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Descendent of the Greeks by Alexander Dragonheart

I was just sitting there in the cold damp forest. Nothing to do, nothing to eat, and all I could drink was the rain that came down on me like pebbles going the speed of light. I looked at my surroundings; I was in a forest a great big green and brown forest.

All I could remember is that my name was Alexander Dragonheart and that I had a Pegasus named λιωμένο and a heckhound named πύρινος.

I had a stick in my pocket it was red with a golden handle. I wore, tattered black clothes a bird lay next to me wait was that a Pegasus? Then I saw a heckhound lying in front of me. I got up right away and shook it; it opened its eyes then closed them gently. It must have been sleeping. I creep over to the Pegasus it had blazing fiery eyes like the dark pit of an active volcano.

I tiptoed around and around looking at the surrounding berry black burnt trees. I needed to get out of the forest back to Wizard City I had thought. Hopefully my Pegasus could fly me there when he woke up.

I turned around to look back at my heckhound and my Pegasus. My Pegasus was staring at me with his blazing eyes, and my heckhound itched his stomach with his back leg. I approached the Pegasus and the heckhound very slowly. I began climbing on the Pegasus's back. I leaned toward the ground and picked up the pup heckhound. It didn't squirm it was calm like it had been threw this experience thousand's of time's. I eyed the Pegasus,

"To Wizard city!" I yelled,

It leaped into the air. In the distance I saw an enormous tree, buildings all sorts of stuff. In about 30 minutes the Pegasus started to cascade into Wizard city.

Wizard city was beautiful nice well kept grass, a pretty fountain, amazing buildings' My memory started coming back a little I remembered that the building on the right was the headmasters office. I jogged over to the headmaster's office then I entered the door, the headmaster was standing in the middle of the room talking to people in the line in front of him. I stepped in the back of the line. The headmaster was talking to someone then the headmaster looked up and glanced at me he took out a stick from his pocket and waved it, then all the students disappeared.

"Alexander. we've been waiting for you to return, terrible things have been happening in the spiral and we need your help." Said the headmaster,

"Sorry I have no idea what you're talking about this morning I woke up in a forest with a Pegasus and a heckhound, almost all my memory was a blank."

"Well I'll fix you up with a simple memory potion I'll be right back." Said the headmaster,

He came back holding a greenish blue liquid in a test tube

"Drink this"

I drank it. Instantly I felt Nauseous and had a headache, about 1 minute later from torture I felt good as ever thoughts swirling in my head.

"Amazing huh?"

"You look awfully tired, Alexander you should go rest in your dorm I will call Ethan Stormweilder to come and get you fixed up and led you to your dorm because you probably don't have all of you memories back yet it usually take's hmmm. about 48 hours."

A tall 13-ish looking kid walked through the doorway and said,

"Hi my name is Ethan Stormweilder I can guide you around wizard city tomorrow right now I should show you to your dorm"

"Ok I definitely agree with that I'm exhausted."

Ethan led me through a tunnel that led to a homey place

"Ok here we are" said Ethan

"Your dorm is on the right through that wooden door, see you tomorrow"

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