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Odyssey of the Spiral: Beginnings by Flint Lifecrafter

Insanity. Pure insanity is what everything made out to be. Taught by a walking cow, beaten half to death by the living dead, and finding no asylum from the twisted Unreal they call magic. Pfff. The old man still expects me to be the supposed chosen one of sorts even after witnessing the some of the most pathetic levels of achievement in his academy as of last year. As if that wasn’t enough, he expects me to cope with losing my mind after beaming me here in the middle of the night and claiming I was in “The Spiral”. Spiral my foot. I amaze myself everyday with the fact that I still work in coherent sentences. I’m done ranting for the night. Off to bed.

I flipped my leather bound journal closed and fell backwards onto my bed, gazing into the rafters of the dorm. My mind felt unusually calm for toiling through a day like today. I was beginning to find it hard to keep up the anger I was feeling, and it was becoming more of a façade than a legitimate emotion. My eyes were pulling themselves closed, and rather that fighting the sleep, I let it wash over me. I was washed out onto the sea of sleep, balm of hurt minds, only to be prematurely washed ashore by a sharp tapping on the door, unusually urgent in nature. I rolled out of bed, yanking the door open as I rubbed my eyes and yawned widely. Oh? It was Heather from magical history. She beckoned me out the door, and I followed. I had fallen asleep in my clothes so I just walked out.

Heather and I walked for awhile. I had no idea where we were walking. I just put one foot in front of the other and followed. She was mute, and the walk was spent in silence. She is able to use magic to give herself a voice, but she has an unpracticed hand and it spent her energy quickly for such magic. I snapped to attention two inches before I ran into her. We stood at Elik’s Edge, gazing into the clear night sky. Then everything just hit me. There’s no way to explain that sudden comprehension, the epiphany of sorts. It was all there. The spiral. It wasn’t just the physical spiral of worlds, it was the flow of energy from one world to the next, from one person to the next, the spiral that linked all life to one another, the spiral that was all-encompassing. My eyes glittered with this realization, I turned to where Heather was standing and nearly yelled, “Heather! You’ll never believ—“only she wasn’t there. I spun around wild-eyed to see her standing next to Ambrose, looking apologetic, but nevertheless accomplished.

“And so, you understand the spiral.” Ambrose declared. He was right, yet I couldn’t help but feel a twinge of resentment. I stood staring at the man for what seemed like minutes when he interrupted and said “It is late, young wizard. Off to bed with you. You still have work to do in the morning.”

I sauntered home in the twilight alone. The other two had departed elsewhere. I pushed open the heavy oak door into my room and collapsed on the bed. I felt almost so tired I couldn’t sleep, and yet a part of me felt newly awakened. I fell into a deep, dreamless sleep and rested for the long days ahead.

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