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I Watch by Jasmine Jadeleaf

I watch.
I watch as children are born.
I watch as elders die.
I watch as the world grows into its new home.
For it is new.

Long, long ago, under the blue sky of Wizard City, two boys were born to a witch by the name of Maria Drake. She named them Cyrus and Malistaire, and they grew up battling monsters together and healing each other. They even worked together at Ravenwood School for the Magically Gifted, teaching Death and Myth. Then, the inevitable occured - they fell in love. Unfortunately, the similarities of their personalities caused them to both love Silvia Brightstar, the teacher of Life. Sadly, she only had room in her heart for Malistaire, and they married. Cyrus was left brokenhearted, but still loving both. Then, Silvia died, and Malistaire went crazy. He blasted the Death school, where he had taught, to bits of floating rubble, and left Wizard City. Cyrus grew ever more bitter at the loss of his true love and brother, to the point of sarcastic remarks about innocent students.

Once he left, Malistaire's more sinister nature began to make itself known. He contacted some of the darker monsters he had battled as a youth, and allowed them to release their minions upon the dark side streets of Wizard City, in preparation for taking it, the center of the Spiral of worlds, for his own. In a dark, terrible world, that he himself had crafted, he took spells used to combat those monsters, and twisted them, making them stronger, stranger, and overall dark. With this arsenal of new spells and an army of monsters, he marched upon the center world, and though the resistance was great, it was not enough. In a last ditch effort to destroy Malistaire, the strongest wizards gathered, and cast the spell that the headmaster of Ravenwood SMG had crafted as a fail-safe just days before he had been killed defending the students. The Spiral was destroyed, vanishing into nothingness as the last words of the incantation died away.

Only one survived, I, the strongest of the defenders. I created the universe anew, but there was one piece that I would not, could not, remake. The new universe was a world without magic. And now, and forever more, I stand guard over this world, ensuring that the destruction of my own home can never happen again.

I watch.

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