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Flawed Emerald (part 2) by Ian Emeraldshard

"You have made a good decision," Ambrose said. "I know it is hard, but your efforts will not be forgotten. Now, follow me." The old man walked over to a large book that seemed to have a mystical aura surrounding it, and the pages flipped all by themselves. We walked over to it, staring at it intently.

"This is the Book of Secrets," Ambrose explained. "This is what we consult to figure out what type of wizard our new students should be. Which of you wants to go first?"

"Me!!" Jared said immediately. He walked over to the book. He followed Ambrose's directions for using the book intently.

After a few minutes, the book glowed. Finally, when the light subsided, Jared read out loud from the book: "'You are a Death Wizard'... cool!" He happily skipped away, and Jake walked up next.

He did the same as Jared, but received a different type. "Hmm... Myth? That sounds interesting," he said when he had finished.

"You're up," Jared said.

"I know." I walked up to the book, nervously. I whispered to Ambrose, "So, what do I do?"

"Let me reset it for you..." He flipped it back to the first page. It had a few questions on it about personality and interests. "Just think of the answer you want in your head, and flip to the next page. The book can read your answer straight from your mind. These questions are based on your previous answers, as well."

I gulped, then looked at the first question. "What is your favorite season?" It read.

Fall, for sure, I thought in my mind. I flipped the next page. "What is your favorite animal?"

I answered through them. On the left page, there were always the questions. On the right page, there was some picture that seemed to complete itself as I answered through. I guessed that meant how far I was in the quiz.

Eventually the final question came up. "Which is your favorite gemstone?" It asked.

"This is the deciding question," Ambrose whispered. "The choices for this one are narrowed down by the previous ones. Pick well, young wizard."

I made sure I thought long and hard on this one. My choices were as follows: Sapphire, Amethyst, Citrine, and Onyx. I sort of remembered having a dream earlier where there were four gemstones (the same exact ones listed out in front of me), and I had pointed to the purple Amethyst. I then looked out the window, and a storm had started. It ended after that.

Was it a prophecy? If I chose the Amethyst, would the whole entire of Ravenwood School be swept away by a hurricane? I sure hoped not. I pointed to the bright, gleaming Sapphire. The Sapphire is my favorite, I said in my mind.

The page glowed a very bright light, and I thought I might go blind from it. Once the glow stopped and my eyes started working again, I looked at the page. It read: "You are an Ice Wizard!"

I was surprised. Out of most elements in the world, Ice was one of my favorites. I guess this was a pretty accurate exam. I looked for the nearest window to see if anything happened, but there were no windows in the place. Bummer.

"Well, now that we know your schools, let's get you enrolled!" Ambrose said. He started walking towards the door. It opened into another large room, with a large magical spiral floating in the middle. A large golden perch was set up on the side; I assumed this was Gamma the owl's room.

We stepped to the door in that room. It was a larger door, so I guessed that it was the exit. I braced myself for sunlight, since it had been pretty dark besides all the torches in Ambrose's room.

Blinding light came through as the door was opened. It was a sunny day in Wizard City, and there was a small lagoon in the center of the place. Houses lined the sidewalk that wrapped around the lake, and a large building with the sign "LIBRARY" was at the end of the lake, with a closed gate next to it. To my left was the entrance to the school, and behind Ambrose's tower was a path leading to a fair and another closed gate at the end of that path. To my right was the gate to the Shopping District, or at least the sign read. On the right side of the lake was a little stand set up by two people, and they had tons of gear they were selling. Next to them was a closed gate blocking the path to the Pet Pavilion.

"Visit all the schools, then come back to me," Ambrose said. "I'll need to find you a dormitory."

We all nodded, and headed off to the gate leading into Ravenwood. On the other side was the largest, grandest tree I had ever seen. It looked very old, and had one eye. The other was probably missing. The magical aura surrounding it was almost lethal. It made the air cling tight together and become heavy, and the place seemed a bit dark and gloomy. But, wizards were filling the place. They were going from class to class, practicing spells, chatting, doing homework, eating snacks, playing with pets, racing on their brooms...It was quite a spectacle, one that was probably seen once in a lifetime.

"I'm gonna go this way," Jared said, taking off to the left of the path that spiraled around the grand tree, with all the schools and their corresponding towers along it. Oh, and did I mention each school had their own magic tree? "Me too," Jake said. "See ya!"

They then ran off. I took to the right side. Besides, the Ice school was over that way.

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