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Descendent of the Greeks (part 2) by Alexander Dragonheart

"Hi my name is Ethan Stormweilder I can guide you around wizard city tomorrow right now I should show you to your dorm"

"Ok I definitely agree with that I'm exhausted."

Ethan led me through a tunnel that led to a homey place

"Ok here we are" said Ethan

"Your dorm is on the right through that wooden door, see you tomorrow"

"AHWWW. I' m tired." I yawned;

I looked at my alarm clock it was 6:00 a.m. I got out of bed and walked over to my dresser to put a jacket on. I heard a knock on my door,

"Hello Alex, Dude it's Ethan open up."

I falteringly stepped up to the tattered wooden door and turned the knob, Ethan stepped in my dorm, and he was wearing shiny gold armor and holding a staff wait a staff? Awesome my memory is coming back! I knew it was a staff!

“Merle wants’ to speak to you after the tour”

“K lets start the tour then.”

Ethan brought me to where my Pegasus landed in Wizard city he took me to Unicorn way and the pvp arena I would be stopping by there later for sure. He also took me to the shopping district, firecat alley, Cyclopes lane, Triton Avenue, Golem tower and the Fare Grounds, Last he took me to the Pet pavilion there I hatched a new pet, a fierce hound.

We sprinted toward Merle Ambrose’s tower and Advanced through the door, Merle greeted us with “Salutation’s”

“Hey Merle” I said

“Come sit down on that chair let’s discuss all of the terrible things happening in the spiral, we will talk a little about you too.”

“So, Malistaire was the last threat to the spiral but you and your friends’ took him on and vanquished him for the last time!”

“Well I don’t reme…”

“shhshhhh…. Don’t interrupt me”


“Back to the story, one day there was a terrible storm all over the spiral you seemed to think it was a terrible threat so you grabbed your wand hopped on your Pegasus and bolted into the air. This happened 5 year’s ago we even made a holiday for you we celebrate it on your birthday-November 21.”

“Wwwoww… I was gone that long and I vanquished Malistaire?”

“SHHHH! I’m not done with the story!”

“I believe….. Your brother Jason a storm wizard and Half-Blood like you is this threat I believe he created the storm all over the spiral I believe he knocked you out of the sky on your Pegasus Molten, λιωμένο in Greek since you have been away for over 5 years you are now 14”

“Wow I’m 14?”

“And I’m a Half-Blood/wizard AWESOME!”

“Interrupting again…”

“Oh right sorry.”

“Molten you’re Pegasus and Igneous you’re heckhound were given to you by your Father’s not Father Father’s Zeus and Hephaestus Zeus one of your father’s is supreme god of the ancient Greeks, The chief of the Greek and Roman gods, who defeated the Titans to assume leadership of the universe. He lived atop Mount Olympus, from which he hurled thunderbolts to announce his anger. Despite his awesome power, he had a weakness for mortal women. Hephaestus your other father is the ancient Greek god of fire, metalworking, and handicrafts, identified by the Romans with Vulcan.”


I couldn’t think if I was that powerful I could almost do anything.

“Ok now you can speak ask questions whatever I am done with my lecture.”

“I have a brother? I have two fathers? I’m a half-blood? I defeated Malistaire? My brother supposedly is the newest and most deadly threat ever seen yet? Ahhahhh”

I passed out and fell face flat on the brown carpet

“Arghh… where am I?”

I looked up and saw Ethan staring at me with his big watery eyes.

“You’re in the infirmary you passed out for a day it must have been a lot to take in from barely knowing anything.”

“I want to go see Ambrose”

I got up out of the bed and started walking out the of the large tent It was sunny and warm unlike yesterday suddenly all these thought’s started coming my questions’ from yesterday were answering themselves.


I darted back into the infirmary and ran into Ethan knocking him down.

“Oh sorry Ethan but my memory is all back!”

“Great.” Ethan said sounding depressed

“What’s wrong Ethan?”

“Well now that you got all of you memories back your probably going to dash off go find all of your friend’s and forget about me”

“No way you’re like my best friend now.”

“Anyways I will meet you in the common’s in about 30 minute’s I’m going to go see Merle Ambrose, Cya!”

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