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Legion of the Dark by Valdus DeathWraith

"Valdus!!!!! Wake up!!!!!"

"Wow Calamity! Calm down!" Said Valdus.

"Do you seriously know what today is?" Said Calamity.

"Yes, I do, but it is in about two hou..... wait, what time is it?"


"Oh shoot! I’ll be right down!"

"Hurry up!"

On his way down from his castle, he trips down the stairs, landing on his back, notices a mark on his arm.

"Eh. I got no time to worry about this" Said Valdus, "I'll be late for the festival!"

Running outside, he also notices that his world gate is locked. After a little bit of pondering, he just realizes that he can teleport to his sister, who is already at the festival.

"AGHHH!" said Calamity. "Why exactly are you teleporting to me?"

"Sorry" Said Valdus, "I had to. My world gate isn't working."

"I know. My friend has a castle here so I teleported to her. My portal isn't working either."

"That's strange. The portals were working yesterday."

"Yes, they were, but they were closed for the festival."

"Ah, okay. Now remind me again, what is this festival about?"

"Wow Valdus. You really forgot? Okay. The festival is called Curabitur Adipiscing, which is Latin for 'the good team'. Mallistaire has finally been banished."

"Awesome. Wait, why Latin?"

"Ambrose likes that.... hey wait a minute, what's that on your arm?"

The mark on Valdus' arm has been getting bigger, and is starting to look like a necromancy symbol.

"I don't know." Said Valdus. "It appeared this morning"

**cheering begins in the background**

"Now be quiet, Calamity! Ambrose is coming on the stage!"

"Now before I begin, I'd like to announce our newest member of the Curabitur Adipiscing." Said Ambrose. "Valdus DeathWraith, get up here!"

As soon as Valdus heard his name, he became very flushed and a little light headed. Could have been the mark, or could have been the shock of hearing his name, he wasn't quite sure, but his sister did have to help him get up to the podium.

"Now, I must tell you all why I founded this timeless group of the professors of Ravenwood and aspiring students." said Ambrose.

"In the beginning, as you all know, Bartleby created this world, which contained all of the worlds together before they were separated. His children, the Frost Giants, Dragons, and the Tritons, each ruled different territories, and wanted more. They fought, trying to take over each other's territories. When the Dragons and the Tritons collided, they produced energy that became living creatures from the earth itself, otherwise known as the school of Life. When the Dragons and the Frost Giants collided in battle, they produced legends and myths that became the school of Myth. When the Tritons and the Frost Giants collided, they produced fear and creatures of the undead, otherwise known as the school of Death. But, when all three collided in a heated battle, a seventh school was produced. Balance. It is then that Bartleby separated the large planet, creating the world’s you all know today, and others you don't know. The group was founded because the balance of the worlds was threatened because a new threat of the name, 'Legion of the Dark', had formed from the leftover energy formed, which contained every school, and even the astral schools."

"So, we have the professors, and the students, and now you, young wizard." said Ambrose. The mark means that you are the new death wizard of the group, but there is no professor, so you will be given special training to fight the Legion of the Dark. Plus, you will need to stay in Celestia for a month so you can learn astral magic." "Hey, I have a Celestian castle!" Said Valdus. "I can do this training thing."

Over the next course of the next two days, he got new gear and a new pet just exclusive to the members of the group, which brought him up to 5000 health and 1500 mana, which was because he was a legendary.

"Alright" Said Valdus, "what are we gonna learn today?"

"The next rank death spell" Said Ambrose, "which is called Apocalypse, a spell that siphons 800 health and gives back all to you on all enemies, plus a -45% outgoing on all enemies, which is a rank 11 spell."

"Wait, I only have seven pip slots."

"Not for long. Remember in the beginning when you first became a wizard, and I gave you pips, I can expand your capacity to twenty pips."


"But, you may be used to fighting in a battle circle, but with the group, you fight in the open area, so I will have to train you there."

"Ambrose!" Said Professor Falmea

"What is it, Dalia?"

"The Legion of the Dark is attacking!"

"Alright. Gather the professors and the wizards and go to the courtyard!"

"On it!"

"Are you ready Valdus?"

"You bet I am!"

As they head outside, Ambrose gives a special command to the group.

"Focus all of your pips to the new group member!" Said Ambrose. "He needs to try out his new spell!"

The battle ensued for about twenty minutes, and Valdus was about to cast Apocalypse.

"Alright! Let’s do this! Said Valdus.

As the spell was casted, it at first looked like power nova, but it was jet black and much bigger. The, a black beam of energy shot out at five of the closest members of the enemy. A blue energy came out of them and a black cloud over their bodies, and went to him, and Valdus suddenly felt stronger. The black cloud causes them to vanish, which was likely a side effect of the spell. The rest of the enemies fled, and the battle was over.

"Wow! That wasn't expected." Said Valdus.

"The spell is more powerful than I thought" Said Ambrose, "The mark must enhance the power."

Valdus was trying to piece together what happened, but he passed out before he could.

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