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Legion of the Dark (part 2) by Valdus DeathWraith

Once Valdus had awoken after his first victory against the Legion of the Dark two days later in the school infirmary run by Professor Wu, His sister was waiting at his side along with a few of the other professors.

"Valdus, Valdus!" Said Ambrose, trying for the tenth time to wake him up.

"Ugghhhh,"Said Valdus, "what exactly happened at that battle?"

"You did great young wizard. The battle was really well, and we won."

"That's good. What about Zafaria? didn't we finally get the spiral key?"

"Yes we did, And you will be the first to know, and get to be the first to go."

Zafaria was a fun place for Valdus. With his special experience potion, he reached level 68 before he finished the Savannah. He then goes to Dworgyn for his next spell that he hopes will be better than Apocalypse. Maybe it will maybe not.

"Dworgyn?" Said Valdus, panting from running all the way from Zafaria.

"Here for your new spell Valdus?" Said Dworgyn.

"Yes," Said Valdus, "What exactly is it?"

"Not entirely sure." Said Dworgyn. "You are the first to get it, but it has something to do with Katzenstein and his monster when i worked with him."

Going to Marleybone to Scotland Yard to talk to Dr. Katzenstein. On his way, he notices a spy following him, but immediately stuns him for quite a while. He arrives at Scotland Yard, where he meets Katzenstein in his cell.

"Well, I have the notes right here." Said Katzenstein. "Give them to Dworgyn."

He then returns to Nightside to return the notes.

"Well young wizard." Said Dworgyn. "Here is your new spell."

His new spell is Katzenstein's Monster, and it does 950 damage to all enemies, steal, and stun for two rounds. He then reports to Ambrose.

"Ambrose!" Said Valdus.

"What is it young wizard?" Said Ambrose.

"Got the new spell!"

Before Ambrose could congratulate him, Professor Balestrom comes in.

"Looks like we have a raid on the city by Malistaire." said Balestrom.

"How exactly did he get into Wizard City!?!?" Said Ambrose. "He has no access to a spiral gate let alone teleportation!"

"HOW SHOULD I KNOW?" Said Balestrom.

"Good point." Said Ambrose. "Just go after him."

Arriving at Crab Alley, where the raid was located, everyone sees that Malistaire has a special bubble that looks kind of like purple electricity circling around him and when a crab guard tries to grab him, the crab is launched into a dark cavern close to them.

"Valdus. I think that your new spell has the same color electricity as his force field." Said Ambrose. "Destroy it!"

Using the spell, it has the same color, but the force field is taken away and put around Valdus. Must be another side affect.

"NO!" Said Malistaire. "That force field has a need for me! You can's take it! That is it! Young wizard, it it one on one, right now!"

The area that Malistaire takes Valdus and everyone on his team as well to a very dark place. The other members on his side are in chains and in pillories.


"Why should I" said Malistaire, "It is the only way to get through to you! That you cannot, will not, and will never win this fight! I just want to make this a little more interesting. For every 1000 points of damage you can knock off of me, I will release one of your friends to fight with you. But I w=must warn you, i wont be beaten!" Do you exceot the clallenge, weakling!"

"You sure bet I do. I got a few tricks up my sleve. I CAN, and WILL win this, RIGHT NOW!"

The battle is heated, and takes well over two hours before Valdus can get a hit. By then, he is run down and tired, but his first Katzenstein's Monster card comes up since the fight when he stole Malistaire's force field.

I remember now! Said Valdus in his thoughts. Ambrose had tought me something about a legend of how someone of my type had defeated Malistaire, and he didn't even realize it! Now if I could just remember what it is........... Come on!............Aha! I remembered!

Just as he remembered, Malistaire had begun his turn of trying to hit Valdus. Valdus had a special charm on that was like Spirit Armor, but so much stronger. It blocks 15,000 damage and then has a 50% chance of renewing itself. Malistaire begins his strikes with just a basic wand attack, but it does so much damage, that it knocks him back so far and hard that he can't breath.

"Haha young wizard!" Said Malistaire, "You really think that you can stop me!"

"I dont need to." Said Valdus. "Look behind you!"

Malistaire looks behind him, and the Apocalypse spell is behind him, and he is struck by it along with Valdus. They end up in a void, along with all of the enemies Valdus had used the spell on, which is quite a lot. They all targeted him all of the sudden, and he was soon surrounded by enemies blasting out black beams. He for some reason is absorbing power, and getting stronger. Level 70..........80..........90........100.............120 in a matter of 10 seconds. He then reverts all of the power back, and they all vanish. Then Malistaire and Valdus can then finish their grand battle.

They end up back. Valdus has well over 10,000 health now, and can easily beat Malistaire now. He is hitting him so hard that Malistaire is now crying out of pain. Unfortunately, Malistaire disappears before Valdus can defeat him, and he realizes that he forgot about the 1 person every 1000 damage.

"Stop now young wizard." Said Ambrose. "He is done. He will be gone for a VERY long time. Don't worry. Unfortunately, you will need to survive Morganthe. She will eventually find out. You need a lot more training, young hero.

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