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The Mission of a Life Time: Chapter 1 by Marissa Unicornsong

Chapter 1: Gobblers-Gone-Mad Café

Snow came down, softly as I walked across the road in Colossus Boulevard not trying to catch any gobbler’s green eye (no offence but their fart spells are really disgusting) for I was on a mission for Merle Ambrose. Yes, I, Rose Flowersong was on a mission for the headmaster of Ravenwood. When the professor told me, I was thrilled beyond words; this was really huge step for me. Why was I chosen to help save Wizard City today, I mean I was really bad in my Balance lessons. I can barely conjure a balance beetle without it fizzling, so why was I chosen? Professor Ambrose didn’t tell me for some reason but had a strange gleam in his blue eye. Never mind, don’t think that, Rose, and stay in focused. You were chosen and that all matters right now not to mess up! Think of the plan you had thought of, if you mess this up, you would have destroyed half the city, I thought.

I came upon the place I was suppose to be and raised my hand to knock the oak door. A brown-green eye peek out of the peep hole in the door and then a deep voice said, “The password?” Wait? A password? Oh I wasn’t planning on this. Think quickly, Rose!

“Malistaire the Great One?” I guessed. My hopes soared when the door opened. I hurried in, grateful for the fire burning in the fireplace.

“May I take your cloak, miss?” a gobbler, ten times bigger than me and smelled like rotten eggs said. I nodded and handed my emerald cloak to him, showing off my white and black Dragoon Garment. My white Halcyon Shoes trimmed with black clicked clacked across the room as I sat down at an empty table.

“Hi, welcome to Gobbler Gone Mad Café, can I interest you in a drink?” a girl-gobbler asked. I said I would like a Spell Cherry, a favorite wizard drink back in the dormitories at school, and the waitress walked away. When she came back, she put the drink on the table, and asked, “Need anything else?”

I didn’t answer right away, but looked around the dimly lit café. Gobblers of any size and color were sitting drinking this muddy green stuff, some were talking to each other like old friends but one group caught my eye. A huge chubby blue gobbler and a light green skinny gobbler were leaning over the cherry oak table, talking in whispers. They must be my guys, I thought. “Uh….. (I looked at her name tag)…. Guiney, who are those two gobblers names?” I pointed them out.

Guiney got a little uncomfortable, and said, “ Well I shouldn’t say this but then again you are a Malistaire follower; their names are Sir Lazy and Sir Active, btw that’s are not their real names just their code names.”

“Do they come here everyday then?” I asked, taking a sip from the Spell Cherry.

“Yes… hey, wait a moment; aren’t you supposed to know them? Aren’t they the ones that train you in a secret place in Firecat Alley?” Guiney asked, crossing her pale blue arms.

“Uh… I just started to be in Malistaire’s Student Wizard Army, a late bloomer,” I answered coolly. I have got my answer answered; now it is time to get on the road. I didn’t know it’ll be this easy. “Well nice talking to yah, Guiney, but I must take my leave, I need to get to my class. How much is the drink?” She gave me the price and I laid some gold coins on the table.

I stood up, walked up to the door, put my cloak on (it was hanging nicely on a hook by the door while others were on the floor), and went outside. Today is going to be interesting, but this place where I’m going next is not going to like Gobblers-Gone-Mad café but more evil. The snow fell down softly, as I walked to Firecat Alley, not knowing what is going to happen next.

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