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The Destined Ones (part 2) by Rogan Dragonflame

There is a prophecy, that a wizard from each magic and an oracle shall become the new saviors of the Spiral. This is the story of how that prophecy was fulfilled.


It was the day before my birthday, and things were going great. Daniel and I were already level 16 wizards and questing in the Palace of Fire. The first thing I learned was about manian auras. Falmea told my beginning Pyromancy class, “Class, before we begin learning magic, you should know how wizards control it. Every living thing has a manian aura, more commonly known as their mana shells. What these are, are fields of mana. These fields can manipulate the environment when the wielder is powerful enough. Using your manian aura – pardon the expression – burns through your energy; using your aura too often without replenishing your energies can burn you up from the inside. This process is called spontaneous combustion. This is the reason why wizards collect wisps of mana.” Class was fun, although I accidentally burned a couple of desks. That only happened in the classes that Cheryl was in. And even better, in those classes, my seat was right behind hers! From my observations, I could conclude that her favorite color was purple, she was a great actress and singer, she loved dogs and wolves, and her friends just wouldn’t stop talking. I knew this because of the classes that I had with them but not with Cheryl. They always talked, screeched, whined, screamed, and/or begged for less homework. Very annoying. Cheryl wore her hair different ways throughout the week, and my favorite was when she let it down and just flow in the breeze. But whichever way she wore her hair, she was even more beautiful than the day before. And the first thing I noticed when I started questing was that every street had special background music.

Back on topic, everything was fine and as normal as a wizard school could be. Until tonight.

I was trying to go to sleep, but I was having one of those nightmares where Cheryl turned me down, when suddenly I shot out from under the covers. I went down on all fours, and my temperature would have most definitely made any doctor faint. My body stared growing, bigger and bigger, and hairier. My face turned into a snout, my hands and feet into paws, my teeth into fangs, and I even had a tail! I was sure glad that Cheryl liked wolves, because I was now one of them. I looked out the window and howled. I realized that the moon was full. Night, change, wolf, moon full, it all made sense. I was not just a wizard, but a werewolf as well. It was at that point that my mind triggered the feeling called, absolute terror. If I was a werewolf, then I could hurt people without meaning to; that would definitely put me on Cheryl’s “never date” list. And even if it didn’t, I could never have a moonlight stroll with her. All of my plans were falling apart. I was too panicked to realize that there was a person that was a goat from the waist down.


(Oh sure, you tell the whole story. Are you forgetting that this is about nine destined ones?)

I was woken up by a loud howling noise. I jumped out of bed to find myself alone in the room with a giant wolf. I ran to the door, but then realized that something was making clop sounds in the floor. Then I noticed that my bottom half, was not my bottom half. My legs were hairy, and they felt much stronger, and my feet were hooves, hooves I say! I freaked out as I wished that this night mare would end.

Then as I thought of being human again, I was. I yelled “Rogan!” and then the wolf turned to me and stared into my eyes. You know, now that I think about it, he looked kind of cute. (Ow! Rogan! You didn’t have to hit me, I’m telling the truth.)

Then, as I wished that I had my brother back, the wolf transformed into him.


The next morning, the few friends that Daniel and I had, came over with a cake to celebrate our birthday. I think that they asked Professor Ambrose our birth-date. My best friend Wolf Spirit was there, along with my other friends from Pyromancy class, Kenneth and Alex. And Daniel had some of his Theurgist friends over as well. And to make it the best birthday ever, Cheryl was there! It was a happy time. A birthday without being teased or bullied in any way. Back at the orphanage, they each would have given me birthday swirlies according to how old I was. My age times four.

After the celebration, I had a sudden urge to go the fire tower. Daniel said that he wanted to go to the life tower. Weird. When I arrived in the tower, the center of the room was glowing with the fire symbol. I got closer to investigate, but then a searing hot flame shot through me and hit the door. Now the door glowed with ancient runes, and I had learned enough runes to read the words “open me” on the door. Carefully, I walked towards the door, and turned the knob. Behind the door was a giant meadow well over the size of one hundred square football fields.

There were five figures on the field. One was a dragon-like figure with seven heads. Another was a brownish wolf, wrestling with what appeared to be a giant husky. There was also a Cyclops trying to hit a speedy pale boy with a giant hammer. I realized that they all stopped and were staring at me.

“Who are you and how did you get here? Only the shape-shifters are allowed here. Can you turn into anything?” The cyclops yelled with rage.

“My name is Rogan Dragonflame, and I can turn into a fiery wolf. Does that count?”

“Prove it and it will.”

I concentrated hard on becoming whatever it was that I became the night before. After a few seconds, the horrible transformation commenced

The wolves stopped wrestling and turned human, bowing before me. “Hail the mightiest of all the wolves, the Heckhound! Finally, we have a rightful leader of the Wolf Pack.” As they praised me the shady figure kicked up some grass in frustration. “Now they really can stop me. I guess I just have to create those vampyre minions that Dworgyn told me about.”

“Now that I have proven that I belong here, who are you guys?”

The multi-headed dragon came forth, turned into a classic example of a sorcerer, and said, “I am Talon Titanbringer, I am the leader of this team and I can turn into a hydra.” The brown hound came forth and said, “Ryan Windstalker is my name, I serve as the hunter of the group. I turn into a stormhound.” The husky said, “I’m Karic Frostfist, I was that icehound you saw. I am more of a tracker than hunter or warrior.” Then the shady character, “David Stronggem. Vampyre. ‘Nough said.” And finally, the cyclops, “I am the mighty cyclops warrior Cody Trollhammer, also the only student Cyrus Drake actually likes.”

Then Daniel the Satyr walked in and the introductions started up again.

“So what is this place?” I finally asked.

“It is a training ground that Bartleby gave us long ago. Sometimes the spiral calls us to train when there is an emergency. But so far we have not had any reason for ever coming together.” Talon answered.

Then Cody questioned, “Now that you belong here, how’s about dueling us to see how strong you are? You know, just to see what you rank.”

“Okay, but we’re only level 16; we won’t be good enough to fight you guys just yet.” I answered.

“A true duelist can win no matter what cards he holds. As Diego says, ‘It’s not the spells, but the duelist who wields them.’ So even if you don’t have good spells, if you are a powerful wizard, you can win any battle.” Talon replied.

“Okay, if you say so…” I couldn’t finish because I was then instantly sucked into a dueling circle. From the first point in the match, everything was headed downhill for me and Daniel.


Things were going great. The newcomers were pathetic. I know I said that a good duelist could win with any cards, but that seems to have gone completely around them. Then, when it seemed as though they were going to be kicked out, they cast spells unexpected for their level. The goat cast a Satyr that healed them by 1000 each. The dog cast a powerful spell, itself. I might not be a Pyromancer, but I do know that the heckhound spell should only do 130 per pip. This spell did 305 per pip to all of us, or something like that. Needless to say, it completely destroyed us.


The whole duel was a blur. I could see what was happening, but I couldn’t do anything about it. David cast a stealing spell called “Vampyre”, should have seen it coming. Then Cody cast, you guessed it, a cyclops. But as we were about to die, I drew, or whoever was controlling me drew, a strange card I had never seen before. I mean I have seen the creature, it was my wolf. When I looked to find its pip cost, it was nothing but an x. The name of the spell was “Ultimate Heckhound”. The description said, “260 + 390 fire damage per pip over three rounds to all enemies”. I had never seen a rank x spell, but I could guess it was going to be destructive since I had 7 power pips. Now I see why I was passing and trapping all of those rounds. I cast it, and all that appeared in the center was a dog-house. Then two eyes lit up and caught on fire. After that the house broke because the heckhound grew larger and larger. At that point I realized, I was the heckhound and I was slaying them in an instant. No amount of vampyres could save them now. I was amazed at how good it felt to be using my heckhound abilities.

When the battle was over, I still could not believe how easy it was to beat them. I mean, they actually had their level 26 spells, and I crushed them in one attack. “What the heck did I just do? I never saw that spell before.” I enquired, full of curiosity.

“None of us had our boosted spells before we met each other. The combined auric energy is enough to awaken your true potential before you have discovered it for yourself.” Talon informed us.

We left; Daniel and I were keen to test our new spells in Krokotopia. Oddly enough, our new spells did not show up. Daniel and I both leveled up twice and we were summoned by our individual teachers.

I bragged about getting a new spell quest, and so did Daniel. Unfortunately, I could not complete mine since it required me to go into the Krokosphinx. As a result, Daniel forced me to help him. All he had to do was collect a giant emerald in the Pyramid of the Sun. Afterwards; we finally defeated Krokenkhamen and gained access to the Krokosphinx. I wanted to go and finish my spell quest, but Daniel pointed out that it was getting close to dinner-time.

That night I had a terrifying dream. Cheryl and I were walking in the moonlight. It was a full moon covered by a couple of clouds; but being in Cheryl’s presence made it mean nothing to me. We sat down on a bench in the commons, the one right next to the library. Cheryl had a look in her eyes that made me think she wanted to kiss me, and I started sweating more than a turkey on thanksgiving. It was at this point that the clouds parted from the moon, blinding me with the bright white light. My bones shifted; my face sharpened and lengthened; my arms went down on the ground. To finish it off, I howled and snarled at Cheryl. To my surprise, she was unsurprised at my transformation. In fact, she turned into a heckhound; sort of. She was beige and light, and then she turned back into herself. After she became human again, I lashed out at her! At this point I woke up drowned in a cold sweat. I looked at the clock and saw that it was already 4:00 A.M. I decided that I had better start making breakfast for Daniel.

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