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Descendants of the Sun, Moon and Stars by Mary MoonSong

Long ago the people of the world Celestia long admired the Sun, the Moon and the Stars. They had loved how the Sun created the colorful sunsets and gave warmth to them. They had loved the Moon and its beauty and how its forces made waves and gave them comfort. The Celestians also enjoyed the Stars which where like little lanterns in the night. The Celestians’ love for these things was very great. The Celestians decided that they should honor them by harnessing their power and form 3 schools of magic. The first school was the Sun school where wizards could learn to use enchantments on their spell cards. The second school was the Moon school where wizards could polymorph into different creatures. The third school was the Star school where wizards could use auras to protect themselves. The Celestians were now very pleased when they saw how many wizards enrolled in each school. However they did not know that Morganthe the Queen of the Shadow Web wanted the magic all to herself. While the Astral schools progressed they each had one student who always tried their hardest to become a master. The Sun school’s wizard’s name was Sunny SunBlossom. The Moon school’s wizard’s name was Luna MoonSong. The Star school’s wizard’s name was Selena StarLight. They were all at the top of their class. One day Morganthe attacked without warning the astral wizards were able to hold Morganthe back long enough for the professors to put all the magic into necklaces. These were no ordinary necklaces they held all the astral magic in the spiral. Morganthe did not yet realize this so the professors urged the 3 top students to go to different worlds. They did what the professors wanted. Sunny SunBlossom decided to go to DragonSpyre where she could study pyromancy. Selena StarLight went to Grizzleheim where she could enjoy the outdoors and stare at the stars. But Luna MoonSong ended up in Wizard City a very different world than Celestia.

Many years later after the war between Morganthe and the Celestians was over a new girl was born in Wizard City named Mary MoonSong who was born the last descendant of the moon. 10 years later Mary MoonSong started down the stairs excitedly today was her first day at Ravenwood School. Yesterday Mary had visited Professor Ambrose and he declared her an ice wizard. “Your great, great grandmother’s school was ice Mary, make sure you try your best and you might find something interesting about yourself.” Professor Ambrose’s words echoed through her head “Good morning Mary, are you ready for your first day of school?” Mary’s mom asked Mary. Mary’s mom was a pyromancer and her dad was a diviner. “Do you think that it’s kind of ironic that I’m an ice wizard and mom is a fire wizard?” Mary asked her brother John. “I don’t think its weird at all mom’s great grandmother was an ice wizard what’s weird is that you have elf ears.” Replied John “Oh it’s that late already you two have to get to school before 8:00 out the door.” Mary’s mom said in a rush. ”Meet you at school.” John said as he hopped on his red dragon mount. “I wish I could get a mount for Christmas.” Mary muttered to herself. Mary ran to school her long black hair flowing behind her and her great, great grandmother’s moon necklace beated against her chest as she ran to the gate.

When she got into Ravenwood she stood in awe at Bartelby. As she walked by the storm school she noticed a girl about her level and age sitting on a bench in front of Bartelby. “Hello” Mary said. The girl looked up from the book she was writing in. She had green eyes, brown hair and wore purple and yellow novice robes. “Hello my name is Lauren StormStone what is your name?” asked Lauren “My name is Mary MoonSong it’s my first day.” Mary said “I’m guessing your ice but I haven’t seen any ice wizards wear that kind of a necklace before.” Lauren said pointing at Mary’s necklace “It’s my great, great grandmother’s my mom said that my great, great grandmom came from a different world” Mary said holding the necklace pendant in her hands.

The bell suddenly rang and all the kids started dashing in all directions. “I’ll meet you right here after school ok” Mary called to Lauren as she went into the ice school. As soon as she walked in she saw a fairy in blue snowflake patterned robes. She had white hair, blue eyes and wore glasses. “That must be Professor Greyrose” Mary thought to herself. Mary walked up to Professor Greyrose nervously since it was her first day. “Hello dear my name is Lydia Greyrose but you should call me Professor.” She said in a nice voice “Hello Professor my name is Mary MoonSong.” Mary said “Mary MoonSong, are you related to Luna MoonSong at all?” Professor Greyrose asked puzzledly “Yes that was my great, great grandmother’s name.” Mary replied “I was Luna MoonSong’s best friend and was the first person she met in Wizard City when she first came here” Professor Greyrose said “Professor I need a wand can you give one to me?” Mary asked “Sure dear give me a moment.” She said opening one of her drawers “Here is your ice wand now take a seat at the desk over there.” Professor Greyrose said pointing to an empty desk in the front to the right.

“Today class we have a new student her name is Mary MoonSong.” Professor Greyrose said pointing to me. “Hello Mary” the whole class said “Now today we will be learning how to make the ice symbol.” Professor Greyrose said. As soon as she said that, all the students started trying to make the ice symbol including me. The first couple times it fizzled. Then I decided to think cold thoughts like ice or snow. I traced the ice symbol in the air and it worked.

“Wonderful, wonderful Mary I knew you were a natural.” Professor Greyrose said I felt my cheeks burn with embarrassment. “Show off” I heard behind me “Mary why don’t you come up front and demonstrate?” asked Professor Greyrose “Sure I guess.” Mary replied discomfortingly “First I thought about cold things and then I traced the symbol in the air like this.” Mary exclaimed showing the class. In no time everyone had mastered the ice symbol and Professor Greyrose announced that the class could now learn the ice beetle spell.

“All you need to do is concentrate and trace the ice symbol and then touch the symbol with your wands.” Professor Greyrose exclaimed. It took a few tries but the soon the classroom was filled with frost beetles. The bell rang after the beetles had all disappeared and the entire class ran out of the school like a rouge firecat was loose. As Mary stepped out into the open air she saw all the schools flood out.

Mary had remembered she told Lauren that she would meet her at the bench in front of Bartelby. Lauren sat there waiting on the bench. “Hey Lauren” said Mary waving to Lauren “Mary I’ve been waiting for you” said Lauren running up to greet Mary “So have you chosen your secondary school yet?” Lauren asked “What is that?” asked Mary “It’s when you study another type of magic besides your regular magic. For example my secondary school is life but I was born a storm wizard.” Lauren exclaimed “Storm sounds like a pretty cool school so I’m going to pick storm.” Mary said “YES!!” Lauren yelled excitedly “I knew she’d be happy.” Mary said

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