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Friends and Enemies by Nathaniel Sunbringer

Hi. My name is Nathaniel Sunbringer, and I’m a theurgist. I’m thirteen, with hazel eyes. Right now, I’m pretty much tangled up with a troll, three skeletons, and a wraith.

I suppose I should explain how I got into this stupid mess. It started one day when I was walking to Ambrose’s tower. I’d grown up in wizard city, and lived in the commons, near the fair grounds. As I approached the tower I saw a young student dressed in black. She was unusually pretty (Though I never fell in love with her or anything, I swear) and was, I guessed, a death student. She had a black hood, and dark skin, and she held a spell book in one hand, and a wand in the other. She looked away when she realized I was looking at her, and so I just continued to Ambrose’s tower.

As I pushed the door open, a huge group of students came rushing out, and I almost got trampled. Only one person stopped when I fell down. He had light green clothing, and had skin had a large tan. He wasn’t sunburned at all. His eyes sparkled green, and he had a spell book attached to his waist, and was holding his wand in his right hand. I guessed he was a life wizard.

“Hi,” he said. “Sorry about the whole group, but Merle just let us out to go fight a whole ton of monsters in unicorn way and Triton Avenue. I’m flint by the way. Flint Beartamer. What’s your name?”

I mumbled something like, “Sorry got to go, Ambrose needs me.”

“What was that?” he asked me.

“Uh, Nathaniel Sunbringer.” I flinched inwardly, as he shook my hand in a very tight grip.

“Sounds like a life wizards name, Sunbringer.” He looked at a watch on his right wrist that I hadn’t even noticed, and said, “Sorry got to go. A bunch of friends want me to defeat the Harvest lord for them.” Then he left me standing there.

I pushed the door open, and an owl smacked into my face. I fell down again, rubbing my head.

“Gamma,” an old mans voice said. “Be more careful next time.”

I expected the owl to hoot, but instead it said in a high voice, “Yes Ambrose.”

Then the man saw who I was and asked, “You are Nathaniel Sunbringer right?”

I nodded my head.

“Perfect,” he said. “Come answer these questions to find out what type of wizard you are. He picked up a huge book, and I didn’t know what it was for, but I kind of doubted it was for flattening flowers. Then he asked me, “How do you like to spend your time?”

Confused, but open to answering, I responded, “With my friends.”

Then I groaned inwardly. I only had one friend. And that wasn’t Flint. A boy about my age (Thirteen) named Tritun. But I did like to spend time with him.

All Ambrose did, was say, “Mhm, and which is most powerful?” He jotted something down on a piece of paper, and I said, after looking at the list in the book carefully while pointing to the plague, “Plague. Because it could be anything.”

Ambrose nodded again, then asked, turning the book back to himself, “What is your favorite activity?”

I was more confused now then when he had asked the first question, but I said, “Camping and fishing.”

“When is your favorite time of day?”


Ambrose nodded again. Then he asked, “Which is most important in a book?”

I was very confused here, but said, “All of the characters.”

Then, before Ambrose could ask, Gamma spoke up. “What is you’re favorite animal?”

I again looked at the list carefully, and after doing so I said, “Dragon. What are these questions for?” They both ignored me.

“And what is your favorite gemstone?”

“Gamma, if you mind, I’m supposed to be asking the questions,” Ambrose sighed.

“Sorry headmaster.”

Before they could say anything, I pointed to a green gem. “That one,” I said.

Gamma fell off the table she had landed on, and Ambrose said, “Why my boy, you are life!”

“A life wizard?” I asked flustered by gamma’s hooting, and repeatedly falling off things. Ambrose handed me a spell book and a wand. Then he handed me a letter.

“Take this letter to Private Stillson on unicorn way. Show the guard the letter, and will let you pass.” Then he added to gamma, “No more hooting from you!”


“That’s it!

Then he showed me out of his office and into the commons chasing gamma through his office.

“Great,” I muttered. “Just great.”

“If you think that’s great,” said a female voice behind me. “You should see Triton Avenue. Where’s Flint? I told him to wait for me.”

I jumped, and then turned around to see a young girl about my age standing behind me. She had very red, like, fire red and the weirdest part were her eyes. Orange eyes! She was dressed in a bright red and orange robe, and her hat was only red. She had red boots and had a lot of really long hair slung behind her shoulders. It reached about down to a third of the way down her back. She was pretty as well. Was that for all wizards? Or was it just in my mind?

“Uh…” I said, but the girl’s eyes kept at the same level as mine. Or, should I say, the same plane. Whatever.

“My names Leesha Hawkpetal,” she said. “I’m an initiate in the fire school. I learned a thunder snake, but from then on took myth as my secondary school. It’s pretty cool. Did you see Flint? Oh, never mind of course you didn’t. Silly me.”

I was getting a little used to Leesha’s rapid talking.

“Like… Flint Beartamer? A life student?” I asked.

Her eyes widened. “How could you know that?”

“Well…” I hesitated. “I met him going to Ambrose’s tower. He went to Triton Avenue because a couple of friends called him.” I was wondering who Leesha really was, because for some reason, there was this huge thing of powerful magic around her.

“Argh, Colin and Wolf! Ugh they never wait,” Leesha said in disgust. Then she was gone, and I was on my rump for the third time that day. I saw sparks, and smelled charred clothes. My wool T-shirt was burned in several places, but I was almost home, so I started walking. My chest started burning, and I realized that I had been burned. Dumb teleportation.

Then I screamed.

A person appeared out of the air. Like, literally, just appeared there. He was dressed in only white with blue eyes. They didn’t sparkle like the more advanced wizards, but they had a shine to them. His hair was rather short, and his eyes were a misty light blue. I figured he was an ice student, but I wasn’t sure.

“H-hello?” I stammered. He just looked at me.

“Hello. My name is Andrew Boomthorn. I’m an ice wizard. What’s your name, and what are you doing in the middle of the commons port section?” His voice was cold, but in a friendly way, not a mean way at all, no idea how. Then I heard a loud, da-ding! da-ding!

People started flowing into the commons, and talking, and doing, well what wizards do. I responded before I would have to shout.

“My name is Nathaniel Sunbringer,” I said, shaking his outstretched hand. “I’m a novice Theurgist, and um… I’m walking home.”

“I thought so,” he said. “With the green eyes and all. Tha you were life, not the walking home thing.” I shook my head. “I have hazel eyes.”

Now Andrew shook his head. “Not anymore. Depending on what school you are, your eyes change color. Gray for death, light blue for ice, some sort of khaki for balance, green for life, a mix between yellow and green for myth, purple for storm, orange for fire.”

I quickly pulled a pocket mirror I took with me. I checked my eyes.

They were green.

I put the mirror back in my pocket, just as Andrew said, “What happened to you?”

“Fire student teleportation,” I said. “How else?”

“No, no, that’s not what I meant. Do you know any healing spells.?”

“No, I just became a life student,” I answered confused. “Why?”

“Because you’re healing yourself,” he said.

I looked down at my shirt, which was almost repaired. In a few seconds it was completely repaired and my burn was gone.

“I think,” Andrew said in wonder. “That you are going to be one talented Theurgist.”

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