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Necromancer Blood by Victoria Soulthief

Harold Argleston locked away his last few treasure cards and began to gather his things. Boris TallStaff placed the final stray book back on the shelf near the main entrance. The two were mainly quiet as they worked. Finally, Harold spoke.

“Are we quite ready to retire for the night, Boris?”

“We sure are,” Boris smiled tiredly. “Some of the Storm students left a mess today. I’m definitely ready for some sleep.”

Harold had taken over as Boris’s guardian when his mother past away. Boris had taken her place as library assistant, even as a young wizard. The two had grown to be a family through the years.

The two climbed the stairs to the second floor. Once inside, Boris dressed for bed and Harold made himself a small cup of tea. Harold and Boris had always shared the small apartment without a fuss. It probably helped that Boris got his own room.

It was around midnight when Harold began to get ready for bed himself. A heavy storm had started outside and rain was beating against the windows. The old librarian yawned, stretching his tired limbs.

Suddenly, there was a thunderous knock downstairs. Harold pulled on his coat and traveled down to the library’s main entrance. The knocking continued until he was feet away the heavy oak doors. Slowly, Harold opened the door and peeked around it. The commons were completely dark and drenched in rain. He couldn’t see a single soul out there.

Harold took a careful step outside. The open door provided perfect light to see anything in front him. There was a figure, wrapped in a black cloak. The old librarian adjusted his glasses.

“Excuse me. Are you hurt?” The figure shifted slightly. Harold saw that they were holding a small white bundle close to their chest. “Excuse me, can you speak?”

In a single blink, the figure had a knife to his throat. Harold now knew it was man. The man’s voice was hoarse and cruel. He carefully forced the bundle into Harold’s hands.

“Protect this child,” He whispered. He pulled the knife away and quickly ran into the night.

Harold was still in shock, but he looked down at what had been forced on him. Wrapped up, a baby girl was asleep. She had golden eyes and snow white hair. A small, black skull necklace sat around her neck. Harold knew the necklace meant she was born a Necromancer. He pulled her close and quietly went inside.

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