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The Destined Ones By Rogan Dragonflame

There is a prophecy, that a wizard from each magic and an oracle shall become the new saviours of the Spiral. This is the story of how that prophecy was fulfilled

My name is Rogan. Just Rogan, no last-name, just Rogan. The only family I have left is my brother Daniel. We’re orphans you see, and the orphanage is absolutely terrible! The kids pick on us, well... mostly me. Although there is not much to read in here, I study all that I can, for the facts of the universe have always fascinated me. Because of this natural curiosity, I’m always bullied. Daniel is bullied because... well, because he’s just sensitive. Not only for himself, but also his surroundings and other people. The worst bit is that none of the caretakers do anything to stop them. But on the week before my 13th birthday, all of this would change in a way beyond imagination.

I was buzzing with excitement. In just 7days I would turn 13, which meant that not only would I be a year older, but with a cake, presents, and even a day without being tortured. Sure they were absolutely mean, obnoxious and cruel, but they still have heart enough on my birthday and Christmas. I decided to go on a hike with Daniel to blow of some steam.

As we were approaching the city limits, we saw an owl in a tree. Now, I know what you’re thinking, what’s so special about an owl? There were several things; it was wearing a graduation cap, it was holding two letters in its talons, and most surprising of all, IT WAS TALKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It said, “Young wizards, you have been accepted to the Ravenwood School of the Magical Arts, and you shall be summoned there at once. Have a nice time!!!!” “Whoa, wait, wha-“ we said simultaneously before we were pulled through a swirling, glowing vortex.

When we gained consciousness, we were in a strange city, and our bodies wouldn’t stop aching. “What the heck just happened!?!?!?!!” I yelled, with Daniel crying beside me. That was one difference between us, when we were sad, I let it out through a fit of rage, and Daniel sits down and cries. I am not justifying my methods, merely saying how that makes us different.

Suddenly, my pain was relieved as a beautiful young girl, around my age, walked in and answered in an angelic voice “You were just sucked through a magical vortex silly. What schools do you belong to?” All I could do was stare at her and stutter like a complete idiot. She had radiant red hair, deep, inviting brown eyes, and her smile made my temperature go up by at least ten degrees. The clothes she was wearing looked beige, with plenty of strange symbols, a sixth of them oddly familiar. Her hat was tall and pointy, and in her hand was a long golden rod with a fan shape on each end. After the silence, she said “By your eyes, I’d say that you’re a fire wizard.” “I just have two questions. One, why do you want to know what school I’m in, and two, what do you mean by ‘by my eyes you’d say that I’m a fire wizard’?”

“In this order, I want to know what school of magic you study, and the second is quite simple really. Within your eyes I can see the burning intensity that all Pyromancers share.”

“Magic? Don’t you know that magic doesn’t exist? And where are we anyway? Who was that owl?” I asked while trying not to pay too much attention to the conversation I was having.

“I might know somebody who can answer those much better than I can. Follow me. My name’s Cheryl by the way, Cheryl Ashblood.”

“I’m Rogan and this is my brother Daniel.”

She led us from the cliff past several buildings that looked like shops, through a tunnel to a place with a pond, a waterfall, and it was much brighter here than it was on the cliff. She led us to a tower-like building with a fountain in front of it.

She told us to wait outside while she got him ready. While we waited, I noticed that all of the inhabitants wore strange clothes, walked even stranger pets, and waved twigs around.

I was excited to have new students, especially ones that didn’t look like muscle bound meat heads. The taller one is cute; I’d better not try to fall for him. If I did, Cody would crush him. Focus Cheryl, Focus! I thought to myself. I walked into the headmaster’s office, “Hi grandfather!” I said. “Cheryl! How many times do I have to tell you, outside of home, I am Professor Ambrose!”My grandfather yelled at me. “Sorry dear, I’m very busy. All of the commotion is stressing me out. Now, what do you want?” “Why do you have to worry? There are plenty of students taking care of the undead. Anyway, the two new students are here.” “Good, bring them in.”

We walked into the office to see an old man with a tall crooked hat, a staff, and a long white beard. “Rogan and Daniel welcome to Ravenwood School and Wizard City. Now, which one of you will take the test first?” He said as he waved his hand towards a large book and quill.

“Test? I hate tests.” Daniel explained.

“Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.” I quickly interrupted. “Now, what kind of test is this?”

“Oh, nothing but a few personal questions, your answers will determine what kinds of wizards you will become. And don’t worry; your answers disappear after the test is done.”

“Alright, I’ll go first.” I sighed.

I walked up to the book, as soon as I reached it, words appeared on the page. I answered the questions as honestly as possible. After answering a question about gemstones, a fiery symbol and the words “Dragonflame” faded into the page. Shocked, I inquired “Um, what exactly does this mean?”

“The symbol shows that you are in the fire school. The second is your last name.” The headmaster replied

“I knew you were a Pyromancer! I’m usually very good at telling those things. For example, the peace and sensitivity in Daniel’s eyes tells me that he’s a theurgist. If you don’t believe me, test him in the book.” Cheryl dared.

“It shows in my eyes?” Daniel asked concernedly as he walked towards the book.

He took the same procedures and afterwards a green leaf and the word “Rainbowwhisper”. “Wait, we’re brothers. How can our last names be different?” Daniel demanded, surprised.

“Every wizard has a different last name.” Ambrose replied calmly. “Now that we know what types of wizards you are, here are your first wands, use them wisely! Cheryl, show them to the boys’ dormitories. After they are settled, give them a tour. Introduce them to their teachers for each subject.”

“At once gra- I mean professor.” Cheryl answered, “Well? Come on!” She demanded whilst heading towards the door that we came in through.

We walked back through the place that appeared to be the town square. We went through a tunnel, but this one ended in front of a giant tree. In front of the tree there was a dog standing on two legs and wearing clothes. He was talking to several kids. “Um, what is with all of the talking animals here?” I whispered curiously.

“This place is magical; you get used to it, especially in life and balance classes. Anyway, this is the Ravenwood School of the Magical Arts.”

“Shall we continue? Excellent!” She exclaimed while heading towards a small building trimmed with green.

“This is the school of Life, where you’ll be spending most of your time Daniel. Moolinda Wu is the teacher, she may seem a bit crazy at first, but her heart is as big as Bartleby. Hello Professor Wu.” She greeted a large cow wearing green robes. “Why hello Cheryl, how are you? And who are your friends; I’ve never seen them around the school.” The cow, I mean Professor Wu, responded in a peaceful voice.

“These are our newest students, Rogan Dragonflame and Daniel Rainbowwhisper. Rogan is a Pyromancer, and Daniel is a Theurgist.” Cheryl answered.

“Ah, you’ll like being here in Ravenwood young wizards, there’s so much to enjoy. I hope that you like the classes. And good luck in whatever classes you take.”

“Thank you Professor, and we will.”

“Shall we head onwards? Great!”

We exited the life school and entered a building decorated with strange eyes. Cheryl ushered us in. “Welcome to the Myth school,” Cheryl said, “And be careful with Professor Cyrus Drake. Ever since Sylvia died... he’s been a bit edgy about his brother Malistaire Drake.”

“Ah, Miss Ashblood, the disappointment. You’re letting in a breeze from that insufferable frog Balestrom. You know how much storm clouds the mind.” Said a tall bald guy apparently angry at his hand since he was smacking it with what I guessed was his wand.

“Don’t you talk to her like that! She deserves better!” I roared with a sudden outburst of rage.

“Ah, the new Pyromancer. I see that you have fallen into the same trance that my favorite student has. I just can’t wait to see what happens when he finds out. He’s very territorial when it comes to Cheryl. And if you use that tone with me, then I have a little quest for you. I need you to deliver this message to the Headmaster.”

“Professor! He isn’t even completely enrolled yet! And besides, how do you know he’ll be in your class this trimester?”

“Are you forgetting that history is a required class? He has to come to my class if he wants to graduate this year. Whether it be first, second or third trimester; I will get to torture you.”

“That’s comforting.”I whispered to Daniel. “If I’m going to be in this guy’s class, I want you there with me.”

“Alright, as long as you promise not to let him pick on me, I will be in history class with you.”

“Rogan, Daniel, are you ready for Death?” Cheryl asked in a rather creepy way.

“What?! We just got here. We haven’t taken any classes yet. And you’re asking us to die? Are you mental?” I replied hurriedly.

“No silly, I meant are you ready for the school of Death, or what used to be the school of death, anyway. When Malistaire went bad, the Death school fell under Ravenwood and was never seen again. Until we find a suitable replacement teacher, it will be Malorn Ashthorn instructing class. Now come on, I’m sure he would like to see you.” Cheryl said as a rather lengthy reply.

She led us out of the Myth school, and onto the main path. For some reason, she stepped way off the path and edged along Bartleby. No matter how silly the thing she was doing was, she always looked beautiful. That’s when I had a nice trip to my doom.

“Ghost provin di noapte.” I heard someone whisper. I have no idea how I heard someone whisper if they were way above me. It was followed by a black flash and a ghost catching me and bringing me before a student dressed like a Goth.

“I cannot tell you how many times I have to do that every day. Cheryl, I think that you should stop giving the male students the tour, because the only time I have to do that, is when some poor sap is too busy watching you to look out for the hole.”

“Ahem, hello. I’m sorry, and who are you?” I tried to get off the subject.

“Oh, sorry. I am Malorn Ashthorn, substitute Necromancy teacher. Cheryl has told me that you two are Rogan and Daniel. Well, death is the school that skims the surface, not afraid to die. Using our inability to be scared combined with a knowledge of dead languages; we can summon creatures that have long since died. But, before you get the wrong idea, no Necromancer has ever brought someone completely back from the dead. We can only bring them back as mere shadows of what they were when they were alive.” Malorn elucidated for us. Then Daniel turned green. “Hey, what’s wrong?” Malorn asked.

“Sorry, it’s just that, an entire school for learning about death? Shouldn’t death be a subject that you learn by doing? I mean, bringing back the dead defies the laws of nature, and nature set up those laws for a reason.” Daniel said, at first weak, but then his voice took on a surprisingly frustrated voice.

“A life wizard, huh? Yeah, I get those exact words from every theurgist who walks these hallowed streets. It’s just the natural opposition of life and death. Cheryl, if this guy’s a life wizard, take him away from here now.”

“Alright now, which one of you is oblivious to heat? ‘Cause it’s going to be real hot in the next school.” Cheryl explained.

After being introduced to the last four schools, Cheryl showed us to Golem Court for the headmaster to teach us the rules. But before he could start, black lighting struck the top of the tower, and there was a very dark shadow in the window. Professor Ambrose led us up to the top to see what was wrong. There was a tall dark man standing over a book pedestal. I thought that he looked kind of like Professor Drake. Involuntarily I shouted, “Malistaire Drake?”

Malistaire turned around. “Aren’t you a new student? How do you know my name? I ran from this school years ago.”

“Would you believe lucky guess?” I weakly retorted.

“Draconians, finish them while I find the right book.” Malistaire exclaimed. Two dragon-like forms appeared in the middle of the room.

“Are you two ready for a crash course on magical duels?” Ambrose asked. “Do we have a choice?” I replied weakly.

The headmaster tossed two decks of cards at us before we were sucked into a magical circle that we could not get out of. “What good will these do? They’re just trading cards!” I shouted.

“Just choose a card and read the incantation.” The Professor explained.

“This place gets weirder and weirder.” I whispered to Daniel.

Daniel and I picked cards, but we couldn’t say the words. We literally could not say anything. Then the large triangle in the circle pointed at me. I told Daniel, “I take the two on the left; you take the two on the right, okay?”

Daniel nodded. I read the incantation on the card, and a giant centaur appeared in the middle of the circle. I noticed that the entire floor had become the floor of a forest. The centaur aimed an arrow at the draconian, but it only hit the feet. Then a tree sprouted around the draconian, shattered, and gave it a massive case of splinters. Daniel read the words on his, and then the floor turned to sand, and a giant scorpion appeared on the field. It swung its massive stinger at its target and smacked it in the face.

Unfortunately, Daniels aim was lousy and the target was me. “What the heck was that for?” I screamed at him. Being smacked with a giant scorpion stinger really hurt, I was afraid it messed my face up so I would never have a chance with Cheryl. “I’m new at this okay, I don’t have perfect aim yet.” The draconians cast sharks, firebirds, ghosts and ghouls, but we still beat them.

“Now to attend to Malistaire.” Said the headmaster.

“Another time old man. I have what I came for.” Malistaire sneered as he teleported away.

“Well, at least you can go to class tomorrow. I will show you to your dorms.” Professor Ambrose explained. We entered our new room and the headmaster left. We changed into our pajamas, which was weird since we didn’t bring them here. We tucked ourselves in, and started to rest. “A new beginning.” I whispered just loud enough for Daniel to hear. Daniel must have thought that I meant a new school and new bullies, but I was really thinking about me and Cheryl. Someday, somehow, I am going to make Cheryl my girl.

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