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A Pyromancer's Tale by Heather Drake

There was a time where DragonSpyre was a peaceful place. Where all schools was accepted and no wars or battles had been fought, and where dragons flew through the skies as signs of good luck. But then things changed. A boy of 9 years, a peasant, came to the King and Queen of DragonSpyre, requesting to join his kingdom. The boy’s name was Mithias. The Queen sneered at the filthy child, but the King saw a destiny in Mithias, so he was accepted into DragonSpyre. As Mithias grew older, he became more heroic, and the King favored him, so Mithias was then accepted into the royal family as an adopted prince.

Only a few weeks after, the King grew very sick. Everyone assumed he was going to die the next day, but he kept living. When twilight came, the King predicted something. Something very odd. He didn’t have the ability to do such things, but he grew into a trance. He said to one of his astronomers,

“It’s here.”

The skies turned dark and foggy. The lush green grass burned into black ash. The peaceful dragons that flew the skies grew aggressive and battle-hungry. The fresh water turned into boiling lava. That was when a gigantic meteor struck the main courtyards of the DragonSpyre kingdom. There were screams of terror, and yelps of small children, crying. Guards, astronomers, and even Mithias ran down to see what had happened. A guard suggested that they open the meteor, to see what was inside. Nobody could open it, except Mithias, who easily pried it open easily. Inside, was a human. A human girl. She had just turned 13, and concealed inside 3 million rubies. She didn’t wake up, though. The guards removed her from the meteor, and by now the King, ignoring yells from his caretakers, came to see what was going on. The girl was wounded badly. She had cuts all over her arms and face. Her ankle was broken and she had bad bruises all over her left leg. She finally woke up, not looking scared at all. But something scared the guards, and the astronomers; the girl’s eyes were bloody red. She was asked questions, like how did she get in a meteor, and what caused her to be wounded. The girl said she was in battle, and there were many enemies. She also said there was fire, and blood, and everyone but her was killed, that at the last moment, as she was about to die, she shot all the attackers with daggers and bows and arrows from the dead people. She said that war was coming. The King declared this girl was special. That she must be healed at once and studied. Weeks later, the girl was completely healed, and she was a genius, with intelligence beyond anyone’s imagination. She gave astronomers ideas about constellations and comets and the Sun and moon. She also invented a language for DragonSpyre, so that they wouldn’t have to barrow a language from different planets; she started to call herself ‘Adare,’ the DragonSpyrian word for ‘dragon.’ And so that was her name. A lord named Lord Malistaire didn’t like Mithas or Adare, though. He wanted to be King after the current King died, but he was told that Mithias was to be put before him. Malistaire became enraged, and did everything in his power to destroy him, and Adare. He cast a magic that slowly sucked every single breath from the bodies of DragonSpyrian people, even the King and Queen. Adare shouted to Mithias to get into the meteor that still sat in the courtyards. Mithias thought it was a crazy idea, but he went along with it, and the two rolled the meteor toward a cliff. Mithias asked,

“Are you crazy? We’ll both be killed.”

But Adare just smiled, laughed and said,

“No we won’t. The rubies grant us immortality.”

She held up two dragon-carved rubies on a string. She tossed one to Mithias, and she climbed inside the meteor. Mithias fallowed her, and the meteor rolled itself off DragonSpyre’s cliffs, into the Spiral. They both lived.

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