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In the Palm of Malistaire by Mary UnicornStrider

"Let go of me"
"I apoligize but you'll have to be leaving now"

I woke up screaming

"Shut up!" moaned a voice from the corner "Some of us want to sleep"

"Sorry Wolf" I mumbled

The tone Wolf had used with me when he said sleep hurt me. I lived in a dungeon with a group of wizards who had either decided to join Malistare or been forced into doing so. I was one of the kids who were forced. People that lived with me down here were Wolf DarkBlade, TaraSwiftHorn, Monica DaisyGem, Dugan WraithGem, Julia UnicornHeart, Cody Toadheart, Aaron RedBlade and Dark. Nobody knew alot about Dark only that he was forced into coming here yet he was one of Malistare's most loyal henchmen. He always wore all black clothes and he always wore a mask so nobody knew exactly what he looked like

"Wolf" Dark said in his usual smooth tone "Must you treat Mary like a monster she's had a nightmare"

Wolf shut up no suprise. He'd come here on free will probably because his dad was Cyrus Malistare's brother, Wolf always wanted to learn Death magic but his father forced him into Myth type magic. I think he's out for revenge on old Cyrus. He knows as well as anyone if Dark wants you gone ... so does Malistare.

I slowly drifted off to sleep

Fire ... Fire everywhere
"Mary! Mary!"
"Where's Mary?"
"Mommy! Daddy! Help me!"

When I woke up there were tears in my eyes I was remembering that night a year ago ... When I was taken by my parents... Remember more ... Feel the pain or it won't go away

A 10 year old sobbing for her "mommy" and "daddy" it's an ugly sight "MOMMY! DADDY!" I screamed kicking the Pyromancer that continued to pull me away from my parents. She was about my age and I'd usually be embarrased showing this kind of display to someone my age but I continued to.

"Shhhhh" shushed the girl "It'll all be alright Malistare won't kill your family"

"I don't care what you say!" I yelled "I just want to go home"

I sighed

Stop thinking about it I thought Someday it might heal me but not today

I did some good work that day and just like always Malistare said to me

"Good work today I'll most likely kill you in the morning"

I sighed he'd been telling me that for 2 years yet he hasn't killed me OR anyone else .... at least .... not yet

That night in the dungeon one of the Legendary wizards came down. Legendary wizards stayed upstairs in real rooms because most of them are loyal to Malistare.

"Mary UnicornStrider" the wizard said

I sighed... I guess Malistare had something planned for me good or bad ... I'm ready for it


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