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A New Wizard (poem) by Sarah Starrunner

In a land where magic and wizardry is all but true,
A wizard is found,
And that wizard is you.

You are pulled out of your normal life,
And awaken here,
A strange new world,
Where as you continue your new adventures,
You find life can be much more interesting.

You may not be far,
In these adventures you are in,
But just keep going,
And you know you will win.

You are the chosen wizard,
Who will save our beloved spiral,
Who will be the greatest hero,
Who will finally rid us of our evil for good.

Just remember,
You are not alone.

You will have friends to guide you,
People to further your knowledge,
and many, many challenges to greet you.

Some people you meet may help you more then you’d do on your own,
Others will need your help,
And others will just be there just to be a great friends.

Go to the spiral and enjoy yourself,
And best of luck to you my fellow wizards,
Because with everything going on right now,
You may need it.

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