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Necromancers Daughter (Part 2) by Keira BlueDreamer

Chapter 5: Good Vibrations

Ribbons of morning light streamed through the windows of my room. I sat on my bed thinking of what the day might bring. I needed to go to Marleybone that day to do research on grave phantoms though that particular errand didn’t cross my mind. All I could worry about while sitting on my bed was a boy named Kevin. Kevin is a 16 year old grandmaster Ice Wizard. He has black shaggy hair, even features, ice blue eyes, and is by all means handsome. He is also one of the most stuck up, double crossing, back-stabbing, know-it-all jerk who loves picking on younger wizards. The fact that I’m Malistaire’s daughter makes me a prime target.

I stood up from my bed and walked over to a mirror that hung over a dresser in my room. I saw myself in the mirror and sighed deeply. I had long, black hair that was worn down hiding my face. It was soft and silky from being freshly brushed but I knew that in a few minutes it would become frizzy and tangled again. I had bright green eyes that sparkled in the mirror. ‘Green eyes. What type of Death wizard has green eyes?’ I thought to myself. ‘Green eyes are a Life wizard’s trait. Not Death.’ My secondary class is Life I admit, but Death is still my main.

I sighed and grabbed my satchel which held my field guide (it had been a gift from my father when I was only six years old), and my staff. Then, I walked to the main hallway of my house. Actually it was my uncle’s house. Being the Myth Professor makes one pretty rich. Thus my uncle owns the Myth estate; it’s large and made from elegant white stone but I always thought it looked a little gaudy. Ever since my mom died and Dad disappeared, I have been living with Uncle Cyrus. He’s not exactly a “Family Guy.” Heck, he’s even a jerk to his students.

Anyway, I was about to reach for the door when I heard a voice coming from behind me, “And where might you be going so early in the morning?” I spun around to see my uncle leaning against a door frame leading to one of the adjoining rooms.

“Marleybone. I need to do research for a report.”

“But why so early?”

“Well, um, why not? I mean you know what they say; ‘The early bird gets the worm.’” Actually, I thought if I left early enough I could avoid Kevin and his gang.

It was obvious to me that my uncle could tell that I had other motives for being early. He must have decided that it wasn’t worth his time inquiring about because he sighed and shook his head before so rudely leaving the room without a word.

Chapter 6: Open Sesame

The sun hung low on the morning sky, and the Commons was unusually quiet. It was only a few hours past sunrise, and, as was suspected, Kevin was nowhere in sight. Actually almost no one was out so early but that’s to be expected.

I entered Ravenwood almost unnoticed. All the trees were asleep except for Blossom who seemed wide awake. I nodded my head in her direction in acknowledgement to her presence and she gave a warm smile in reply. I then quickly approached one tree that I had hoped wouldn’t be asleep.

“Um, Bartleby?” I said to the giant, snoring tree in front of me.


“Bartleby, wake up!”



The snoring ended and Bartleby’s eyes suddenly flew open. There was a deep groaning sound which I assumed to be a yawn.

The Great Tree then looked down sleepily and then spoke in his slow way, “Ah, Cassandra. What are you doing so early in the morning?”

“Marleybone. Research. School Project,” I blurted in one breath.

“But why so early?”

“’Cause sleep deprived birds get worms! Just let me into the spiral chamber.” I hate repeating myself. Most people would’ve been angered by a sudden outburst like the one I just presented, but Bartleby just chuckled softly to his self. “You have your father’s patience.”

‘Is he trying to tick me off?’ I said inwardly. I can get pretty edgy when people bring up my dad.

“Are you gonna let me in or not?”

“Of course.”

Chapter 7: Hello. My name is:

“Why not!?” I said angrily to the officer at the front desk of Scotland Yard after he told me to get lost when I asked him if I could have access to Newgate Prison.

“Because I can’t just let anyone into Newgate! This is a high security prison!”


“Why are you still here!?”

“You’re really loud.”


“But I-“

“No! And you’re not aloud here either!”

I spun around to see who the officer was talking to, and I found myself face to face with a boy who looked about my age. He had shaggy, blond hair, blue eyes, and was wearing orange and yellow Pyromancer robes. He also had an unmistakable look of confusion across his face from suddenly being brought into the conversation.

“Um, okay? What just happened?” he inquired.

And, of course, the officer started yelling in reply, “This is a high security prison and neither of you are aloud entry!”

“But I’m here to investigate the recent undead sightings. I have a security pass.”

The boy then brought out the security pass and showed it to the officer. The officer looked at it, sighed, and said, “Go on in.”

I was about to protest and say that I was there to investigate the undead sightings to but I was interrupted by the boy.

“She’s helping with the investigation. She can come in to.”

The officer looked like he was about to protest but decided against it and said, “Both of you get out of my sight!”

Before I could say anything the boy grabbed my wrist and ran to the elevator leading to the roof dragging me behind him. We boarded the elevator and the moment the doors slid shut the boy spoke, “So why do you wanna get into Newgate?”

‘A little late for that question,’ I thought to myself. “I need to do some research on grave phantoms and I heard they were sighted here recently.”

*DING* We both stepped off the elevator before continuing our conversation.

“You couldn’t check out a book from the library?”

“No, no I couldn’t!” I snapped.

“Whatever. Well, I have to go talk to a guy named Watson.”

“I have to go ghost hunting. I’ll see you around, I guess.”

I was just about to walk away, but the boy had one last question, “Wait! I don’t know your name yet.”

I turned to face him and replied, “It’s Cassandra.”

“Cassandra,” he said as he tried the name out. As he said it I noticed the tiniest of smiles form on his face. “I like it. My name is Jason.”

I nodded slightly and formed a tiny smile of my own. “I like it.”

That was the first time anyone has ever complimented my name.

Chapter 8: Dryad

And I was worried I wouldn’t be able to find any grave phantoms. Newgate was packed with them. I had been fighting the ghosts for what had seemed to be over an hour and I had barely made a dent in their population. However, I had all the info I needed to for my report and my field guide. After every battle I would write notes down in my book until I had every piece of information I needed.

I drank one last potion to heal myself and restore my mana. I was about to leave when I heard a voice inside my head. ‘Cassandra?’ Someone was Whispering to me.

‘Jason? Is that you?’

‘I’m in a battle. I need help. Please teleport.’ He sounded urgent so I teleported to him immediately. The moment I arrived I was pulled into a battle. On the opposite side of the dueling circle was a giant wraith and a grave phantom (déjà vu). I looked to my right and saw Jason, and I understood his urgency. He was kneeling on the ground due to a giant cut on his left leg, and his left wrist was red and swollen. He had probably been hit by several drains as well because he looked exhausted and out of breath. It’s a good thing my secondary is Life because this guy needed all of the healing he could get.

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