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The Adventures of Nicole Pearlspear by Nicole Pearlspear

"Hey Nicole wake up!" my Mom shouted I groaned and said five more minutes but she wouldn’t have it and ripped my blanket right out of my clutched hands and left the room. I got up willingly and fixed my bed and got ready for school. I tied my hair up in a pig tales but not the braided type and put on my best back-to-school clothes because it was my first day of middle school! I sped through breakfast stuffing a half eaten toast in my mouth and went to go brush my teeth. My mom drove me to school and I instantly ran to my assigned locker. I put all my books and stuff in there for my next class and when I was just about to be done, the school bell rang but I only had three more books to put in so I rushed and put those in as well.

After I put the last one in there wasn’t a single student in the halls so I picked my hard cover book with physics on the front cover and ran to my class when all of a sudden a girl with purple hair and purple weird looking outfit appeared in a sudden flash of purple, stormy light right in front of me. I stood there shocked out of my mind and when she suddenly pulled out a wand!

I yelled, “I have a hardcover physics book and I’m not afraid to use it!” The girl I realized actually looked weak and badly injured. shock and worry crossed my face I asked, "What happened...?"

She slowly held out her hand’s and said “We don’t have much time we have to go to Ravenwood NOW!” she yelled frantically. I was about to protest but she grabbed my hand before I could say anything and everything turned black. Then there was a purple flash of light and I was surrounded by smoke. I was coughing and trying to wave the smoke away from me when I realized the purple haired girl collapsed and fainted! I looked around about to call for help but there was already a small group of funny dressed people like the girl surrounded us. Then the small group suddenly turned into a small crowd.

Then I heard a loud voice coming through the crowd shouting, “What is going on here?”.The crowd parted instantly showing an old…I mean elderly man with a long puffy beard and clothes with yellow stars on them and long staff. He looked...old but his face shone with authority and power. You are from a world that does not believe and have magic how did you get here young one?".

“Flash of purple light, smoke, fainted, I honestly have no idea what’s going on” , I stammered. I was really getting scared now if the whole random-girl-poofing-in-front-of-you thing creeped YOU out then the poofing to another world or dimension would have scared the pants out of me (thankfully I got belt on) :).

He looked at me quizzically and shock covered his face and then it turned calm he looked me straight in the eyes and said in a dramatic voice, “You are a wizard Nicole”. I looked at him like he was crazy but he looked dead serious and then I fainted.

I just had the weirdest dream! Some girl poofed in front of me out of nowhere and then I went to another world that apparently has magic and some old dude told me I was a wizard. “Young wizard wake up we need your help!” I shot forward and my eyelids fluttered open. My eyes adjusted and what I saw was the old dude and the purple haired girl looking at me with concerned faces. “I am Professor Merle Ambrose the headmaster of Ravenwood school of magical arts.”

The purple haired girl stared intently at my face and introduced herself as Molly Mistspear, level 11 diviner. Diviner? I thought and just before I was about to ask what that was she said, “Diviners are wizards that study the magic of storm, our school colors are purple and yellow” Well that explained the purple hair and outfit. I looked around and realized I was in a wide room filled with stacks and stacks of papers(somebody really needs to clean this place up)

“A wizard, magic I think you’ve got the wrong person I have never did anything magical in my whole entire life!” I practically shouted. I kept gabbering away and they waited for my outburst of hysteria to pass.

Molly looked at me and waited just a few more seconds and decided I was calm and slowly asked, “Nicole have you ever knew your last name before?” I was about to answer yes but I realized I didn’t know what my last name was, that’s strange…

“No but-”, I was starting to say but she cut me off.

“That’s because you’re a wizard that lived with humans and never knew your real wizard parents” she calmly explained. WHAT?! My parents from earth aren’t my REAL parents!!! I was on the brink of fainting again but resisted.

“Then who are my real parents?” I asked in a surprisingly calm voice

Merle replied in a sad tone, “We don’t know young wizard”

I felt like sitting there on that bed forever never moving, never sleeping, never doing anything again but I knew I had to find out who my real parents were so willingly and with courage in my voice I said, “I want to be a wizard”

While Headmaster Ambrose was filling in my papers he told told Molly to show me around Ravenwood. When we went out of the headmasters house which was stuffed with wandering wizards Molly led me through the center of Wizard city or so she told me while shouting, "NEW WIZARD coming through" which made me blush out of embarrassment. Finally we came upon a tunnel that said in big letters RAVENWOOD. it was very dark in the tunnel so when we got through i had to shield my eyes from the sudden bright light. I squinted my eyes so I could see my surroundings. What I saw was absolutely...magical!

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