body dissolving into a puff of skulls.

Chapter Two: Roses of Death
Here’s the thing: Alexis was attacked right when she teleported to Haunted Cave, and so when I teleported, I got in the same fight and was killed in like a millisecond.

“Stay!” Alexis shouted. “I can heal you!”

My head was spinning (literally) and I couldn’t think straight, but I felt better when a satyr healed me completely.

“Do whatever you can ok?” Alexis told me. She had three power pips and a regular pip, and all I had was one pip.

“That would be the rank one spells,” I answered as I cast a dark sprite at a random enemy. I didn’t really notice the fact that it was two of us against four field guards, which wasn’t supposed to happen.

“Wait a minute why is there four of them?” I asked in confusion as a helephant towered over the fourth. “Good question, but look, they’re wearing glowing black roses,” Alexis said. She was right: each field guard had a glowing black rose climbing over its pumpkin head like a black snake.

“Darkness!” I shouted in surprise. “They have darkness!”

“I think I get it!” Alexis said. I looked at her questioningly as I set a scarab on the first field guard, and she said, “The roses must be allowing them to attack us all at once.”

I nodded. That sounded like the easiest way to put it, and I couldn’t think of any better answer. A couple rounds later, Alexis cast a meteor strike that wiped out the field guards.

“Quick!” she said. “Grab the roses.”

I dashed forward and snatched up the four roses, then quickly joined Alexis on the sidewalk, breathing hard. It was my first battle, and I found that even though it wasn’t easy, it was fun.

“Let’s go back to Ravenwood,” Alexis said. The roses in my hand were literally glowing black, casting a shadow on my face. I teleported to Alexis and we walked into the Myth School together. We still had 15 minutes of class left, and as I walked in I saw Alura staring at me all weird.

“Darkness,” I said confidently as I held out the four roses. Drake looked very surprised. He glanced at Alexis, and she nodded as if he needed confirmation.

“You have done well,” Drake said, that is the nicest thing that I ever heard out of him for the rest of my years in Wizard City. “The other professors and I will be sure to investigate this matter thoroughly.” I was about to ask what matter that was when Malorn came in and took me outside.

“Hey, so I just wanted to explain about the roses,” he said. “They’re called roses of death. They give you extra powers that allow you to kill the enemy faster. Not spells, just little things like what you saw. As long as the field guards possess these, they have ultimate power over us. It’s a good thing to got them.”

“But why me? Why did I have to get them?” I asked.

“Because Merle gave specific instructions to let you solve the problem. Alexis delivered messages about it to every professor. Besides, you should be glad. Look how much you advanced.”

I was confused at first, but then I noticed that I was now not a novice necromancer, level one, but a journeyman necromancer, level 16.

“And so, here are a bunch of new spells for you. You should pick a secondary school two, by the way, cause you have way to many training points,” Malorn handed me a handful of spells, and right at that moment the classes were let out. Alexis and Alura both came over to me standing there with a bunch of death cards. “Congrats,” Alexis said. “You have a ton of new quests now too.”

Alura just looked completely astonished that I had become friends with Alexis, but pleased all the same. “So what is your secondary school going to be?” she asked to fill the silence that had fallen between us. I thought for a moment then smiled.

“Life. I choose Life,” I said. They looked at me like I was crazy for choosing my opposite or something. “What? It’s not like it’s dangerous. Death + life = invincible.”

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