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The Legend of Daniel Deathcrafter (Part 19) by Daniel Deathcrafter

Daniel couldn’t believe what he saw next. Daniel saw dark energy surround Jacob. The energy seemed to come from his hand. Then he saw the Ring of Torment. The ring showed a silver skull with glowing onyx eyes. The dark energy devoured the temple. Life seemed to slip from the room, yet Daniel, Bailey, Jacob, and Malistaire were unaffected.

Then Malistaire opened the Krokonomicon. The book seemed to repel the powers of death that came from the ring. Malistaire recited a spell that seemed to bend life and death so that they became weapons.

The power from the ring tried to overpower the book, and the book tried to overpower the ring. But the powers stood at a deadlock. Pure energy flowed throughout the room, causing light displays that were eventually swallowed by the dark energy. From the dark energy, dark creatures began to emerge, undead wizards, werewolves, wraiths, ghosts, vampires, and banshees.

Bailey commanded her wraith to attack Malistaire, when the creature got close, Malistaire spoke an incantation, and it dissolved in a green light. Green light started to destroy all of the death creatures in the room. The two forces fought for a while, none seeming to be quite able to defeat the other. Daniel was getting bored. He walked towards Caleb. His eyes glowed white, and his skin was all but gone. The pigs weren’t looking so good either. Suri was still unconscious on the floor.

Daniel ran to Suri and used the Sacrifice spell on her. Her stormy eyes opened. She to seemed unaffected by the dark power in the room.

“I don’t know what you did in Lord Nightshade’s tower,” Daniel said, “but if you could do it again now, that would be great.”

“You saved me,” she said sweetly, “and you trust in my great power. I will gladly help you son of Death in trust that your destiny will lead you to one day return the favor.”

“Sounds good to me.” Daniel said.

Suri concentrated. A Stormblade formed in her hand. Then she cast a tempest. It struck Malistaire. When the wave had gone, all of Malistaire’s spells were gone, and the power of the ring started to destroy Malistaire. With one strained breath, Malistaire said a vita ad vitam.

Jacob dropped to the ground. The dark energy vanished instantly. Daniel felt a disturbance in the underworld. A figure started to materialize. The figure solidified into a small boy. “It worked!” Malistaire yelled victoriously. Daniel realized that Jacob was dead. He ran to get the ring. When he got to Jacob’s body, he saw that the ring was gone. He looked up to see Malistaire putting on the Ring of Torment.

“Generals Idiyoshi, Kagemoosha, and Katsumori,” Malistaire said casually as he approached the portal, “kill them.” Then he was gone

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