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Life Song by Paige Lightbringer

I woke up hovering 2 feet off the ground in an orb of light. “Look, Gamma! Finally we have found one!” I opened my eyes groggily, trying to identify the speaker. It sounded like one of those old wise dudes in video games whose beards trail down to the floor.

“Oh really? Whooooooo?” The second speaker dragged out all his ooooos, making it sound like a hooting owl. I managed to blink my eyes open, but the glowing light around me much prevented my vision.

“A young girl, from a troubled past.” Suddenly, the light around me disappeared. I dropped to the floor and immediately got up. I was wearing a t-shirt and jeans, my just below shoulder length brown hair was wild and uncombed. I rubbed my eyes and looked around. Standing in front of me was a tall, frail looking old man with a long white beard. He wore a dark blue robe with stars on it and a tall, pointy wizard hat with the same design. Sitting next to him was a white owl that wore a purple hat that looked like a graduation cap. The owl looked like it was muttering something under its breath. Suddenly, a thick, heavy, dark brown book appeared.

“We should consult the book of secrets.” The old dude said, walking over and flipping through the pages. He turned and looked at me intently, handing me the book. “Answer these questions to find out what manner of wizard you are.” I almost laughed out loud. This was obviously just a very weird dream. I decided I’d go along with it, just until I woke up. I flipped through the book, answering a bunch of ho-hum, everyday questions, like what my favorite gem was, what my favorite animal was, etc. Finally, the book went dark, then flipped its own pages ahead until it reached a page. In bright green letters, the word Life flashed on the page. Then the book slammed shut and disappeared. I stared blankly at the spot where the book was, then slowly pivoted to face the old dude and his owl. “Sir, I think your book of secrets is broken.” I coughed out. “I. Am. Not. Life. I’m not exactly what you’d call Mrs. Healy-hands!” I knew this was a dream, but my being a life wizard? That was beyond weird. It was impossible!

“You may argue, but the book of secrets knows all!” He waved his staff in the air for emphasis, which made him look slightly insane. “Now, what is your name?”

“Paige.” I said. “Paige Lightbringer.” I didn’t know where the last name came from, but it came to me. I tried to remember more, but I couldn’t. Nothing came to me.

“Good. Now, come with me to my…” Old dude was cut off by an explosion. He ran outside, moving pretty quickly for a guy his age. The owl flew after him. I had no choice at this point. I turned and followed him.

After passing through a crowded street, we came to a small area with a cobblestone path winding around a tall, dark stone tower. Storm clouds rolled in. Lightning flashed and the tower shook. A silhouette passed in the window. I froze. A memory passed through my mind quickly. That same silhouette, a dragon… I tried to grasp the memory, hold onto it, but it flickered away. When I snapped out of it, old dude was walking to the tower. “You’d best follow the headmaster.” The owl said. I guess that’s who old dude was. “To the tower!”

It was a long walk up many flights of stairs, with the floor shaking every time thunder rolled in. Finally, we reached the top. We passed through a trapdoor and entered a large, circular room. When I stepped up into the room, the first things I saw were two red dragon like creatures in suits. “Maaaassssster!” one of them hissed, turning towards a figure in the shadows, “We have visitors.” When the figure turned around and faced me, I stifled a scream. I remembered something. Images flashed through my head. A house dissolving to nothing. A little girl being dragged away from her parents, screaming. A man’s oily voice, his shadowy features, a blow to the side of the head. Then darkness…

I blinked awake and faced the man from my vision. His black hair was oily and slicked back, his goatee and mustache neatly trimmed. He wore black robes and in his hand was a staff with a dragon coiled around a red orb at the top. A name entered my mind. Malistaire.

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