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The Next Legend by Joshua

This is the story of two great heroes of the wizarding world. One taught about in each School of Magic for greatness and another unknowingly following in his footsteps. Though each has similar qualities they are two very different people who share a common goal. Save the world and get the girls. Of course the girls honestly come before the world. Or is it the other way around? Keep reading to find out. There will be epic battle, stories of TRIUMPH and defeat, and of course friendship. Both of these balance wizards need the strength of their friends, without it the world would end and NO ONE wants that. We start off in the balance school in Kroktopia with Alhazred at his desk grading papers on proper use of the hydra and elemental buffs, sent in from the school in Wizard City asking for help to revamp their school of balance at in Ravenwood…

As Joshua Wildwolf approached Alhazred, he was greeted by Alhazred’s infamous grin. His grin grew when he saw the obvious damage his latest quest did to Joshua gear and Joshua himself.

“I see you have completed the task I arranged for you,” say Alhazred slyly.

“Task!?!” retorts Joshua, “That was a suicide mission and you know it. That dragon nearly took off my head, and thank god I am a ranger as well as a wizard or the coconuts of doom would have ended me.

“Well so let me see what ya got,” says Alhazred

“There was nothing there, you sent me on a wild goose chase.”

“Ah then you failed me. You’re telling me nothing was there, are you sure?”

“Well nothing but this piece of paper with not a thing written on it,” says Josh without care, “but why would you guard an empty room with a dragon, a hydra, and all other major demons and creatures.”

“Ah ha that’s exactly what I needed” said Alhazred with great excitement.

“What?!?” exclaimed Josh.

“Indeed this paper leads to your next spell and challenge. But first in order to become the best balance wizard around you must first beat the best!” “Mwuahahaha!”

With that Alhazred summoned a Judgement and now Joshua knew what was happening he was fighting his master. He had always dreamed he would get to challenge Alhazred as teacher of the balance school just not this soon.

Josh took the full force of the blast from the judge lucky for him it wasn’t well buffed.

“You’ll have to do better than that ya old Krok!” Josh screamed at Alhazred.

“Ha we’re just started youngling and I’ve got a lot more tricks under my sleeve remember I taught you everything.”

This was going to be the most epic battle this century has ever seen. As hydras were flung left and right, minions summoned with ease, the occasional highly buffed Judge, even a locust swarm or too. I think Alhazred had the highest hit I’ve ever seen with a scarab. (2000 damage epic enough) Then topped it with a power nova that brought Joshua too his knees.

Now Joshua has fought many a Krok but none as powerful as Alhazred especially since he had the chance to study the Krokonomican and this would be a great advantage.

“Ah Josh you are quite powerful but it will take more than a hydra to defeat me,” Alhazred taunted.

“Well I got some news for you Alhazred,” Joshua said as he scrambled to his feet, “Say hello to Ra for me will ya.”

With the word Ra Alhazred grin faded and the blast from Ra’s raw power (pun intended) Brought him to his knees and with his age there is no chance of getting back up.

“Now to finish you Alhazred,” Joshua said triumphantly and summoned a scorpion to finish the job.”

“Well now that I defeated the best Alhazred give me my spell,” said Josh after his victory.

“HAHAHAHA. Still Naive I see I’m not the best youngling although I am quite old,” Alhazred said with praise and a hint of laughter.

“Wait what?”

“You should’ve looked at that paper a little closer my friend this was a message from my long lost Student Joshua Stormhunter.”

“He is just a myth in an attempt to make balance students work their hardest.”

“First off he is a LEGEND! Also haven’t your studies of other schools taught you anything? First off all the schools talk of the most powerful wizard in the universe and his many friends. On top of that the school of myth who teaches how to bring myths to life.”

“You’re saying Joshua Stormhunter is just some myth wizard’s minion?”

“Ahh that is where the myth teachers are wrong, all myths once existed not some figment of their imagination and Joshua is a legend not a myth so he cannot be recreated especially since he still exists. Plus no myth wizard has the power to do that kind of magic if one did they would teach of that wizard not Joshua," Alhazred corrected

“So I’ve got to defeat a myth…,” Alhazred glares at Josh, “sorry a legend,” Joshua corrected.


“Well where do I find him?”

“Well that’s a reasonable question…,” Alhazred trails off.

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