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The Adventures of Morgan BearGiver by Morgan BearGiver

You’ve heard of magic and wizards, of course. But have you heard about Ravenwood? No... Well I will start from the very beginning when...

I was sitting on the stairs to the orphanage, amazed, amazed that when I was staring at a little kids bull stuffed animal, a minotaur appeared in the room, or when I was playing softball with some other kids, I picked up the bat and a troll poofed next to me and hit almost everyone. There was kids also screaming and hiding behind trees.

I sighed and gazed up. I saw a red ball of fire falling towards me. “Ah, just my imagination.” I said to myself. But it got closer. “So not my imagination!” I screamed and ran and dived behind a big boulder.

An old man appeared “Now where is this so called Morgan BearGiver?” He said aloud. He must’ve saw my long blue hair poking out where I was hiding because he came near me alright! I poked out.

“Well, I am Morgan; I have no idea my last name so. I guess ya can leave?” I said.

“Well, you have to be her.” He said and looked towards the owl. “You and her port back when done.” He then poofed away. I stared at the owl.

“I am Gamma, you are a wizard. So let’s a go!” The bird said. I stared at him.

“You can talk??” I then just stared in amazement.

“Yes, yes I can talk! Now come with me.” He then flew down and grabbed my shirt and tried to fly up.

“DON’T POOP ON ME!” I screamed. “It just gross.” The owl rolled his eyes and then the world went blank. I then landed in the messiest office you would ever see! Paper and books scattered everywhere.

I tried to get up, but my body forced me not to. The old man came out and helped me up.

“Now, take this book and this pen, now take the test to see what wizard you are.” He nodded and walked off. I then picked the pen up and answered the questions.

The answer revealed. “Myth.” It said. I smiled. “Cool.” I muttered as the old man walked in.

“So you are myth? A fine school it is.” He smiled. I nodded. “Well, then now it’s time to meet all the teachers, seven of them. Go to RavenWood and meet the teachers. Oh, ya, here is your clothes.” He then handed me a hat, robe, and shoes and I headed out.

I then came back with my mind dazed from the info the teachers gave me.

“So you met the teachers, do you like them?” He wondered. I put my hand up and made a ‘kind of’ motion. He then laughed and told me to sit down. “I forgot to tell you, Morgan. That you have a sister; she is balance, the school that fits with myth and the three elements.”

“I-I have a sister? Wow.” I smiled.

“Yes. And I want you to meet her!” He said. He then quickly wrote down the dorm number she lived in. I picked it up.

I walked up the stairs to the floor she lives in. I then knocked on the door. A girl that looked like me but brown hair not blue, answered.

I then smiled. “Hi, I am Morgan BearGiver…”

She rolled her eyes “Well Morgan, like I care you the heck you are! Now leave!” She went to close the door but I put my hand on the door.

“Well, I am your sister, Morgan, so deal with it.” I said. She froze and looked at me.

“Uh, ok. Come in.” She said opening the door more. I smiled and walked in as the door closed behind me.

“So what’s your name?” I asked.

“I am Alexandria HawkShield.” Alexandria said “But call me Alex.”

After a while of talking I left to my dorm and fell asleep really, really fast.

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