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Friends and Enemies (part 2) by Nathaniel Sunbringer

I stared at my fixed shirt and healed burn, and then at Andrew. Me? A skilled theurgist? No way. “I don’t even know any spells,” I said to Andrew. “I wish I did.”

Andrew had a thoughtful expression on his face. “If I’m an ice wizard…” he muttered. “Then… yes, yes! It has to be the wool! No life student has ever done this before! Moolinda woo can though.”

“Who?” I asked.

“Moolinda Woo,” Andrew said. “Life teacher at Ravenwood.”

“Yeah,” said a snide voice. “You should know that, being life and all.”

Andrew didn’t turn around, because he didn’t need to. He was already facing the boy. He clenched his fist, then said, “Keelan.”

The boy feigned surprise. “Is that you Andrew? I thought you were in Marlybone.” Then the boy laughed. “Of course I know you are really only in unicorn way.” Keelan started into fresh laughter, which just made me mad. Then he started toward golem court, pushed me, and said, “Move it novice. Make room for a magus pyromancer!” He laughed again, which made me even madder. It was a stupid thing to do, but I punched his nose real hard, and it started bleeding like crazy. Then Keelan started punching me, and used a spell, some elf, and I got burned pretty badly.

Then Keelan noticed something. He hid his wand, helped me up, then put me in a fighting stance, and lied down. Unluckily for me, it was Moolinda woo coming up. This all happened in two seconds so I had no time to resist.

“Why are beating up this poor boy?” Moolinda woo said (Or I guess that’s who she was, because she was a cow and wore green robes).

“Oh, Moolinda!” Keelan pretended to sob.

I got out of the fighting stance he had put me in, and said, “Keelan was making fun of me and Andrew! And he pushed me, and I hate bullies! So I punched his nose, an then he used some sort of elf and I got burned!” I held out my hands, and she muttered a spell. A pixie came and healed my hands, and Keelan’s bloody nose.

“Hmm, me too,” Moolinda said. “I hate mean people. Is this true? Was he insulting you” she turned to Andrew, and Keelan almost looked scared.

Andrew bit his lip, and looked at Keelan, who made a cut throat motion, then pointed to his mouth. Andrew gulped, but said, “Yes Moolinda.”

Keelan’s mouth dropped open, and Moolinda gave him detention and extra studies with Malorn Ashthorn. I didn’t know who that was though. Keelan walked away with his head down, and I was glad that he had gotten punished for once.

I opened the door, and my younger sister rushed at me.

She started talking rapidly. “Ambrose came with this huge book, and I took the test and was Myth!” She was talking about how she couldn’t wait for her to go up in levels. I didn’t know what those were, but luckily my mom came in as she started talking about them, and she said when she saw the confused look on my face, “Levels are a way too gauge how much magic power someone has. The higher level you are, the better wizard you are. What school did you get? Myth? Ice? Did you get one at all? If you did, then you had better not have gotten death or storm!”

I saw she looked hopeful, so I told her the truth (Which I would’ve done anyways). “Life.”

My mom squealed, and started shouting, “Honey! Our son is life! Our son is life!”

“Really?” my dad asked.


“Good! What’s his secondary?”

“I don’t have one yet,” I admitted. “But I want one.”

“Well, Duh!” My sister said. “Everyone wants one! I think I’ll get fire.”

I raised my eyebrows, remembering that Keelan had been a Pyromancer. I guess it was my sister’s choice, and I didn’t want too burst her bubble about how good and awesome fire was.

“What do you want too chose as your secondary?” my dad asked.

“I don’t know,” I replied, running up to my room.

I picked up a deck I found on my desk, and looked inside. There were apologies from Moolinda Woo about not being able to teach me in person, and instructions on how to cast the imp spell. Well, I tried it, and got it pretty quickly, fizzling a few times of course. It was kind of hard to remember the life symbol. When I did ok, and could cast it (I had to dispel it because it was to rough and was breaking things. It even put a pile of clothes in the closet) three cards appeared.

These cards had imp on them, so I knew that they were spells for my deck. I stuck them in. Then someone was in my room.

I screamed again.

My mom came running into the room, to see Flint standing in shock, me as well. “How did you get here?” I asked.

“I just teleported to you. I’m your friend.”


“Well, yeah you added me.”

“Oh gosh. Well don’t teleport like that again please.”

“Oh fine.”

My mom left the room, and started talking to dad about it.

“Nathaniel!” My sister (Whose name is Julia Mythsong) said. “Please come help me do Unicorn way!”

“I’ve got to go Flint,” I said. I had to go to Unicorn Way anyways for a quest I had. We were halfway there when I tripped on someone, or something. I saw a small unconscious fire cat, with almost no flames left. People were going to the library for treasure cards right now, so now one had noticed it.

“Oh, you poor thing!” Julia said. “You can be my pet!”

I was still rubbing my foot, but I said,” We’ve kinda got to get to Unicorn Way sis.”

Julia followed me to the gate, and I bumped into someone. Julia bumped into me, and thus someone bumped into her. I looked more closely, and saw Leesha squeezed between the gate and me.

“Hey,” she grunted. “You can get off of me now.”

Then I heard a crack, and backed up real fast. I looked behind me, and saw Malistare dueling with Ambrose. The sky got dark, and Leesha screamed. Flint was beside us suddenly, and then Andrew, and then another fire student who I guessed was wolf, from when Leesha had talked about them. Malistare saw us, and laughed as we ran towards them. “Pesky wizards!” he said, then threw a bolt of dark light at me.

I almost dodged it. I almost did. But the very edge caught between me, and Andrew. The dark light started spinning up and down mine and Andrews bodies, and Leesha, Flint and Wolf tried to pull us out.

Then I heard another crack. Suddenly Andrew disappeared. Then another. Flint was gone. Then another. Now leesha was gone. Two more cracks. Wolf was gone, and there was a big crack in the sidewalk. Then I heard one more crack, and I was spinning in the air.

I landed on a street of some kind. Someone screamed, and I saw a woman looking at me. And a man was looking up. I looked up to.

Leesha and Flint were falling.

Andrew teleported to me, and so did Wolf. I cast an imp, and told it to catch them. It did, but it made several people faint. What was wrong with these people? Had they never seen a wizard?

Then I heard Wolf and Andrew look at each other and say at the same time, “Earth.”

I had heard of earth from friends who had lived there before. I saw what looked like a large building. It read, lucidons bear and bur

“What’s Lucidons Bear and Bur?” I asked.

Andrew looked at me and said, “It’s kind of a different language to read, but we sound the same. It really reads Lucy Doyn’s, beer and bar. There’s a hotel over there. WE can get a little rest there, then find the orphanage. Follow me and Wolf.”

We followed them, and we walked inside. I asked if we could have a room.

The man just raised his eyebrows. “Got any money?”

Uh oh. “No,” I said.

“ Well if you don’t have money, then maybe a test. What’s you’re favorite food?”

Oh, snap. I didn’t have a favorite food, so I said the first thing that came to mind. “Fire wizards.” Leesha and Wolf both gave me dirty looks, and it was hard not to laugh at their facial expressions.

The man didn’t notice. He laughed and said, “You’ve got humor eh? Next question. Why did the chicken cross the road?”

Uhh… That was not expected. I said the first thing that came to mind again. “He got loose?”

The man gave a low chuckle, then asked, “Okay, what is my girlfriends name?”

I gaped. But guessed on how he looked at me…

“You don’t have one?” I guessed.

He nodded. “What are you like psychic?”

“Psy what?”

“Psychic. You can read peoples minds if you are psychic.”


“Alright, You can have a room. You guys got family?”

“Of course,” Flint scoffed, then realized his mistake.

“Where do you live, and why are you in New York?”

“Mars of course,” Andrew told him.

My jaw dropped. So did the guys. Andrew said it in such an obvious way, and with such innocence, that if I hadn’t known that we lived in wizard city, I would’ve believed him. I could just tell that I would totally have believed him if I had not known we lived in wizard city, though I supposed that was as good as mars. I figured the guy had never heard of people living there, except for a few aliens.

Poor Andrew. The man turned to him and asked, “What’s it like?”

“Dusty,” came the reply, and Andrew led us to the room that the key the man had given us opened.

We entered the room. As soon as the door shut Wolf said, “Why did you tell him we lived on mars?”

Andrew shrugged. “It was the first thing that came to mind.”

“Don’t go lying about where we live.”

“I did it all the time to get rooms like this before I was a wizard.”

Leesha sighed, and Wolf growled in frustration. Suddenly I cracked up. It was just so funny what I was thinking.

“What’s so funny?” Flint demanded.

“Imagine that guy, thinking we were aliens from mars. If I hadn’t known we lived in wizard city, I would have believed it. But these are regular humans, and they don’t know anything about wizard city. I bet he thought that we were loco or telling the truth!”

They all started laughing, and the spirit rose.

Then came the bad side.

Chuck chuck chuck.

The sound of rapping on the door startled everyone. I opened it.

That was my mistake. Instantly the room was filled to the brim with people. Some had notepads, and others had cameras. I think we were on film!

I was right it turned out. News got out that people from mars had landed on “earth”. They rushed to get the news, and they were really startled when a sunbird flew at them. They chased it saying, “Animal from mars! Get it!”

“Phew,” I said. “Thanks Leesha.”

“No problem.” I heard a loud yelp, and peeked out our door. Somehow, they had managed to get the sunbird in a net, and someone had touched it. The net burned up, and the sunbird slammed into a wall, setting the tapestry that was on display on fire.

“Fire from mars!” someone screamed. “Bottle it!”

We all had a good laugh at that, and the people kept madly trying to catch the sunbrid. Then it blew fire.

“It’s a dragon!” someone said.

“No you idiot! It’s from mars! Dragons have scales! That animal has feathers and is on fire!”

People started screaming mad stuff like, “Put it out,” but someone said, “I think it’s suppose to be on fire.”

We laughed again, because it was really funny. Then the sunbird dissipated.

“Awww!” everyone said, and then another person said, “Where’d it go?”

“Bottle this fire from mars!” scientists (Or that’s who I thought they were because of their white coats) took bottles and put sticks in them. IT was really weird actually. Then they got a little bit of fire in them somehow.

We took a nice long good laugh after that and left our room (Leesha forgot the card, so Andrew had to pick the lock with an ice shard to get it, and Wolf had to use a fire elf to get the people to leave). I saw that bar or whatever that we had seen earlier and thought we were going there, but we turned and headed towards something called Mcdoodles. Andrew later explained that it was really McDonalds.

We walked in and everyone’s head turned. It must have been a strange sight. Five kids in wizards robes, the oldest no older than thirteen, with one girl and four boys. Not my day.

Andrew led us to a large counter. At the time I didn’t know what it was. But instead of talking, Andrew jumped over the counter.

“Hey kid!” The man at the counter said. “You can’t go in there!”

Andrew grinned. “Watch this!” he said. He waved his wand making the ice symbol. Soon the people in the back and at the counter were frozen.

People screamed, and Andrew took out several bags. I heard beeping, and Wolf said, “Stop him! He’s calling the police!”

The man screamed as a fire elf came at him, and knocked him out. Everyone in the building fainted. I picked up the device he had been holding. My mom had one too, and she called it a cell phone. I heard a voice. “New york Police, How can we help you?”

I laughed. “Hi! We taking food from Mcdoodles!”

“Excuse me?”

I laughed again. “We getting Jamburgers, with Kickles. All From Mcdoodles!”

The person scoffed, and a click told me he had hung up.

Andrew was filling the bags with food. He handed two to each of us, then poured milkshakes and water. Andrew teleported us to a building while we were inside the McDonalds.

There was a sign that read, Pals orffy nage. Andrew said this was the orphanage he grew up in, and that it was really called, Paul’s Orphanage. We would sleep here from now on. I pitied the next person to get our room in the hotel we had left behind. We would be sleeping around the Orphanage, but never in it.

Wolf found a hole near a tree. He was leaning into it and fell in.

Leesha grabbed his leg, and he said, “I see wizards!”

“Really?” I asked eager to be back.

“Uh oh!” he said. Leesha was still holding him by his leg. “Malistare is fighting Ambrose! Yes! Malistare took a lot of damage from that storm lord.”

“Ambrose is storm?” I asked.

“Well,” said Flint. “Know one knows what he is. People say he is everything.”

I shuddered. If he was really every school, then I wouldn’t want to face him. I saw Wolf hit Leesha’s hand. Leesha dropped him, and we heard a laugh. “I’m teleporting!” he screamed, and so I jumped in.

“Have you gone crazy?” Andrew screamed, but the world started flashing.

“I really am going back to wizard city!” I laughed. Hard

I heard more jumping, and three figures were above me. Then…


I heard exclamations of surprise. I looked around and saw Malistare teleporting away. We sat on the ground with the bags of food.

“Where have you been?” came the loud voice of my mother. “I’ve been worried sick! Malistare hit you with that dark energy and suddenly you were gone! Leesha and wolf and Flint tried to grab you guys, then they disappeared to!”

“We went to earth,” I said, and walked off, leaving my mom standing there stunned. I was too, It just wasn’t affecting me as much.

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