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Journey to MooShu (part 7) by Elizabeth Ghostcaster

"AWWWWWWW!!!!!! ITS SOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!" Lauren squealed. The mysterious predator that was moving in the bushes happened to have been a Ninja Pig. A very cute one too.

"Careful Lauren," I warningly said "it could be dangerous."

"A dangerous ninja pig. Good one Elizabeth." said Lauren with her eyes rolling. She picked it up and began to pet it. The pig seemed to be very calm. But I still didn't trust it. Prince Jackson jumped into my arms and I walked over to Lauren to look at the Ninja Pig. 'It sort of looks harmless.' I thought. Lauren brung the pig back to her tent. For the rest of the night, things were quiet. I slept soundly as usual because I was already use to the softness of the Mooshu grass. The next morning was quite unusual. Fred and Gabriel were keeping far away from the Ninja Pig Lauren and I found the night before.

"Ok, We better get this show on the road before the enemy finds us!"

screamed Gabriel. Before we knew it, we were dragged into battle.

"Too Late." Fred commented. I picked a few cards and soon our enemies ran away. It was weird. Usually its Wizards who run away if necessary.

Not the enemy.

This was weird. Lauren's ninja pig suddenly got his sword out and began to chase after it!

"Sifu Porkchops where you going?!" Screamed Lauren.

"You named your ninja pig Sifu PorkChops?" I asked.

"It was the only thing I could think of." Lauren replied "Sifu PorkChops wait!" Lauren began to run after the ninja pig. The boys and I began to run after Lauren. We couldn't let her get hurt. Soon enough, Lauren managed to catch Sifu PorkChops.

"Alright, can we please get back on the road? If we want to stop Malistare's rein of evil we gotta be at The Tree Of Life by sun down."

I explained.

"Well, The Tree Of Life is gonna have to wait for us." said Fred while looking like he was in a trance. Gabriel was on my left side and Fred was on my right. Gabriel tapped me on the shoulder and pointed to what was ahead. I dropped my backpack and Prince Jackson ran out of the bag.

He stopped in his tracks and looked at what we all were looking at.

Ahead of us, was the next town we were suppose to go to. But, it was in ruins.

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