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The Dark Samoorai by Nicholas Goldenbreeze

It was a nice, sunny day as always in mooshu, home of Duncan Stormgem. He was a magus diviner, level 38. He was glad he had every spell besides stormzilla. He was such a high level compared to his friends, who weren't really even done with Krokotopia.

Duncan wanted to join the samurai cows, also know as samoorai. He knew only cows could become them, so he gave up hope of it when he found out that only cows were samoorai. He was taking a walk when he found samoorai armor sitting on the ground. "What happened here? Well, nobody is looking..." Duncan said to himself out loud. So he grabbed the armor, tried it on, and said "YES! This is what I always wanted!"

"I feel a strange aura though... it might just be that conviction slipped out of my deck."Duncan said.

He was right. There was a strange invisible aura surrounding him. But not conviction. A darker power was creeping up on him. His friends who weren't nearly as strong as him, were going over to meet him at his castle. They came an hour later, but they couldn't find Duncan.

They each whispered to him and he didn't respond. "Where is he? What if something happened to him?" Someone said. They split up, searched Mooshu, and came back together. They had no luck.

Meanwhile... Duncan, hidden with the jade oni who turned good after Duncan defeated him, had forgot about his friends. He was slowly turning into an evil samoorai. Malistare had known that Duncan had wanted to be a samoorai so he made some samoorai armor and cast infection on it. Duncan had no clue until later. Jade oni noticed a dark aura around Duncan. Jade had the ability to see such things. Jade didn't want to tell Duncan the truth. Duncan would feel worse then the fact that he had a dark power overwhelming him.

Malistare was watching him slowly. Duncan placed down his drink, snow serpent soda, and walked away. He said thanks to Jade, and took his wand with him. He walked home, feeling even more desire to become Malistare's henchmen.

Duncan called his bat wings to ride. The aura grew so large now that Duncan was pulled into the dark void. He thought he would destroy Mooshu. Jade was watching as this occured. He went to confront Duncan.

Duncan's friends split up again and one, the weakest, found him dueling Jade. He contacted the others and they teleported to him. They joined the duel against Duncan, only because they saw the dark aura to. Duncan was even more powerful now, they all had noticed. He was using spells his school of magic couldn't learn! He was using stuff like curse and heck hound but they weren't treasure cards. He was even using to high rank spells like wraith or even orthrus! He chose ice as his secondary! He used storm, death, fire, myth, and balance spells.

Even the three of Duncan's friends and Jade didnt stand a chance against him. So Jade cast a healing spell toward the armor to heal the infection cast on it. Malistare watched as Duncan lay in pain of being healed from the curse of the infection. Malistare was furious. He summoned Jade to his office. Jade had forgot what it looked like. Jade was also furious at Malistare. Malistare asked "Jade, my oni, what are you doing? YOU HEALED THE WELP!!" "Well I'm a better person or oni or whatever but I'm better then you in good terms!" Jade yelled and teleported out.

Duncan awoke in a place he had never seen before. It looked like a dojo, sort of like the world gate room in Mooshu. It had myth banners everywhere. Paintings of samoorai were hanging near Duncan. He was on a bed, it had light green and light yellow blankets on it. The room had four small columns with a small roof over them each in the shape of a square. Some samoorai were practicing with wooden swords. Duncan noticed that the armor he was wearing was on the side-table near the bed. He wanted to reach for it, but his arm was broken. A samoorai greeted him. "Young wizard, sleep. Your wounded badly." The samoorai said. But Duncan noticed it was Moolinda Wu. She cast rebirth and waited sadly. She shook her head. Duncan felt better.

Moolinda saw this. She was just sad of the fact that he was still surrounded by the aura, just not as much. Moolinda called Jade forward. Jade explained what happened. "And then you fell clean to the ground." Jade finished. Duncan knew someday, he would be the one who defeats Malistare. Someday, he thought.

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