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Pyro Skullhorn by Christopher Skullhorn

I woke up with my head on cold polished wood. I sat up, and saw that I was in a classroom with about thirty-six people that looked around twelve to thirteen. The teacher was kinda short, but he looked liked he could smash you to a pulp if you didn’t do your homework. He kept talking about the Egyptian cataracts, so I guessed that this was social studies or history. Next to me was a boy with short black hair and dark olive eyes. He was wearing a parka with a picture of a minotaur on it.

 “CHRISTOPHER SKULLHORN” the teacher roared at me. “Just because you both have the same name as Chris doesn’t mean that you are allowed to stare at him.” The whole class laughed. The guy next to me looked at me as if to say “what was that for?” After the class stopped laughing, I faced Chris.

“Listen, I don’t know who I am, and how I got here. Please help” Chris just stared at me. Then he suddenly roared with laughter. Strangely, the other people didn’t notice. “Okay, you almost got me there. You were trying to get me back for that gletyloyd in your backpack, right.” I had no idea what a gletyloyd was, and I didn’t want to find out. I slapped him in the face. “I’m serious. You gotta help me out.” Chris studied my face as if trying to detect lies. “Okay, school ends in 15 minutes. Meet me outside.”

I spent the next 15 minutes looking at notebooks that were supposedly mine. Instead of notes, it was full of elaborate drawings of zombies, walking cats, ghosts, clockwork robots, and a bunch of other strange creatures. There were crocodiles with the word “Sokwi”, but the sokwi was crossed out and replaced with “Sock Wheat”. There were also strange words and signs that looked kind of – magical.

When school ended, Chris took me outside the gate and introduced me to a few other kids. There was the tanned dude with one of those glasses that turn dark in sunlight named Devin Hex (aka Chase Rogers), the nerd ,Patrick Herndon, a kid with dark skin named Alex Deathshade, and a buff dude with glasses named Austin Legendcaster. In short, an All-Boy gang. Chris explained that we were all born on earth, but we were from a different world of magic, and that we did everything together. While they were saying something about my girlfriend, Chase spoke up. “…man, when May finds out, she’s gonna kill us” Alex was saying. “Ok, shouldn’t we take him to Ambrose? He’ll know what to do.” Then Patrick pulled a 5-foot staff out of his pocket (no way that could’ve fit in there) and started twirling it around. As he did it, the air around the staff started to glow and emit sparks. Soon, there was a vortex in mid-air. The other people started going into the vortex (Austin muttered “Show off”) and disappeared. I hesitated, but Patrick gave me an “It’s now or never” look, so I followed. The next thing I knew, I was in a strangely decorated room with an old man in a dress and a fake eye. He looked like an evil hobo, but when he talked, his voice was kind. “Ah, Mr. Skullhorn. I have received a distress signal from Wintertusk. I don’t suppose you could-”

“Headmaster” Chris interrupted. He whispered something in the creepy man’s ear, and Headmaster Ambrose’s eyes turned solemn and concerned. “Very well. First, take him to the infirmary. And inform Professor Falmea immediately.”

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