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Moon Parted Stars (part 2) by Tabitha IceRider

I reluctantly sat down on the chair again, ears eager to listen for more. Sabina was starring at the Headmaster, as if she were excited but yet worried at the same moment.

“But, we didn’t even know how to cause that! This has to be some kind of coincidence. Maybe it really was a trick our parents were pulling off. Maybe you are part of the birthday plan! I mean, please, magic?” I asked, crossing my arms. Somehow, deep inside, I had a feeling it was true, but I just didn’t want to accept it! I wanted my own life back, the way it used to be, where I didn’t have a care for the world and had a dream of becoming a successful businesswoman.

“Madeline, this is no joke. What we are talking about is something only few people in Wizard City know. Everyone knows about the prophecy of course, but they do not know that you both have arrived at last. We will have to keep this quiet, completely quiet, until I approve of you both to tell anybody else, have I made myself clear?” the Headmaster said, eyeing us both with such cold eyes I couldn’t help but to say yes.

“Y-y-yes,” we both stammered nervously.

“Good,” the professor replied, getting out of his chair and reaching for an old, thick book from one of the shelves. He took it back to his desk and carefully opened it.

It was completely blank.

Here, the Headmaster said, handing it over to me.

“Um… Headmaster, there is nothing on the page…” I said.

“Concentrate and they will appear,” the Headmaster said reassuringly.

“Uh… ok?” I asked, and I looked back at the page. I had no idea what I was looking for or what I was supposed to be doing, but I obeyed him anyways. Suddenly, letter after letter, phrases and questions started to appear. I looked up. The Headmaster was smiling. I looked back down and there, before me, a quiz was displayed. I answered all the questions in my head and flipped the page. It read:

Madeline StarDust
Ravenwood School of Magical Arts

“Balance? Is that the school I am in? And what is EF014?” I asked, suspicious.

“Yes, I knew you were going into balance. And yes, that is your school. EF014 is your dorm room number. It is where you will sleep until you can afford a castle of your own,” the Headmaster explained. He turned around to my sister and handed her the book.

“Uh, no thanks,” my sister said, pushing the book away.

“You must, the fate of Wizard City is in your hands now,” the Headmaster said, forcing the book on her lap.

Sabina sighed as she looked down the page. At first she looked amazed that she could read the book, but it wasn’t surprising to me since I already knew what was going to happen.

“Done,” Sabina said, looking up from the page.

“What does it say?” the Headmaster said.

“Sabina Moondust, EF015, Ice, Ravenwood School of Magical Arts,” my sister read off.

“I knew it would be so. Now, it is time to take you both to your real families,” the Headmaster said, putting the book back on the shelf.

“Hold on, no one said anything about a real family!” I exclaimed, immediately standing up from my chair in alarm.

“Where did you expect you would come from? Air? Of course you would have a real family. I told you, those miserable minions had raised you as their own!” the Headmaster said, opening one of the doors which lead outside.

“Hold on a second, does this mean we are both biological sisters?” Sabina asked, standing up from the chair.

“No, you both are not biological, but there is a reason why your birthdays are exactly 48 hours apart. That is a separate story, but now, let’s move,” the Headmaster said, walking outside with the owl on his shoulder.

Sabina and I met eye contact. We both were asking the same question. Was this really happening?

When we followed the Headmaster outside, I gasped.

Before me was a crowded street with people pacing around. A lawn surrounding a small pond with houses beyond lay after the street. The sky was completely blue, and you could see small blocks of land floating around. Surprisingly enough, you could even see some branches that covered some of the sky. All of the people walking around were on big, beautiful animals… no… creatures. I saw dragons and eagles, brooms, seahorses, even ordinary horses! This was probably one of the most momentous moments of my life.

“Welcome to Wizard City,” the Headmaster said behind us.

I spun around with a huge grin on my face. “Is this – Is this – “ I tried to say.

“Yes. This is the heart of the entire Spiral. The Commons is probably one of the busiest streets in Wizard City. Here, wizards and student usually meet and communicate with each other. We usually use this spot for big celebrations, such as anniversaries of the creation of the Spiral. But believe me when I say this, this is only the beginning,” the Headmaster said, walking ahead of me, outside of an enclosed gate I hadn’t even noticed. My sister and I followed him.

It took us a few minutes to get passed the street, for there were so many students, it seemed highly impossible! Yet the Headmaster seemed to know exactly where we were walking to. He finally stopped in a small house right at the edge of the pond. On the side, it read 1285, just like the house numbers on earth.

“Sabina, this is your family,” the Headmaster said, looking down at her, encouragingly.

“Um, I don’t know, I-I can’t. It’s too soon! This is all coming to me so fast!” Sabina exclaimed.

The Headmaster sighed. “Yes, I do understand, but you have to know who your family is, don’t you think? Or would you rather live your whole life regretting the moment you didn’t approve of meeting your family?” he asked.

Sabina crossed her arms, again, tapping her foot. “Fine, but don’t expect me to fall in love with my real siblings at once.”

Headmaster Ambrose looked confused. “Ok, as you wish,” he replied, knocking on the door of the house.

We both heard footsteps inside the house. I was sure I could hear Sabina’s heartbeat as the steps got louder and closer to the door.

Then, the door swung open. In front of us stood a man, dressed in red and orange clothing, with shaggy hair and dark brown eyes. “May I help you, Headmaster?” he asked, smiling.

“Damon FireMist, I believe I have some news to give you,” the Headmaster said, bowing.

Damon blushed. “Why Headmaster, whatever do you… Hold on…” Damon gasped. He was eyeing Sabina very closely. I had to admit, both of them looked very much alike. It was mostly the eyes, posture, and height.

“Damon FireMist, I didn’t prepare to break this to you, but this… this young lady here… is your very own daughter,” stated the Headmaster, placing his hands on Sabina’s shoulders.

Damon eyes opened widely. I swear his eyes were going to pop out any moment. “SIERRA!” Damon screamed behind his shoulder.

It took only a few seconds until a second person appeared at the door. Instead, this person was dressed in more green and white colored clothing. Right when she appeared at the doorway, Damon ran over to Sabina and embraced her very tightly.

I could see Sabina’s reaction. She looked both relieved but angry. I couldn’t help feel pity for her until I remembered myself that I had a family waiting to see me as well.

“Well, I know your family has much to talk about with Sabina, or, well, now she is known as Sabina IceRider. I’ll leave you three to it. I have another young lady herself who has to meet her own family,” the Headmaster said, standing back.

“Yes, yes, of course Headmaster! Thank you! Oh, thank you!” Sierra pledged. It looked as if she were about to faint as if she were in the movies.

The Headmaster then put his arms around my shoulder and led me out back into the busy street once again. I heard behind me as I left, “So, Sabina, tell me everything about yourself!”

I smiled. Sabina’s parents seemed friendly. I was hoping that my parents were the same.

We walked for a couple more minutes, through the crowded street until we came up upon yet another house. This one was fairly larger and looked a bit more “old-fashioned.” I felt my heart in my chest beat harder and harder as we came closer to the door.

Finally, we were upon the footsteps. The Headmaster knocked. I felt as if I were going to explode any second. Literally.

I heard steps.

There were a few bolts unlocking them selves from the door. There were so many that I started losing count. I was dazed. Suddenly, the door swung wide open. A man, fairly tall, with big brown eyes and black hair stood at the doorway. He looked nothing like me.

The Headmaster cleared his throat.

“Caleb DeathBite?” the Headmaster asked reluctantly.

The man looked fairly surprised and shocked. I could tell he had no clue on what was going on.

The Headmaster cleared his throat, again.

“This… This is your daughter… Your real daughter… Madeline StarDust,” the Headmaster said. But, hold on! Was that fear I heard in his voice?

Caleb DeathBite widened his eyes in surprise. His reaction wasn’t quite what I expected. He walked towards me and… well… studied me… then, all of a sudden, he pulled me into his arms and hugged me so tightly I could not even find a spark of air.

When he released me, I saw tears streaming down his eyes. At least he was excited to see me! I had been completely frightened earlier.

“My, you have changed! I remember when you were…” he held out his palms to measure a certain height, “About this tall! Such a cute little child! So… so happy to have you! And then that fool… Malistaire! That incompetent, idiotic, worthless…”

“Yes, we understand what you are going through right now, but, if I may, I have to go take care of some papers in my office to get her completely enrolled into Ravenwood. She will be attending classes tomorrow morning. It is early in the afternoon, but I still hope you can gather all the supplies needed to start your classes!” the Headmaster said, pulling out a parchment of paper from beneath his robe.

“How come Sabina didn’t get that?” I asked.

“Her parents are professionals at gathering supplies for school. They have two other children, and I suspect that they know that the school year starts tomorrow. I am deeply sorry I did not warn you, Caleb. My apologies,” the Headmaster said, bowing his head.

“It is alright with me! I will take care of this one! My only child… All my effort will be laid down to her!” Caleb said, standing up straight and puffing out his chest.

Somehow, I was hoping that really, truly wasn’t a bad thing. Would he be too strict? Or was I just over thinking things…

“Alright then! Off I go!” the Headmaster said. He patted me on the shoulder once more and walked off the steps, towards his tower once again.

“Madeline, you have no idea how much I have waited for this very day! It seems to me that it has been nearly over 20 years!” Caleb proclaimed (or should I say father now?).

“Caleb, thank you for-“

“My dear child! Please call me dad, father, daddy, whatever suits you!” Caleb said, putting his arms around my shoulder and leading me through the door.

“Um… ok… Father, thank you for letting me stay,” I replied respectfully. “Yes, yes, it is my honor! Matilda! Matilda! We have a special guest!” father said right as we walked through the threshold.

I gasped.

I was in a beautifully decorated house with rich, dark, maroon paint covering all the walls. Candles and torches aligned each hallway, and straight up ahead was the kitchen, full of things I never knew even existed! To the left were some step stairs, where a woman stood in yellow and blue robes. She quickly hurried down the steps.

“Matilda, this… this is our long lost daughter, Madeline, right?” father asked me.

“You, you can’t be serious! Madeline! An honor, no, no, a privilege to have you back in our household!” mother said, hugging me just as tightly as father had done earlier before. When she stepped back, she exclaimed, “Caleb, why didn’t you warn me she was here? I would have dressed up for the reunion! I have waited for this moment for now thirteen years! Don’t you know how special this is for me right now? What she must think of me! Caleb, whenever something like this happens again, you better warn me about-“

“Mother its fine. Compared to the robes I had seen other people on the street wear, you look supremely elegant,” I said, hoping to raise her spirits.

“Isn’t she cute? Thirteen and such a respectful individual already! Come now; let me show you your room. It might be a little too childish for you, since we haven’t really touched it ever since that wretch Malistaire took you away, but I hope it will do!” mother said, quickly leading me up the stairs.

I looked behind me and my father, eloquently standing there, smiled at me. I thought, so far, that maybe this biological family thing wouldn’t be such a bad thing after all.

Once we got up to the stairs, a big, I mean, HUGE hallway stood in front of us. There were so many doors that we were passing I lost count, like I did with the bolts at the door. We stopped at a random door smack-in-the-middle of the hallway. The door looked like any of the others.

“How will I remember this is my room?” I asked, worried.

“You will get used to it, trust me. I have lived here for 30 years and I can tell which door is which, somehow, someway. Anyways, this is your room,” my mother said, swinging open the door.

I squeaked in delight. In front of me was an enormous room with a brown bed and maroon curtains in front of all windows. There were two double doors right on the left side of the bed and a nightstand on its right. Another door appeared just opposite the side of the room.

“Its-It’s-It’s-Beautiful!” I screamed, sprinting and jumping onto the covers of the bed. The sheets could have never been more comfortable. I jumped out of the bed and ran to the double doors.

It was a walk-in closet.

Sadly, it was empty, but still I leaped in joy! This was definitely better than I expected it to be.

I looked back at my mother. She stood there with such a warm smile I almost cried. I ran back to her and hugged her, hard. “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” I repeated over and over again.

She put her chin on my head. I could feel her smile.

There were no words to explain my emotions.

I was bewildered.

I felt completely free.

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