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Flawed Emerald by Ian Emeraldshard

Why, hello there, young fellow. I'm sure that you've heard many stories about magical wizards from mythical lands, right? Well, believe it or not, they are real. Becoming one is really hard, and if you get called to become one, then you're pretty lucky. One day I got called along with my brothers, and boy, did we have a real adventure. You don't have to believe this story at all. In fact, you probably won't. But just remember: What seems mythical, may be correct. (And it may have minions involved, to all those myth wizards! ;D) So, let me get started...

It was a regular day. Me, my brothers Jared and Jake, were outside. Us Emeraldshards were known to be smart kids. I was known to be the smartest, but not as much as the others. They were real jocks, though, lemme tell ya. Jake played plenty of baseball and Jared loved football.

We were out at the local park, just chilling. Sure, we were 13, but we decided to visit the park for old time's sake. When we were younger, we always loved to go here. It was a cool park, with plenty of swings and a large playground. It's main theme were the colors blue and yellow, which made it seem really bright and happy. It was surprisingly empty, with only one or two other young kids there. They were on the other side of the place, strapped into huge yellow safety swings that looks like an oversized car booster seat. I loved those when I was younger.

Suddenly, I thought I heard something nearby. It sounded sort of like a quick zap, something that sounded otherworldly yet inviting. I turned around to see a brown door with a yellow light on it, with vines wrapping around the bottom, standing right behind me.

It scared me. I jumped back, and almost screamed. "Guys, check this out!" I called to my brothers, who were chatting about which girl they thought was the cutest.

They looked back, and were surprised when they saw the door. "What the heck is that?!" Jake said.

"Is that a floating door?" Jared said, in a joking tone but still seemingly frightened.

"Let's open it," I said. "I wonder if it just leads to the blank space behind it?"

"Well duh," Jared said. "Outta my way, fatty." He called me "fatty" as a joke, since I was known to be the skinniest kid in school.

He wrapped his hand around the knob, kicked some vines off the side, then opened it. A blinding light came out of it.

"Holy..." he proclaimed.

"What in the world..?" Jake mumbled.

"So... who goes in?" I asked.

"Not me," Jake and Jared said in unison.

I sighed. "Fine, whatever." Trying not to seem nervous, I casually walked towards the door. I thought about what I was doing at first.

"Go on," Jared pressed.

I readied myself, then walked through.

It felt weird.

Almost calming.

A voice seemed to soothingly whisper to me.

And yet it seemed as if I was falling.

Probably to my death, at this rate.

And then, finally, I land on the ground with a thud! My brothers then land on top of me. It doesn't hurt as much as I imagined.

I shook my head, and my eyes cleared. I looked around.

I was in room with books everywhere. There was a large one on a pedestal. We were fixed on a large, ornate, purple rug. Two figures came into sight: An old man wearing robes with stars on them, and an owl with a graduation cap on his head was fixed on a perch.

"Look, gamma, they've finally come!" The man said.

"Whooooo?" The owl replied.

"Some kids from the human realm... let's sure hope that they believe everything they see here."

"They'd better," the owl named Gamma replied once more. We all were startled and jumped up when the owl spoke.

"Oh, they seem to have come to! Hello there, young men. How are you this fine day?"

None of us spoke.

"It must be hard on them," Gamma said. "Coming to this magical realm..."

"Yes, quite. Let me introduce myself. I am Merle Ambrose, head of Ravenwood School of Magical Arts." He took a bow. "We've taken you in to help us in some, eh, magical warfare we have going on at this moment."

Jared spoke up. "Am I hallucinating? I think I must have taken something else instead of the usual headache stuff this morning..."

"No, no, you are most certainly not. What are your names?" Merle asked politely.

After some silence, I finally spoke up. "My name's Ian," I said. "Ian Emeraldshard. These are my brothers, Jared and Jake. We're triplets, age 13."

"Ah, I see. A fine young age, perfect for learning-"

"But I hate school!" Jared joked, seemingly in his usual loud self again.

Merle simply continued. "You see, here at Ravenwood School, we teach magic. We have 7 schools, all with their own teachers. Well, most of them, at least. We teach the Elemental spells: Ice, Fire, and Storm. We also teach the Spiritual spells: Death, Life, and Myth. We also have a Balance magic instructor.

"The reason we are in a pickle is because of our Death teacher, Malistare Drake. Recently his wife, Sylvia Drake, died (she was also the life teacher), and he became enraged. He desperately became interested in very powerful magic that could bring her back from the dead. In his rage, he also took his entire Death school and threw it out into an unknown area. He is still searching right now, and is blaming the Ravenwood faculty for his wife's death (mind you, she died of an illness). He has filled the streets of Wizard City (the world we are in right now) with evil taskforce minions, so he can destroy Ravenwood! We need your help, young fellows!"

We all took this into consideration. We were all silent for a pretty long time until Jake spoke: "What about our families?"

Merle sighed. "They will have to wait. One day here is about one hour in Human Realm time. They seem to pass at the same amount of time, but with the twist of dimensions, they come out funky. Knowing you'll be here for a pretty long time (probably forever, actually), you'll have to turn back now if you want to see your families.

I don't remember all that happened really, besides tear and fighting and disagreements until, finally, we decided to stay in Wizard City.

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